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  1. der_Thomas

    Fallujah 1.2

    Fallujah was from the beginning on one of my favourite maps. Very nice, you did a great job, thank you very much!!!
  2. der_Thomas

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Hells Bells, you are right!!! I downloaded the 1.57 on december 22nd and installed it. Because of the length of the ZIP-datas name I only saw "ARMA2OA_Patch_1" I had no time and so installed it without looking at the full name or the installing process. After your answer I just took a look on it's full name and in fact it only was the 1.56. I think, the link in ArmA2base.de was already renamed into 1.57, but the link leaded to the 1.56 when I downloaded it. Well OK, now I know, that a version 1.57 always should beginn with 1.57. ... in the game :D Pretty embarrassing for me, isn't it :icon_redface: But hey, at least now you have a video with a big dust-donut under a helicopter :D
  3. der_Thomas

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Hey Opticalsnare, thank you very much for the WarFX-addons. I love them, it's much more fun playing ArmA with your contents in background :bounce3: After two weeks of learning for big tests (I am student) I just took a little break for trying out WarFX Blastcore. At least I have a little question. In the older WarFX-version there where those real cool dust-animations making it much more fun flying deeply over the desert lands with a hlicopter. In the new WarFX-Blastcore Edition the dust-animation seems to be the same one like the BIS-animation. Here are two short low-res videos for a direct comparison. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbrw5BUJpOw (look at the donut under the helicopter after takeoff) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npDwXKkPwFI I am playing with Combined Operations 1.56.76134 an the particle effects (e.g. while shooting rockets from the little Bird) are working perfect. Also the dust-effects after dropping a bomb on a tank or things like that. So did you change the dust effects conscious or needs my ArmA an update? The next question: I saw your picture where you compared normal sky to the new Takistan Sky. My skies both look exactly the same (you can see in the videos) Is the difference allways (the time in the game was 4pm) ore only at sunrise? Thank you VERY VERY much for your work :notworthy: Best wishes, Thomas
  4. der_Thomas

    German Misc Pack released

    Hey there, I could need a little helb about the German sign pack. I made a Folder "@Deutschland1\addons\kpfs_config" and another folder "@Deutschland2\addons\kpfs_sign" Then I started ArmA 2 OA with ArmA Launcher and in the right corner there is the sign, that "@Deutschland1" and "Dautschland2" have been loading to the game. Now I placed a car in the editor in Novy Sobor and other big citys, but nothing changed. There are no german signs anywhere. Do I have to place the folder with the kpfs_config anywhere else or must I place the german signs by myself? Regards, Thomas
  5. der_Thomas

    German Misc Pack released

    Hey Marseille, nice to know that you made some "spacer"-Hinds ;-) My outside-skins for the army of the former GDR are read now. With the help of my vather I made some changes, for example the hints upon the doors are correct now. Both helicopters realy were existing. The 442 was a Mi 24 Hind P that was based in Cottbus. The 524 was a Hind D/ V, but I don't know, where this one was based. Here are some pictures. If you want to, I could upload the 4 paa-datas so you can use them. Here you can find some Pictures from the "real" ones (take a loook at threat #883): http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?101350-Warsaw-pact-ground-troops-cold-war-era/page59 Best wishes, Thomas
  6. der_Thomas

    German Misc Pack released

    Hey Marseille77, the outside is ready now, so I edited my last post. I don't think that I will create a Hind with west-German skin, cause they where in the field for three years only and never had an important function for the west-German army. Beside the addon-pack is calle "project'85", and in 1985 there was no Hind in the hands of the west-German army ;)
  7. der_Thomas

    German Misc Pack released

    Hey Marseille77, looks great. After all our messages I was hard working on a new skin for the Mil Mi 24. Here is a picture of the interim result. The outside is nearly done, next steps will be some cooling ribs and creating a light blue cockpit, because the german helicopters didn't have those green ones. So far, Thomas edit: The outside is ready now, hope you like it, so I changed the picture and added another one
  8. der_Thomas

    German Misc Pack released

    Hey Marseille77, do you know, if there is any NVA-skin-pack for the Mi-24 Hind? My vather was a Hind-pilot in the atmy of the former GDR and it would be great, if he could fly "his" helicopter in ArmA. Thanks a lot for the work you do and best wishes, Thomas
  9. der_Thomas

    German Misc Pack released

    Hey Marseille77, I just registered to say THANK YOU, but I also have a question: do you know, if there is a NVA-skin pack for the Mil-Mi 24? The east-German forces only include a Mil-Mi 8. I am asking, because my father was pilot of a Mi-24 in the army of the former GDR. He already bought the Microsoft-Flight-Simulator and an additional pack with the Hind, but the grount textures are very bad (no trees, pictures on the ground shall be buildings, ...). Then he saw the ArmA2 and the Hind and he loved flying arround. Now I saw the NVA-pack and was realy overwhelmed, but the east-German Hind is missing :( The BIS-Russian forces and your Polish forces include a Hind, which is pretty similar to the east-German one except: the national emblems on the left and on the right the national emblem on the downside of the helicopter is unnecessary the number of the helicopter on the left and on the right the "Gefahr"-lettering in front of the tail rotor instead of the russian "ОПÐСÐО" the black stripes on both sides under the Cockpit should be darker the border line from camouflage to light blue on the outside is not perfect (but nearly) The camouflage paintjob itself is very good. Here are two authentic pictures and a screenshot for comparison. If an additional Mil-Mi24-NVA-Skin is available, could you please send me the Link? If there is no Skin-pack, could you please, PLEASE make one?!?:bounce3: I think, Arma2 in addition with the NVA-pack, the civilian-pack, ... and an authentic NVA-Hind would be the best present for my father EVER! Best wishes from Wolfsburg, Thomas