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  1. In BF3 the russian engineer uses PMK-5 gas mask. The PMK-5 (ПМК-5) highly resembles the MCU-2/P Protective Mask. http://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/ISSE-2013/i-Z2SwcsL/0/L/ISSE2013part03-61-L.jpg
  2. If you are modelling gas masks, will do you make a model for MCU-2/P ? http://www.eglin.af.mil/shared/media/photodb/photos/120626-f-oc707-001.jpg http://www.specwargear.com/images/gasmask-MCU2P-1.jpg
  3. Mark1028

    Trizonasian Mod

    I dont find the StG 44 in the ammo crates. What's the class name of the StG 44 ?
  4. Mark1028

    Trizonasian Mod

    Why cant find I the StG 44 in the weapon pack ?
  5. Do you make the two seater version of F-16 Viper ? http://kepfeltoltes.hu/130210/F-16D_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/130210/F-16D_2_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg
  6. The F-16 has new model or is it the retexture of Myke's F-16 ?
  7. Mark1028

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    Is OFP info / OFP gamepark cz down? Is that site closed ?
  8. Mark1028

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    Is OFP info down?
  9. Why dont you release your projects? Or do you make your projects for ArmA 3 ?
  10. Mark1028

    Visitors for Arma2

    What's up with the aliens? What's the release date?
  11. Which sea is the Green Sea? The Caspian? Or is it a fictional sea?
  12. Mark1028

    Visitors for Arma2

    Did you know that Roberto Gazdić is making an UFO mod for OFP (2001) ? http://ofp.gamepark.cz/ ---------- Post added at 06:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:34 PM ---------- What's up on those grey aliens? Can u post some screens?
  13. Mark1028

    Aliens and UFOs

    Hot news: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/02/14/eisenhower-and-the-aliens-former-us-president-had-three-secret-meetings-with-extra-terrestrials_n_1275692.html?ref=uk
  14. Mark1028

    Aliens and UFOs

    Abs, are you a real dinosauroid or do you play joke on me???
  15. Mark1028

    Lennard's WIP thread

    Lennard, what's up with those DCU Marines? Plz release those Marines