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  1. Really busy recently, Sorry. But i'll fix them when I have any time. thanks and keep attention.
  2. Oh. Sorry for hear that. Did you installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package(x86)?
  3. UPDATE [Version Alpha 0.12, 2014-10-31] Fixed "Network Fault or you use illegal save file, please reset the network and do not use other computer to play" bug in some situation. Download the hotfix.
  4. Which model(s) did you find in other mod? Please point it out. We were very care about this when we devloping the mod. Most of the weapons models come from BIS offical Samples pack. some were original made or bought from source model material. So if you can, please point them out.---------- Post added at 23:49 ---------- Previous post was at 23:46 ---------- Thanks Tonic-_-, your explain is more clearly
  5. Sorry for the trubles. I'll fix most of them in next month. Too busy recentlly.
  6. Double click on them. Sorry i forget that. ---------- Post added at 08:25 ---------- Previous post was at 08:13 ---------- Redownload part2_contents and check *.dll files under "LT" folder. And you should be also have a LTLancher folder like the first post in page 1. I think the error will be sloved then. ---------- Post added at 08:28 ---------- Previous post was at 08:25 ---------- Thanks, you right. And just click on them to use. Btw, The cba should and have to be named as "@CBA_A3" not "@CBA"
  7. The host list server is in China. The connection speed is so low to join a worldwide "host". I need some uk us list server to fix this. Anyone can help? ---------- Post added at 23:26 ---------- Previous post was at 23:23 ---------- The dedi-server version is under test. Maybe added soon.
  8. Solohost is start a server by youself. INCURSION and pick a server to join
  9. Make sure you have only one MAC addtress. Then delete the gamecore.sys in LT folder. Retry. Will be ok. But It's maybe a bug.
  10. Yes, If our transfer server work normally, anyone can join the game you host. The network function of LTLauncher.exe is similar to the hamachi, is based on the NAT traversal technology (like p2p download software) instead the VPN of hamachi. It's NOT the some way use the standard arma server browser, arma server browser generally can not find the SOLOHOST. We make a bridge between players. But the function test is not very complete, If you can participate in the test and feedback will be nice. ---------- Post added at 17:55 ---------- Previous post was at 17:51 ---------- Thanks a lot @kecharles28 and @Foxhound!
  11. Mirror Added, Mega worked. Sure, the LT_alpha11_part1_tunba.7z is map standalone and relevant files (structures/plants), You may encounter an error, but it does not affect to use. Thank you @Kremator,@IceBreakr, so glad to see you guys again!
  12. LT: Living Through is a TOTAL MODIFICATION for military simulation game Arma 3. UPDATE [Version Alpha 0.12, 2014-10-31] Fixed "Network Fault or you use illegal save file, please reset the network and do not use other computer to play" bug in some situation. Download the hotfix. If you encounter this error "Server Disconnect", and also have your own dedicated server, then you can set up your own P2P list server to use the function similar to HAMACHI, without HAMACHI, without registration or VPN. Download the LT_P2P_ListServer and run it on dedicated server. [Version Alpha 0.11, 2014-10-25] First public release. MAIN FEATURES - Free survival role playing game without zombies or monsters, real-time user saved profile, Both singleplay and on-line multiplayer use same saved user profile. - New peer to peer game networking technology (NAT traversal HOST online game)* - New 20x20km high precision terrain with new vegetations and some Chinese structures - Black market trading system. - New Weapons such as handmade Crossbow and ex-government forces firearms* - New High-quality vehicles: China-style electric tricycle,dugout canoe,clunkers* - New female characters with many identities, few new male head models and a new part of the animation system* - Powerful Arma 3 Extension functions librarys *Imperfect, incomplete contents in alpha version, will upgrade soon. PREVIEWS IMAGES GAME BACKGROUNDS The superpower's nuclear weapons, which equivalent to five billion tons of TNT, launched all around the world and explosion on the planet in less than a year. After the nuclear war, a lot of dust gathered in the lower stratosphere and rotate to go along with the Earth's rotation. The wolrd below 2500 meters altitude, trap in the haze of nuclear winter. Human beings not noly responsible for this catastrophe, but also the most direct victims. Only lucky, physically highly qualified, less than 100 million people survive. they kept escape to the survival spots around the world, Alps, Bolivia, Pamirs and Tibet... looking for the sunã€water and food, search rare 'wonderherb' to reduce nuclear radiation and keep energetic. A lot of people helping each other in an attempt to ride out the storm, Even so, some bad bunch of people are constantly make humanity stains. You are the one, who are looking, searching, helping, talking, running, killing or dying... in the survival spot. CONTAINS FILES LT\AddOns - LT: Living Through main packages. KEEP THE PATH, DO NOT REMOVE, RENAME, MOVE OR REVISE! LT\*.dll - Game necessary files use keep game play correctly, Arma 3 Extension functions dynamic-link librarys. KEEP THE PATH, DO NOT REMOVE, RENAME, MOVE OR REVISE! LT\*.sys - Game necessary files use keep game play correctly, KEEP THE PATH, DO NOT REMOVE, RENAME, MOVE OR REVISE! LT\Keys - Server key, you can copy it to Arma 3 root path, but KEEP THE PATH, DO NOT REMOVE, RENAME, MOVE OR REVISE! LT\*.txt - Related documents LTLauncher\LTLauncher.exe - You have to execute the LTLauncher.exe to use LTLauncher's NAT traversal technology in order to peer-to-peer (P2P) communication. Otherwise you may not be able to connect to the SOLOHOST or let others to join yours. LTLauncher\*.dll - Related dynamic-link librarys of the Launcher, KEEP THE PATH, DO NOT REMOVE, RENAME, MOVE OR REVISE! LTLauncher\Config.ini - Launcher's startup parameters, You can revise the file if needed. LTLauncher\Resource - Launcher's Resource INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Download the @CBA_A3(Community Base addons A3) Extract LT_alpha11_part1_tunba.7z, then you have "LT" folder, Extract LT_alpha11_part2_contents.7z, then you have "LT" and "LTLauncher" folders, Merge them as result is "LT" and "LTLauncher" folders. LT - 1.66GB 42Files LTLauncher - 3.45MB 8Files Move them all into the Arma 3 root folder: e.g."D:\Steam\SteamBin\SteamApps\common\Arma 3" Execute the "LTLauncher\LTLauncher.exe"* to play LT! You have to execute the LTLauncher.exe to use LTLauncher's NAT traversal technology in order to peer-to-peer (P2P) communication. Otherwise you may not be able to connect to the SOLOHOST or let others to join yours. TYPICAL STARTUP MODE LTLauncher click "SOLOHOST" >> go into game main ui >> click "SOLOHOST", Then you have started a singleplay online game. LTLauncher click "BULLEIN" to check the game's news and intels. LTLauncher click "INCURSION" >> if the icon link is green, means that you can invading other people's SOLOHOST game >> "JOIN". LTLauncher click "PLAY ARMA3" >> Start the Arma 3 in common mode, "Config.ini" include Arma 3 startup parameters, You can revise the file if needed. At least make sure that has the following parameters is include: "-mod=@CBA_A3;LT" and for ClientCmdline: "-connect= -port=2400 -mod=@CBA_A3;LT" More info about Arma 3 Startup Parameters SIMPLE CONTROL INSTRUCTIONS (Have to read for newbies) Due to the lack at Help tips of current version of game, please read the following instructions and check ingame tooltips to play the game without confused. Key "1" - Communicate or trading with people. Key "2" - Put weapons down or put them back. Key "3" - Wave to get the other players' attention Key "4" - Checks the current state of youself, as well as your humanity scores. Double click on items to use. eat, rink, make a campfire something. Inventory can use old items make(Virtual synthesis) new equipments, Buildings around to collecting items, Highland wilderness to collect wonderherbs, Different levels of wonderherbs efficacy are not the same, them can reduce radiation, cure diseases, and even has the body stimulation like stimulants, they are usually very valuable. Wonderherbs are blue flowers on the ground, the also can collected around houses. If you are thirsty, you can go to the River to collect water. Temporarily will quench your thirst and reduce pain, but this way in the long term is harmful to your health. Don't to spill any more blood, unless you believe he was a murderous villain, Otherwise you will be hard to survive. To be continue... KNOWN ISSUES When you start a new game and always in black screen, just reswan youself to fix. When you start a solohost and can't find any people after 8-10 mins, just restart the host to fix. DOWNLOAD LINKS Mirror 1 Armaholic http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27144 Mirror 2 Mirror Update(MEGA) LT_alpha11_part1_tunba.7z 1.08 GB https://mega.co.nz/#!j0EAiZAI!z5FuPTTkyh06L3fdnMdIdl5Wkv56rWHsEcfoptvypNA LT_alpha11_part2_contents.7z 282.4 MB https://mega.co.nz/#!CtNiRSLT!0m44RV1a_k0gKOByPimUcaarXfVjE-AV6f5w-uGsDD0 Mirror 3 PLAYWithsix http://play.withsix.com/arma-3/mods/18F-grkbcEWDrXO_EuedrA/LT-Living-Through-Live-another-day-TOTAL-MODIFICATION-for-Arma-3 When you download this link please also download LT_alpha11_part2_contents.7z Sorry for provide the slow links. Unable to access Dropbox or other mainstream online storage site normally in my area if anyone can provide mirrors or merge the 7z files into one, It would be very grateful. ========================================================== After more than 50 days hard work regardless of day and night, after paid a great effort, New Terrain \ New Structures \ New Plants \ New Rocks \ New Objects \ New Vehicle \ New Weapons \ New Sounds \ New Characters(Female) \ New Animation \ New UI \ New Mission \ Massive Scripting New Launcher even a new P2P NAT traversal communication extension... But we finally released our game modification. LT: Living Through We recently often think, we are indeed overestimating our abilities, our time, these are really a tremendous amount of work. Whatever the outcome, we need your support: http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/cItgpFvnS6 Apart from the competition, if someone like it and feedback, We still will update continuously in order to obtain more achivement. CREDITS Playable Contents/Scripting - ALUN(JB_UP_DOWN) Programming - SEVEN Artist - RILL Terrain Editing - JIANJUN 3D Artist/ Terrain Create/ Programming/ Project Leader - FROMZ
  13. Thank u HorribleGoat, Your tips are very helpful, I've cleared that up already. I also found this, hope that can help others who encountered this problem again.
  14. hi, If I guess correctly, There is no one have made brand new Walking/Running/Sprint animations yet. From my new project: New female character with new rig, new animation All things are not bad, besides some looping animation .rtm file Check the picture: or http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff151/armafromz/ANIM.gif Press W, animation running fine, but the character CAN NOT MOVE EVEN 1 INCH! I donn't think it's a config problem, because is same as official, just replace the .rtm file path. So if anyone can solve this proble, It would be very grateful.
  15. fromz

    Arma III Fishing

    Although I doesn't like fishing, but after read this I was very interested in. It must cost you a lot of time and effort right? thanks a lot, I'm sure I'll try it asap. In addition, if you need some new custom RTM animation files, maybe I can help to create.