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  1. miller

    Lockheed C-130

    Thanks [Dust]Sabre ArmA3.de Mirror added: Sabs C-130 Hercules by [Dust]Sabre (v1.22) Kind regards Miller
  2. miller

    Civil Aviation

    Thanks [Dust]Sabre ArmA3.de Mirror added: Sabres Civil Aviation by [Dust]Sabre (v1.48) Kind regards Miller
  3. miller

    Flying Circus

    Thanks [Dust]Sabre ArmA3.de Mirror added: Sabres Flying Circus by [Dust]Sabre (v1.35) Kind regards Miller
  4. miller

    Sab Aircraft Lib

    Thanks [Dust]Sabre ArmA3.de Mirror added: Sabre's Aircraft Library by [Dust]Sabre (v1.29) Kind regards Miller
  5. Thanks tpw ArmA3.de Mirror added: TPW MODS by tpw (03.06.2017) Kind regards Miller
  6. Thanks makhno ArmA3.de Mirror added: G.O.S N'Djenahoud by makhno (v002) Kind regards Miller
  7. Thanks joker006 ArmA3.de Mirror updated: Take on Helicopters Medium Helicopter by joker006
  8. miller

    Terrain: Bariga

    Thanks lunatic SMC-1 ArmA3.de Mirror added: Bariga by lunatic SMC-1 (v1.0)
  9. Thanks Goticwar ArmA3.de Mirror updated: =ARC= Japan Units v2.2 Kind regards Miller
  10. Thanks icebreakr ArmA3.de Mirror updated: FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack) by icebreakr Kind regards Miller
  11. miller

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    Thanks zabb ArmA3.de Mirror updated: TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms by teriyaki & zabb (v0.96 fix2) Kind regards Miller
  12. miller

    Advanced AI Command

    Thanks duda123 ArmA3.de Mirror updated: Advanced AI Command by duda123 (v1.5) Kind regards Miller
  13. Thanks tpw :) ArmA3.de Mirror updated: TPW MODS by tpw (11.01.2017) Kind regards Miller
  14. Thanks tpw :) ArmA3.de Mirror updated: TPW MODS by tpw (07.01.2017) Kind regards Miller
  15. miller

    EricJ Release thread

    Thanks EricJ :) ArmA3.de Mirror updated: UH-60 A3 Pack by EricJ (RC27.2) Kind regards Miller