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  1. modemmaik

    ArmA Addon request thread

    It has been a while since your request, but some of your requested files popped up on armaholic: https://ftp.armedassault.info/armaholic/arma/ https://ftp.armedassault.info/armaholic/arma/arma_files_modules/ 1) and 6) is included 5) seems to be included with Version 2.0
  2. modemmaik

    T-14 Armata style tank

    Ups.... looks like I have accidentially removed the T-14 from my mediafire and my local disk... 🙄 But it seems still hostend on vk: https://vk.com/page-98104039_55138877 BMP T72 is still on mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m6gpb0t4oze44tn/modem_bmpt72_v100.zip/file
  3. modemmaik

    T-14 Armata style tank

    Too low poly... although I converted that for private use to A1... So, if you really want to convert this... you are welcome. I send you a PM including the A1 version... But there are better ones at Arma 3: 2035-russian-armed-forces This mod also includes the T-15 IFV Have fun, modEmMaik
  4. modemmaik

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    I hope this is the correct armed assault info download link. At least, it seems to work for me.... have fun, modEmMaik
  5. You may want to contact Snafu: Check reply from March 30 in this thread The A2 content on his disk includes a file called "FA18_2.0.rar 35.3MiB", also another file "RKSL-Typhoon-FGR4-v2-601-ALLINONE.rar 123.6MiB". Until now, he was unable to upload the content of his disk to the bidentify system....
  6. modemmaik

    Wheeled Armor example A1 Stryker ICV

    As stated, it is legal to use APL-Content for Arma CWA. I know the APL License Conditions are intenensive discussed in other sections of this forum, but relevant parts are not easy to identify. Content of Arma_Public_License.txt includes the term "NonCommercial and ArmaOnly purposes only", so strictly, the content can be used for Arma CWA (not for OFP, as this is not included in the mentioned term). The Spoiler includes the definition of ArmaOnly from APL: As you can see, Arma: Cold War Assault is included. APL License Conditions: From my point fo view, the conditions are statisfied by: Inclusion of Arma_Public_License.txt from AxSM...APL.zip Statement that the content is licensed by APL (e.g. in the ReadMe) A2SM_Data_DPL_APL is licensed by ArmA Pulic License. So, correct me if I am wrong, but the content of A2SM_Data_DPL_APL.zip can be used for Arma: CWA due to APL License Conditions defined. But to be honest, there are engine limitations in CWA, that must be considered (e.g. by using proxies to reduce the number of verticles in a LOD / having limitations to wheeled vehicles etc.), so using A2-content for CWA can be challenging. I also noticed some releases of mods, that are not mentioned in this forum, that already solved such challenges but violate the APL conditions, so my intention is also to show that releases can be performed in the conditions of APL.... Mike
  7. modemmaik

    Wheeled Armor example A1 Stryker ICV

    Sorry for inconvinience... two textures were mapped to my local drive... WTF New DL-Link Mediafire modem Stryker alpha BR, Mike
  8. Hi, I noticed some wheeled armor releases lately, that tried to cope with the single cargo LOD effect. "Car"simulation seems to enable a single cargo LOD only, preventing any cargo LOD separation for driver / gunner / driver. This model is an example to "simulate" a separate cargo LOD by reduction of model size and RTM animation. The gunner's cargo view is based on a 1:5 model that includes a gunner RTM-animation that causes a 1:100 size reduction of gunner proxy. This model in included in otochlaven and otocvez to enable direct gunsight including a cargo model. I hope some addon creators might find this example usefull, so the MLOD is included in the PBO. DL-Link by MediaFire "Gnomizized" gunnerview in O2: Have Fun, Mike p.s.: Permission to use ArmA1 unbin content is explicit stated here. Just to avoid questions....
  9. Hi, I have converted the BISkeleton from "Character skeleton reference" BISkeleton "ArmA - Sample models" (c) 2007 Bohemia Interactive a.s. to match the OFP/CWA soldier model. Some connectors may not be placed to the correct position, but my created RTM-Animation turned out to be usefull... For use, you may want to check GNAT's RTM Animation tutorial. DL-Link by MediaFire Have Fun, Mike
  10. Google search for the names of troubles addons (e.g. BOAR crewman trh_ctt.7z) shows that a non-free host is located in east europe (chomikuj.pl). bidentify project is missing those addons 😞 But CWR2 v1.7 includes troubles challenger and bedford, so there may be the chance that someone of the CWR2 team has those on their local disk... :edit: MODDB hosts the BAFX mod, that should include troubles addons: baf_mod_readme.txt snippet: ... Trouble (chieftain, challenger, challenger 2, scimitar, scorpion, spartan, warrior, Lynx, Scout and Gazelle models, sounds and configs)...
  11. modemmaik

    ArmA Addon request thread

    ftp.armedassault.info is online again 🤩 Bushwars mod content is located https://ftp.armedassault.info/_hosted/bushwars/dl/ and https://ftp.armedassault.info/armad/addons/ with bwc_ prefix names (e.g. the star addon)
  12. modemmaik

    ArmA Addon request thread

    I have not used it yet, but some DSAI files can be located on http://ftp.armedassault.info/armad/addons/ also via torrent on jerryhopper: https://bidentify.jerryhopper.com/files/arma/addons/soundmods
  13. modemmaik

    How do i replace a vehicle addon on a mod?

    Check the FFUR modfolder "bin" directory. This should include a "ModConfig" directory, that includes the definitions for used models (e.g. CfgVehicles.hpp Mod_Vehicles.hpp) On my installation those include the files from OFP_Default directory, where you can modify the config for the M1Abrams included in the WestVehicles.hpp Best start with single line modifications and test it, then continue. The Abrams may be a bit complicated, as the FFUR version includes an additional M2, that is not standard defined as the original includes Gun120 and coaxial only. The Task to replace the humwee should be easier. btw: Modifications based on the ECP is much easier, as it is based on BIS original models. That is what is running on my rig. Good luck and have fun ;)
  14. modemmaik

    Buldozer error

    Check what is left on ofpIsNotDead: https://files.ofpisnotdead.com/files/ofpd/breathe/ "the countdown begins" usually pops up for a fragment of a second. This is OK The exe requires some dll files (IFC22, Pal2Pac, PoseidonMessage) plus some additional files in bin/ data/ etc. Those are included in o2_viewer.zip / o2_viewer_upd.zip I guess buldozer also requires the serial number in the registry. This is usually created on installation of OFP / ARMA CWA My installation is about 10 years old, so I hardly remember the installation process. My be you find usable info in this forum, e.g.: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/16421-setting-up-buldozer/ BR, Mike
  15. modemmaik

    WW4 Extended: Arctic

    Check this: https://files.ofpisnotdead.com/files/ofpd/islands/ But next time, check / ask in this thread for your request on addons: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/83826-ofp-addon-request-thread/