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  1. Tobie

    ArmA-Banlist (Community Banlist)

    wow thats a very good idea! so i hope silly teamkillers will become less to see on public servers! :)
  2. I've tested the new version a few times now.. for some reason it was a lot harder for me to trace where the shots are coming from by the sound. also the clicking sound from close bypassing shots was really confusing.
  3. Tobie

    Custom Face

    wow great news! finnally! :D would be cool to add custom texture to arms and legs as well so we could add like tattoos and stuff ;)
  4. Oh great to see you back in arma Opteryx! i loved your maps in arma 1, avgani and the smaller one. you put a lot work into your custom buildings, thats why your maps look so awesome! i'm looking forward to see new stuff from you! =)
  5. Tobie

    Development Blog & Reveals

    oh please BI devs you have to add a function into the server search filter that we can exclude server names with "xyz..." for example to remove all the altis life servers from the list, they make me crazy :pet6:
  6. as for the map i wouldn't suggest a mediterranean terrain as thats where the people are playing all the time already and mostly (sooner or later) will be fed up with. the same with desert terrains, which were great fun though, but we had plenty of that in the arma series. and for sure there will come severa desert maps for arma 3 soon. what i would suggest was a very temperate terrain in some country we didnt have yet, or not that much yet... like germany for example =) especially because thats where everything ended in ww2. well at least the european part of it.
  7. Tobie

    Jurassic Arma

    McRuppert you make awesome mods!!! your star wars mod was awesome as well... maybe you will get fed up with this project once then you can go on with the star wars mod ;)
  8. great to hear something new from you Rip! i already played your mod in arma 1, had a lot of fun with the mod and especially the huge map. i believe the map was even bigger than altis ;) although people say altis is the biggest map in the arma series so far. i wish you a lot of success for arma 3! :)
  9. yeah it seems the AI aims close in front of the enemy. the precision at this distance looks a bit high. maybe you should increase the dispersion of the weapon. and maybe also the decline of the arrows. however thats all subtleties you can adjust later. hmm do you think its also possible to make fire arrows? would probably look really cool at nights :D
  10. omg that looks awesome!!! even the animations look very good! now we can do it rambo style! lol what does it look like if you take the weapon on the back? did you made a proper position already? and how does the AI handle with the bow? do they also shoot on longer distances like a few hundred meters? omg imagine 2 opposing lines of archers shooting at each others with a big arrow volley!! haha awesome cant wait this mod to be released!
  11. you should have made a poll in this thread..
  12. Tobie

    Ancient Era Mod

    haha good idea burns, a spec ops mission at night with silenced weapons that would be awesome :D this mod has so much potential! or imagine a strategy mission like warfare.. or maybe wasteland mission! awesome keep up the great work!
  13. just a suggestion. increased time speed would be really cool, so we have day/night cycle. and players shouldnt spawn with NVGoogles at the beginning! walking around at daytime just gets boring by the time...
  14. Tobie

    Custom Face

    i think the most difficult thing when taking the photos (if you want to make it properly) is you have to take photos from different angles and then fit them together part by part. i also have much problems to get the right skin colour to fit with the colour of my face template^^ i wish there was an easier way the get your own face into arma... but you definately require some photo editing skills and a good program.