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  1. [/color]Edit; Oh, and I hope to find some nice missions for me to play when I get home from vacation! :) I'm not very skilled with the editor myself. working a warfare port for your map, sent pm regarding. Thanks for the map! Gut
  2. Gutm@sher

    Tasmania Island ArmA2CO

    Working on a Benny CO port as well. Will take a bit as my arm / hand function is limited, but it's already coming together nicely.
  3. Gutm@sher

    Tasmania Island ArmA2CO

    Very nice work, thanks! I havent seen this before and am enjoying exploring this map very much. One bug: @ the bridge west of Piper's River - ai controlled vehicles get confused when trying to cross the bridge travelling west to east and end up stuck at the river. Works fine when traveling east to west. Keep up the good work!
  4. Gutm@sher

    Island Cicada Release Thread

    Nice island Commander! Needs a good benny warfare port. As to the questions regarding warfare building placement, using existing structures for the depot solves this plus looks better imo. For benny's, modify common\config\config_structures by adding a small object (SUCH AS HEDGEHOG) as an additional depot object that can be placed inside the building under the version you use (vanilla, arrowhead, CO). Example: WFDEPOT = ["Land_fortified_nest_big_EP1","WarfareBDepot","YOUR OBJECT HERE"];. Dont forget that vehicles purchased at depots spawn to the depot's right (good to know when placing the depot object in congested areas).
  5. Nice work there Old Bear! Is anyone out there planning or already in work on a BE warfare port? If not, I will start work on a 2.070 version when released. It will be slow for me due to illness and the new units will not be included (sorry) but would be nice to see some warfare for this island. Any takers? At any rate, some good stuff man!
  6. Gutm@sher

    [ADO] Brik 2

    A quick tool around the terrain shows excellent pathfinding by ai so far . Would make a good small scale warfare map as yapal's "bushy" cousin.
  7. Gutm@sher

    [ADO] Brik 2

    I am no longer really able to play arma anymore so have been absent from the community. Having said that, it's always great to see another Old Bear production hit the streets! Will have to check it out with my one "good" hand! Thanks Old Bear
  8. Gutm@sher

    [ADO] Yapal

    Very nice Old Bear. Great warfare map when you just dont have 10 hours to burn!
  9. Gutm@sher

    ToraBora "Sandbox Edition"

    Actually, it does! I'm playing around with porting warfare to it and Making the mountains the "sweet spots" for income. Just makes team work and / or squad composition much more important. Tanks definitely have little use attacking the mountains!
  10. Gutm@sher

    Warfare Benny Edition ZGM

    I have a nice port of fallujah you are welcome to it for your mod of warfare. edit: sent it to your listed contact email if you are interested.
  11. Any plans for the south west island, IceBreakr?
  12. Gutm@sher

    Fallujah 1.0

    Awesome map Shezan as usual. I have a nice warfare port done up for it and have a few suggestions based on observing the ai: 1. ai can become trapped at the airfield if their objective is north and they are inside the fence perimeter. I have placed some walk over objects to help with this but a north gate entrance like you have at the east and west would be great (or some holes in the fencing). 2. light vehicles (humvees / uaz) do not seem to like the bushes between the main roads and get stuck frequently if they are in formation. I think that the density of them may be the problem. If I come by with a tank and move the bushes down, they start moving again. Rec either cutting some out or replacing with well spaced palm trees or nothing at all. I'm not a map maker so I dont know what a pain that could be. 3. heliport at the north west of the urban area also needs an entrance possibly on the north side. 4. currently I do not use the south west map area because ai squads will not cross the dam. Three is alot of "juicy" real estate there around fallujah barrage that needs some warfare action! Thanks again for another fantastic map! Gut
  13. although the blue looks great, brown probably fits better for a rainy, jungle area. I'll be a happy camper either way with the update!
  14. Gutm@sher

    User mission requests!

    UTF server 2 has benny warfare 2.066 fallujah available. It also runs yapal and lingor warfare so you may need those maps to join and change it to fallujah (if empty) depending on whats running. Note that many mods are not allowed and will cause you to be kicked (cba, zeus, etc).
  15. New large land mas sound sweet icebreakr. Warfare port update to follow!