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  1. ROFL! So, as you say, you spent $5k essentially to play KotH, an unofficial community game mode, and judge the whole (massive) game on the performance of that and that alone. Look in the mirror if you want to see who's at fault here. This +1
  2. Tavish

    Eden Editor Drop Down Bug

    I noticed this too. It's there for some objects. For example, walls like H-Barrier have is no "Simple Object" tickbox option under the Special States attribute, but an ammo crate does have the option. BIS did change some stuff regarding simple objects, but I have no idea whether this is intentional or not.
  3. You have never been able to see friendlies on your GPS. Sounds like a problem with KOTH most likely.
  4. Tavish


    You'll just have to get used to it. The new system makes more sense than the old one. How a real LD works: A rangefinder emits laser beams at the push of a button. Those beams bounce off distant objects and the rangefinder's high-speed clock measures the total time it took from when the beams left the unit until they returned. IE, push button to range a target.
  5. Tavish

    Ranking system?

    Surely a bad idea to hard code this, as ArmA 3 is a sandbox and supports hundreds of modes. What you've really posted is a mod request. Also, I notice you mention ADHD kids in a lot of posts you make. Impatient is a word I think you should add to your vocabulary. This. Ditto.
  6. Tavish

    Make Tanoa Publicly Available!

    Most Arma fans own APEX, it's the new or casual players who don't want to buy it or don't feel the need. I can only see Tanoa "going public" if BIS decides to update APEX with a huge bucket load of more premium content (vehicles, weapons, items and objects). I very much doubt that this will happen as the new DLCs will surely have priority. I tell folks that if you like Arma, and play Arma a lot, then buy the DLCs and be happy. If necessary, wait for a Steam sale. When not on sale, it's the same price as 5 pints of good beer, yet will provide many hours more entertainment. Arma 3 will continue to be a premium game as long as BIS develop it. APEX will drop in price faster than Arma 3 will. Compare the game now (v 1.68/1.70) to how it was on release (v 1.0). Think of all the glorious features that have been added to the base game, and ask yourself if it should be less expensive or regarded as non-premium. ArmA is like a fine wine. Gets better with age.
  7. Thanks :) With the new sensors and FCS, there is room for growth. New specialised munitions would also be cool, but the ones above would indeed be specialised. BIS likes the odd piece of specialised equipment (Eg. Remote Designator) so fingers crossed. I would actually be very happy to see a new launcher family for CSAT. The copy pasta nature of the AT/AA weapons in Arma 3 can be solved without too much chaos. If BIS removed the CSAT Titans and replaced it with something else, I doubt there would be much notice. Only default CSAT unit loadouts would change. However, it's the Top Down fire mode, and standardised FCS for the Titan missiles is all that I really, really want.
  8. The Feedback tracker seems to be for bugs only these days, and I can't find a feature request thread on the forum, so I shall post my request here. With the wonderful new Radar and Fire Control Systems arriving soon, that provide the Titan missile launcher with even more potential. I request/beg that the Titans be given some love. Here is the wishlist for the Titan: Top Down fire-mode option for any Titan missile that can engage ground targets <<< Pretty please with a cherry on top If possible, animate the launcher as it switches between direct and top down Standardised Fire Control for all missiles Titan AP locking behaviour same as AT missile. Eg. Lock on to laser designated targets, vehicles etc Titan MPRL able to use Direct (SACLOS) Titan MPRL able to fire AT/AP missiles, and has increased weight (May raise some eyebrows regarding balancing) Titan MPRL ideas at bottom of article. Reintroduce the RPG-42 AA missile to counter the MPRL able to fire AT/AP RPG-42 AA - low range, low damage and heaviest RPG-42 munition. Remove Titans from CSAT and give them some new toys Clones of Titan AT and AA launchers that work essentially the same but look different (queue the jokes about Chinese made knock offs) Extra thoughts (Additional Titan ammo & new AA Launcher concept): AP-APERS Directional, airborne APERS munition, works similar to claymore mine Detonates early, spreading shrapnel/BBs/bananas/frags in a cone shape towards the target Firemodes: Top Down only Weight: Heavier than AP missile Rename AP to AP-HE AT-NLOS (Non Line Of Sight) Missile homes in on a laser designated target Firemodes: Top Down only Weight: Heavier than AT missile Requires cooperation from players or AI for laser targeting. NLOS example: There's tank on a road. Soldier A is hidden in a high walled compound half a kilometre away. Solder B laser designates a target (using Laser Dasignator or UAV, etc). Soldier A turns to face general direction of target and launches missile from within compound. If missile finds the target, it homes in on the Tank. Tank goes boom. If different missile ranges are a possibility then: AA Short Range Missile (AA-SR) Replacement for current Titan AA missile Can be fired by Titan AA Launcher (read below) and Titan MPRL Firemodes: AA Targeting System and Direct (SACLOS) (Direct only with MPRL) Weight: A fraction lighter than the current AA missile Max Range: 3km ? AA Long Range Missile (AA-LR) New class of AA missile Can only be fired by Titan AA Launcher (read below) and AA Vehicles equipped with a Titan launcher. Firemodes: AA Targeting System Weight: Very, very heavy. Max 1 reload. Max Range: 6km ? New AA Missile Launcher - Titan AA (Short & Long Range Anti-Air) Ammo: AA-SR, and AA-LR listed above, default is LR Can receive radar from afar so can engage targets at distance Lighter than the MPRL, to compensate for heavy AA-LR missiles Long and slim appearance, like a long Titan Compact. Pentagonal shaped tube (themed with the square of the Compact and the hexagon of the MPRL). Firemode: Radar only Replaces the MPRL as the default AA launcher. Rename "Missile Specialist (AA)" to "Missile Specialist (AA-SR)" Add new class called "Missile Specialist AA-LR" Rename "Assist. Missile Specialist (AA)" to "Assist. Missile Specialist (AA-SR)" Add new class for "Assist. Missile Specialist (AA-LR)" Titan MPRL changes Can fire AT and AP MPRL is the heaviest Titan launcher, heavier than the AA and Compact. 3 firemodes -Top Down, Direct (SACLOS) and AA Radar Can fire all AT/AP missiles using Top Down and Direct Can fire AA-SR missile using AA Radar and Direct Add new class called "Missile Specialist MPRL" Example soldier loadout could have one AT and one AA-SR missile, and can be paired with any Assistant Missile Specialist To summarise; If the above is possible, then the new Titan family would be; Titan Compact - AT/AP - Same role as before Titan MPRL - AT/AP/AA-SR - Now a jack of all trades, and far heavier than any other launcher Titan AA - AA-SR/AA-LR - Short/Long Range AA, new default AA Soldier weapon and default Long Range ammo for vehicles. Thank you for reading!
  9. Repeating the same post is the same as spamming. Not cool. After putting ace_medical_medicsetting into Google, I discovered it's use for you. ace_medical_medicsetting is a server-side setting that configures the medic. Example below of some ACE medical settings for a server: Next time you have a problem, spam google, not the forum.
  10. Will the Titan AP missile ever use the FCS, like the AT missile? Or is it awaiting a different kind of magic? @ab_luca Reposting your own posts will only work against you. Have you checked their wiki?
  11. Tavish

    CTRG Mod

    Just played through the showcase again. The voice acting is really damn impressive. I found two minor issues that could use some love in the showcase: I think anyone, not knowing this was a mod, would think it's part of the vanilla game. Same goes for Resist and Eden Objects. Stellar job! Congrats to all involved.
  12. Tavish

    co10 Escape

    +1 for official Steam Workshop releases, and a Steam Group to go with it could well be useful.
  13. Tavish

    co10 Escape

    We're having an issue with maps disappearing from our inventories randomly... CUP version on Altis. Is there any specific information I can provide that could lead to this bug being squashed?
  14. It took a wee while for me (and I have a brand new rig). Best to leave it running until sure something is definitely not right.