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  1. the unknown

    Do you want OPFOR vehicles to have TI?

    I was just pointing out that the solution Xtremist suggest doesn't work. You don't have to get all touchy about it.
  2. the unknown

    Do you want OPFOR vehicles to have TI?

    And there is the problem, the usmc m1a1 got updated with oa.
  3. Is there anyway to get a reference to the targets in the target range compositions, so they can be used in a fire range script?
  4. the unknown

    Why is this game not more popular?

    I cant believe nobody has mentioned that half the community left when armaI got released cause of the massive amount of bugs
  5. the unknown

    What controls are you guys using?

    Mostly keyboard and mouse, I use a joystick with a tank if I am playing a organized game so I have more control over the tanks speed. The keyconfig has been changed back to the old OFP layout with a couple of changes to fit in the new options. Btw how in the world are you suppose to play this game with a controller wouldn't you have a shortage on keys.
  6. the unknown

    % of game time decrease

    It went from 100% to 0% over the course of 3 months I havent started up the game in 1 month now I just cant be botherd with it anymore. The workload of having to get it working properly and having fun has become to big.
  7. the unknown

    Why dont you use the ingame voice chat ?

    Cause I like to keep my hearing instead of getting it destroyed by the freaking AI giving their radio messages. So I prefer TS so I can keep my radio volume down. Maybe if they would add a separate volume button for VoIP then maybe I would use it.
  8. Ok these so called mod folders can be called what ever you want most people put a @ infront of it so it sorts them together. These mod folders can contain what ever directory is needed for the mod, your basic mod usually only uses the addons folder so you create that one into your mod folder. Put you pbo files into it and put the following in the target line of your shortcut to arma2. "X:\wereeverthegameisinstalled\arma2.exe" -mod=@whateveryoucalledyourmodfolder It could be you need to add " around the @whateveryoucalledyourmodfolder but the last time I used this has been in OFP so I dont remember that well. O and I almost forgot if you want more folders at the same time loaded put a ; between the folder names.
  9. the unknown

    Grenade Chucking

    Same here and then to imagine we didnt had timed grenades in ofp, I cant count the times I died because of trying to throw it trough a window.
  10. Lets clear this up this is what it says on the back of my box I left the systemspecs out, It gives mention of the editor but no where it says you are suppose to use it to be able to play the game. To be honest I dont get why every time someone even points a finger at BIS they get jumped in the neck by half the people on these forums. I have been playing this game since ofp, I used to be a mission editor in my clan but reduced that to advisor to the guys that still had new ideas. With ARMAII I completely stopt making missions cause I just don't have the time for it. Also imagine you go to a store to buy a game and think hey that looks cool you expect like all the other games it comes with a campaign and you come home start it up and discovery that it doesn't contain that much at all. The objective of the back of these dvd boxes it to convince people to buy them and give a good description of what is in it, so comments like you should have looked online for more informations dont really go up.
  11. the unknown

    Extra tasks within SP missions

    It crashed in one of the forests north off that town north of the base. Managed to get them out safely to the pick up point but then the chopper to pick them up never arrived so I let them there to do what ever they wanted to do.
  12. the unknown

    Armored vehicles cockpits

    Hope they bring them back, heck I would even be happy if they reused ofp's interiors as long as I can get the side windows of the driver position in the m1a1 back.
  13. the unknown

    Editor Guide

    Take a look at the bis wiki, the ofpec site and the editing part of these forums.
  14. the unknown

    Thank you sooo much for 1.3

    Cant say I would disagree with you on the whole bugfest Indecisi0n, I was lucky so far but since a week I have been seeing strange grey triangles when lots of stuff is destroyed. And I was hoping to finally be able to play the campaign :(
  15. This is one of the things the community needs old fasion co-ops where you had a short intro a briefing with a bit of a story and a couple of objectives to take. In the OFP times I made nothing els but these kind of missions, the problem with making them is that you have to make up story's and that aint one of my strong points. Not sure how you are planning on making this laggy but maybe its a good idea to make 3 separate missions and make it into a little campaign kind how the band of comrades missions for flashpoint where made.