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  1. We have Churchill. I hope it can serve as the queen of the ugly beasts at least until we bring some more stuff to teh horror gallery :)
  2. Well you cannot play his version in this mod, but I have made BMW R75 in three config and two colors. If you send your order right now you get a free MG34 on the side car for free.
  3. One plus side is this way you have areas which wouldn't have been shown in any map. I see it quite unlikely we had made a specific map for e.g. Paris. Also covering air warfare side of teh conflict is easier when the map is big.
  4. Yes it is. The map is is unzoomed max out so that you can see all the map area, but this hides many of teh smaller cities. Generally all the towns which had some military meaning in the campaign are included like Caen, Carentan, Falaise, Bayeux and even smaller towns like Ouistreham, Villers Bocage and Carpiquet.
  5. Paris is not the only place where you can see historical buildings and objects. I won't tell everything...you have to find them youself :)
  6. These are both on the map. The French side covers roughly St.Malo in the West (or south west) all the way to Amiens-Dunkerque line in teh East. The english side of the channel covers all teh southern England from east of Bornemouth (on the channel coast). In the North direction it goes a bit past London. EDIT: What I looked at a map..Because iirc it had the island of Jersey too, the west limit is further west...more like around Bath in England.
  7. The test glider was ment to be just a test base for the thing. Looks like it got released with the pack. Well, you will have properly looking gliders in the next release.
  8. Put a plane and a glider nearby. Then put the module next to both and voila the glider is connected to the plane.
  9. Relax. It was just a joke (looks like a big fail). No intention to hurt anyone. To your question. Yes, it is our intension to make that there are no black people in the final version.
  10. To please everyone we have added the following to accompany the normal already existing G.I ... Construction Worker Leatherman (biker) Cowboy Indian (I think politically correct would be 'Native American') Cop ;)
  11. To my knowledge this seems to appear only where the texture is partly transparent. I have managed to eliminate it mostly by editing the trouble texture so that the alpha values are either 0 or 255 (i.e totally transparent or opaque). This is acceptable for things like wheels but not for windows etc. Also the thing to do with all models having transparent textures is to remember sort the textures after making any changes.
  12. Hey, guys. We are talking too much on the public forums. We have a private one too you know.
  13. I say it definately needs more than one grave cross. Different religions have hugely different markers. Orthodox have that extra bar under the cross and jews and muslims do not use cross at all. It also looks like SS men had an iron cross looking marker (like in WW1 aircraft). Even if you had a graveyard for only one religion (like normally) you want variations. Arma has few grave crosses and stones, but more is not a bad thing.