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  1. mr.g-c

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    ALl the pics in first post are gone sadly... it looked so good what the topic starter made
  2. I live in Dieburg... i was shocked to see this on a sign. Taunus is a beautiful area. The map looks awesome, i just finished to watch the stream. Impressive work guys - WOW.
  3. Same issue on my side. No solution to it found... yes i also tried oiopening all ports and stuff. UPNP works well and ports getting opened on the router. Do you changed anything else on your computer or internet connection? I see your from germany... what ISP do you use? Unitymedia?
  4. I love the latest distant sounds and crackles... Good move into that direction.For finetuning just watch that Video... Impressive sound! Notice how it sounds when bullets passing... i would shit my pants ^^
  5. Hi, i think UDP 8766 is deprecated. I monitor all Ports and for connection from ArmaServer.ese to the steam servers it uses Port 2305. I dont know how to solve this or what the reason is. Never had such issues with Arma2 nor Arma1...
  6. Hi everybody, i'm running a dedicated Server out of my Normal Arma3 Installation folder on the same Machine. It starts and works really fine in LAN. However it is just never listed in any Server-Browser lists for the Internet. The Name of the Server is "Arma3 ACE Coop" with Max 8 players. I've set UPNP in the config and it opens Ports on my Router. However i even opened all UDP Ports by Hand already, in my Router Firewall, the Windows 10 Firewall and the Avast Professional Firewall - No change. It works fine in LAN, and i suspect it will too over Internet, but it just can never be found. Any ideas why this is? I'd like to run a small Coop once in a while with the mission "Escape from XYZ-Island" ACE and RHS enabled. If someone wants to join me in 1-2 Hours, just let me know (well IF you can find my server too)
  7. mr.g-c

    co10 Escape

    Hi, i have the first ACE Version ready. Its the variant with RHS Mod on Stratis. I used latest DEV Build and latest ACE+RHS Mod Versions. http://www.file-upload.net/download-11172233/co10_escape-rhs_ace_edit.Stratis.pbo.html Note: The Corpsman and the Officer Group Leader are the only units that can use the Personal Aid Kit and Surgical Kit for ACE Advanced Medical System. This is also important when use the ACE Revive Function combined with Advanced Medical mode, as Revive can then only be done with such a PAK and only by those two units. So as soon as you have Advanced Medical active, make sure some guy will use one of those slots. Basically i added lots of Parameters and mission ending failed can also be chosen if when all people are unconscious or not. Tell me what you think. What i will do in the future is to add some special ACE medical items (When Option Advanced Medical System is selected on mission parameters) that might appear randomly in the crates at Commcenters, AmmoDepots, Crashsites and so on. If someone will host a quick session in the next days, i would love to participate ^^ @NeoArmageddon, i made changes to following files: - description.ext - defines.hpp - mission.sqm - params.hpp - Initplayerlocal.sqf - initplayerserver.sqf - fn_initserver.sqf - init.sqf - fn_briefing.sqf Explanation of Parameters i added:
  8. Hhahaha i love the Video. Nice. Well i asked myself since ArmA1 days why planes have to fly that low by AI at all? In RL even for an Attack, a plane would never go to like 10meters above ground. I Think planes should not go lower than like 150meters (debateable).
  9. Works. Thank alot. Interesting why the simple expression works for scripts but not for modules. I also tried it with Variables that i set in init.sqf with "BIS_fnc_getParamValue" but i guess since modules are initialized before the init.sqf or other init files, that i did not worked. Thanks alot R3vo for your help. :-)
  10. Hi, can i set ACE Settings via Script for instance in init.sqf for a mission? Im having trouble using the Modules with params, despite the good manual in the ACE Wiki. Reason is that i would need to have one single param for each of the settings inside a specific module - which is kinda odd if i think about the coutless medic settings alone. So best would be the use via script in inti.sqf for me. Is this possible? Thanks :-)
  11. Hi, im having a hard time making modules only to load when certain mission Paramters are selected. So far im having just entered the following into the "condition of presence" field of a module: ParamName==0 But this does not work. I use the same simple statement for scripting however and it does work. What should i alter to make it work with modules from inside the editor or mission.sqm? While "ParamName" is the Name of a parameter where a selection uses either 0 or 1. Example of my description.ext: class Params { class ParamName { title = "Parameter Whatever"; values[] = {0, 1}; texts[] = {"Whaterver 1 is selected", "Whatever 2 is selected"}; default = 0; }; };
  12. mr.g-c

    co10 Escape

    Im currently in the process of making this happen, including a few Parameters for customization of ACE features like Medical System and Advanced Ballistics, etc. Question, im to lazy to search all the scripts (yes i know..), is the weather already synced to all clients with the weather script? Or is the script only done for the randomization? Im asking because of placement of ACE3 Weather module. Awesome mission so far, wow im impressed especially with RHS and ACE it cant get better. Just breathtaking WOW.
  13. mr.g-c

    co10 Escape

    Thank you :-) During ArmA1 days, the missions by "Östgöta Ops" where one of the best out there. Most intense "smaller" Coops i played.
  14. I Hope BIS might implement a system where we can chose such a appearance setting from the game menu. It looks fantastic.
  15. mr.g-c

    Weapon Eventhandler Framework

    Excellent. Thanks