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  1. S!fkaIaC

    Walker for moderator!

    He jumps with that into every patch thread even before Placebo can do. I guess he would be an excellent complementation to offload Placebo.
  2. S!fkaIaC

    The need for Afghan mountains

    Fastest and cheapest way: community modder deletes all objects on Chernarus and releasing it as Desert-Chernarus, maybe changing ground textures too. If BIS would do it, it would come most likely as an expansion which has to be paid. If money is not an issue, buy VBS2, I guess everything inside is Iraq :D
  3. S!fkaIaC

    The need for Afghan mountains

    I do not know how educated you are and how you follow the actual political situation, but thanks to Putin and Bush the actual ArmA 2 story is very actual. See the conflict in Georgia/Ossetia if you know where it is. It is RUS vs US, but still the same old men power games. Imagine US and or NATO would have made any move to support the Georgian forces.........
  4. S!fkaIaC

    huge war

    1000+ PvP requires a FAT server in terms of internet connectivity. 1000 x synchonisation traffic........assume the traffic cost for renting such a server :D
  5. S!fkaIaC

    RTS - Farm Wars

    Observations in a local hosted 0.2f, me as CEO of the russians, COOP mode as russian: Tractors on a mission to deliver something to a Pasture do not take any mission if the pasture was taken by enemy while they are on their way. New purchased tractors worked fine after I took back the pasture, but the other 32 tractors remained immobile. Suggestion: Give CEO more control over the single tractor. Let him define A-End and B-End of a route by selectable targets. Then let the CEO assign Tractors to each route. But at any time let the CEO select on or more Tractors and the ability to a.) drop the cargo b.) abort current mission and return to a waypoint (in case path is in danger) c.) change the Tractor to a different route With that the CEO could maybe work around the generic immobile Tractor issue.
  6. S!fkaIaC

    The need for Afghan mountains

    In ArmA 1 we have Sahrani serving both needs somehow. North for the vegetation fans, South for the desert fans. But it was IN LINE with the story. The ArmA 2 island is also in line with the ArmA 2 story. Really, try to address this to the modders, I am sure they will release desert islands with "large" sharp rising mountains anyway. Trust Opterix.
  7. Placebo's special way of answering patch related questions is IMHO not the way to gain any goodwill among the affected customers. And "imminent" in BIS language could also mean several months. And he "believes", does he has no access to BIS to get it more precise? All I asked for was if BIS is aware what the root cause for the "Receiving bug" is. Knowing that would give us possibly the chance to avoid situations triggering that issue. If they do not know the root cause I have doubts that they can fix it soon, hence it is not serious pointing to patch 1.03 leaving the impression a fix will be included in patch 1.03 comming "soon".
  8. Can you please link that post? I only found Maruks statement to that issue. Regarding holidays: Nothing against that they close the company for a month, but they could say so. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1323608#post1323608 Read from post 70 on, in post 77 Suma replied, Suma requested some more info in 83, I replied again, but then.......conversation ended as usual. This is now the thread I refer to: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=75107 My post #10 states that I do not believe that 1.02 cured anything, Maruk replied in #11 that whatever he has in mind that was fixed was included in a certain patch. And he stated: I do not know if it was clear to him at that time that both Nvidia and ATI users are affected. Honestly, even if I appreciate it, I do not expect Suma and Maruk to show up here and post, I rather expect that Placebo or other moderators managing the communication between BIS <-> community.
  9. S!fkaIaC

    The need for Afghan mountains

    ????????? You guess all the world must adapt to your needs because your crappy soldiers fighting in a country where every army is getting lost.
  10. There is a significant number of people with severe problems, the can not run ArmA at all or only with huge problems. Then there is a impressive number of bugs to be solved. IMHO we have the right to DEMAND a fix asap and we have the right to ask for a shedule. Instead of that we get impertinent statements like "it is done when it is done" and threads related to that get closed. Are we happy with that?
  11. Right, but obviously BIS has problems with your theory. BTW, it is also mine.
  12. Use clouds, thats the way it is in RL. BTW, the FLIR script is boosting the stars to much.
  13. S!fkaIaC

    RTS - Farm Wars

    Maybe a metal plate with a slit to protect the gunner at least against small arms fire? There were some addons for ArmA 1.
  14. S!fkaIaC

    The need for Afghan mountains

    Console kids are poisoned by Afghanistan and Iraq war. Utes is desert nuff.
  15. Look how customers with serious problems are treated - > "its ready when its ready" when they ask for a fix. Nuff that I was so stupid, I suggest to all others to wait another 2 years until BIS might brought it to a decent quality.