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  1. Rolling Thunder 11 vid is out. :) Sorry for it being so short, but since over 75% of the time in this event was broken ACRE comms and "can you hear me?" scenarios, this was the only usuable footage. Setup was correct but the 148 radios as we discovered in ArmA 3 testing is flawed when using inside vehicles, and that was our platoon net radio.
  2. Ladies & Gentlemen! If you don't already know - Rolling Thunder has come back from its long sleep! The 11th battle starts tonight! To celebrate it's comeback I have made a new trailer, based of this battle. Players that will play this tonight will recognize many similarities. But without further ado - here I present you the latest Rolling Thunder trailer! Enjoy! And may I see you on the battlefield, tonight or in the future! EDIT: Re-uploaded with more nice sound effects!
  3. FRAPS has an option under "Movies" tab. Its called sound capture settings Tick the box called "Record external input" - the text field underneath should be your microphone.
  4. I laughed so damn hard on this!! Here is a compilation of fails and funny stuff from the past year. Includes ArmA II and III footage, plus some other games - hope this is OK! (Will not embed it as it contains other games) Just go to my channel and look at the either the newest or one of the top videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/StuntmanKnut
  5. Stuntman

    Arma3 Videos

    Some more PVP, some AW members vs the Yugoslavian SFRJ clan. :)
  6. Stuntman

    PVP heaven..for now

    PVP will never die as long as you have a community to hold to, they will together try and keep it alive for the better good for all. Next vital ingredient is a developer that cares about PVP as much as COOP. PVP must not be under-prioritized for COOP or vice versa. This must not be underestimated. :) Arma Wargames, previously Charlie Foxtrot as previously mentioned (Our PVP community is still alive!), are obviously interested in plunging into ArmA 3's superb PVP opportunities - and will most likely transfer over to do tournaments on the new game once its released. For now, we are enjoying a lot of friendly PVP sessions with AW members and other clans/groups that are also playing in the tournament. I have released already a few vids of ArmA 3 PVP and will surely release more! One is already under edit. Good old attack & defend PVP Alternative PVP! Serial Killer from OFP days anyone? ArmA Wargames has made a sequel!
  7. Stuntman

    Arma3 Videos

    Here is my footage of ArmA Wargames members trying out the PVP possibilities in this great game. Over 40 minutes of great PVP play! Enjoy! :)
  8. Stuntman

    Arma3 Videos

    Could this thread be stickied please? There is already a stickied photo thread. The video thread became very popular in ArmA 2 and it would be a shame to not do it. Anyways, here is my first two vids of this wonderful game. First one was the very first impressions - one thing I always check out first with BIS games is the driving....always funny and surprising! And now to something much more interesting! I'm sure many of you guys played Serial Killer back in the days of OFP. Well, ArmA Wargames has created a new sequel for ArmA 3! Enjoy the hunt!
  9. I haven't posted a video here in months! Time to do something with that. :) Here is the last battle of campaign 5 from ArmA Wargames tournament, which was played last Sunday. It was first time me being an infantryman for years, quite interesting but also quite messy...in many ways, have a look! BTW I'm also hot over heels making ArmA 3 vids now, lots of nice PVP sessions! Stay tuned. Anyone know of any similar video thread for ArmA 3 is already made somewhere here on this forum?
  10. Thanks a lot. Yes I will sure do if I grind to a halt somewhere...probably will lol!
  11. @Pete: Oh, now I see how you did it! Very cool! I must definitively try out some green screens/cubes. Have you experienced best results with blue colour however? @Dslyecxi: What a legendary collection of great footage! What a year! Nice editing as well, was never a dull moment.
  12. Credits were made with Sony Vegas and NewBlue effects. Stock white background layer, then vignette effect by NewBlue on that white layer and the text had earthquake/shaking effect and diffusion effect by NewBlue. Text was custom font called "Capture it", added black outline. Then I used cropping to move the text in and out of the screen (the very fast ones as well) - finally added fade in/out on text to make it blend. Eric Dutch is alright, but he has decided to step down from organizing any more RT battles, as it takes far too much real life time from him. RT is however not dead and will continue under someone else, it's just not decided who yet. Thus this video was in his memory for leading over 10 events and creating a unique chapter in ArmA 2's online community. He will from now on just participate in the events, finally having time to only concern about our little platoon. :)
  13. Here it is then...Rolling Thunder 10! Back is the great clashes of M1 vs T90s and support elements on a huge desert plain with 5 kilometre viewdistance and awesome close and far engagements. Oh the mayhem! Enjoy!
  14. @Pete - It was a moving, silly video as you said yourself ;) - im just in awe of all your great little movie tricks! I need to learn them one day. Just a quick question though - these moving camera/dolly scenes inside the Skoda when the police car pulls up, is it simply camera.sqs dollied slowly backwards, or attached to any object? I'm thinking of them both almost every day and how absolutely retarded it is they are in jail and on no proven ground what so ever. @daraofp: Very impressive! Looking forward to see what you make for ArmA 3 then. ;) Time for some of my stuff then...actually - a lot. As the last battle of this fourth campaign in ArmA Wargames takes place tomorrow - here are 6 videos (and more to come) from one of the CBC tanker's perspective (BLUFOR tanker). :) Enjoy the action, anger, cursing and squaddie humor! That's the life of a PVP tanker, lol. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5B11F55AD53F8A19 - playlist if you want to see it all down to the tournaments' birth! Campaign 4 - Tank Warfare 2 - The Tank is Back! (it was removed for two whole campaigns - I was like a kid in a sweets store when my baby was back!!) 7ZuWvQXYjdI Tanking in ArmA Wargames - from Campaign 4 Battle 2 (Ever wonder how it is to fight in a tank in PVP? Well take a look here!) 53FIos2L-pk Campaign 4 - Scrim 3 - Tank Warfare 3 - More mayhem on rattling tracks, with a very interesting tank duel at the start! BytmILimTKg ...and a one-shot of a million - it took 4 years until it happened..so will probably take a while before happening again. ;D gJw4bDN6juk Campaign 4 - Battle 4 - With some hearty cursing HL9QImQ0Mg0 Campaign 4 - Battle 5 - An intesne battle! Again an incredible chopper kill at the end that will most likely not happen again! SMfyyKG3LaA And more to come from this campaign! Plus stay tuned for Rolling Thunder 10 video! :) NOW....ENJOY!
  15. Hehe, thanks a lot! But don't forget to thank Richie Speed as well - he's more than half of the explosive package in this vid! ;)