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  1. Everyone starts out with the same character, and the quests have alternate outcomes and ways to be solved. But ultimately you are following a narrative story(unlike M&B). Edit: Stretch goals. Nothing too interesting here in terms of gameplay. It would be nice having a female character with period accurate clothes instead of the usual rpg kind.
  2. They will only charge your account if and when a project is given enough pledges(Should happen tonight). I want to see more demonstrations of the physics-based combat system. It sounds like it could either be great, or ruin the game.
  3. This is the Kickstarter thread for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They claim to have been unable to get traditional funding. This is what they say publishers have told them: "Your game is too niche. There’s no magic. People want wizards and dragons." I'm very exited about the way they promise to approach a medieval RPG. But I'm not sure if my computer will survive a large scale battle in Cry-engine:eek:
  4. It looks great! Will it require both Iron Front and A3 to play?
  5. sparks50

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    This educational machinima series is well made and entertaining. I thought I would post it here for anyone who may have missed it. It is based on a fictional novella about counter-insurgency.
  6. sparks50

    this is a driver view ....

    Project Reality mod for BF2 gives the driver a full 360 view with three zoom settings. This gives the driver a new role as a spotter for the gunner, and the driver becomes as important as the gunner. It makes the driver position more interesting to play.
  7. The Red Cross does not like people using the Red Cross symbol in videogames. Why Bohemia went with the lesser known Red Crystal symbol I don't know, perhaps they thought it was safer. They are however all three protected symbols.
  8. sparks50

    Where is the Game?

    Most of the missions in the Workshop weigh less than 10 megabytes, and it is a one click operation to install them. I am not sure how bad your connection is, but you are missing out on a lot of good missions.
  9. sparks50

    BF2: Project Reality 1.0

    The battlefield mod has been in constant development since the minimod days. They just officially announced PR2 on the CryEngine 3, and they are working on a mod for Arma 3. Its not a hardcore realism mod, but more of a teamwork oriented pvp-mod with some realistic elements.
  10. sparks50

    Development Blog & Reveals

    With some blur to hide the zoomed background, it should be pretty good. I like it.
  11. Nobody reads the TOS, not even the developers :)
  12. sparks50

    Who first distributed ARMA 2?

    Nexway.com perhaps?
  13. Thanks to everyone making this wonderful mod. The extra life is also a nice addition to the Resistance campaign. I was waiting for the bus in Petrovice when suddenly a large herd of cows came past, holding up traffic to my amusement :) -Victor seems unable to pick up RPGs from the crate in the first attack against the resistance camp, he only has one slot for a rifle. It might be caused by him using a civillian character model. -I am also experiencing this.
  14. sparks50

    New Arma title revealed at CES? Arma Tactics?

    Sounds a bit like that flash-game made to promote A2.
  15. Yes, for now PVP seems ambitious enough.