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  1. My tanks BMPs, etc. from All in ARMA Standalone (18Gb) have no sound and the skin flowing like a stream on the tank /.\ How does this happen? Anyone who had this problem got a fix?
  2. Hi everyone, I dont know if this has been posted but I have this problem. I installed AIA HQ pack with Six Updater and the US army guns have no sound. eg. M16A2, etc. I have in additionally downloaded JSRS 2.2 but still no luck. Anyone have any idea on this? P.S. I am using All in ARMA SA (18Gb) version.
  3. Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    Am I the only one bugged by wearing an uniform with bullet holes on it?
  4. without my AK series, I am not gonna live!
  5. What do fortifications mean to our soldiers?

    And I think explosion should get to those behind cover..... which in A2, I always end up dead from the explosion on the other side of the Big Bag fence.......
  6. Sandbags with machine gun?

    Yay, but I hate seeing soilder turn and have half their body inserting sandbags or the gun to do so. And it is more realistic for MG mount on sandbags~:p
  7. Sandbags with machine gun?

    I am playing COD2 & COD again. And I find it interesting when I encounter MG42 on sandbags. Since AI don't use sandbags properly, may I suggest a static defence which is a MG on sandbag could replace MG with pods or just in addition to them?;)
  8. I see AI just stray off from fortifications like fences and bunkers. They rather fight in the open. In Arma 3, I hope this is changed!:)
  9. Anyone know any games?

    1. Which has involved war in Serbia 2. or in Chechnya? I have lookin' for them as modules of ARMA 2 or the series but no luck, so r there any out in the market?:D
  10. 都å¯ä»¥ä¸€é½ŠçŽ©,æ©«dim完ä½A-level悶到想死......

    ä¿‚wor,你讀緊書定åšç·Šé‡Ž? 有冇fb?

  11. 都å¯ä»¥ä¸€é½ŠçŽ©,æ©«dim完ä½A-level悶到想死......

    ä¿‚wor,你讀緊書定åšç·Šé‡Ž? 有冇fb?

  12. 因為我é¾æƒ…於真實度高的模擬è»äº‹Game , 而個人任務 〠編輯器更是玩了ä¸å°‘ 。 而且我也有玩MP , 主è¦æ˜¯RPG 或者 Warfare , 有些澳洲Server 也有ä¸å°‘人Online , 有興趣的話值得試試。

  13. 香港好鬼少人玩ARMA ga wor,點解你會玩ge?

  14. Yea, I am Hongkongese. Nice to meet you.