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  1. Oh plz InstaGoat tell me its no fool or psfake looks beautiful
  2. somewhere in this thread they mentioned that they dont feel like rebuild things that AMT or the BWMod already did, thats why there is no dingo on the list ._.
  3. thx for the alpha rocket, will test this out asap.
  4. Awsome videos guys, music is well chosen ._. Pretty nice to see the LAV III in action. Are you guys working on a weapon upgrate?
  5. Hey jester, good to know u got a new good team to work with ._.
  6. pretty nice. finally we get some proper marines. keep it up bink
  7. Thats some good news you got there about the manpower. Also nice to see u got the new website online. weiter so!
  8. Nice update, any plans on doing a EC-135?
  9. due-_-

    ArmA III Website, video and new pictures

    its still a year till we will get our hands on arma 3. So why pushing bis to show every feature/content in their first trailer? i mean cmon.... It would be a pain in the a** if we knew everything about the game and still had to wait like 10 month. *Thats exacly what i mean wolf
  10. The heck!! This is above standart.
  11. Gute Arbeit Christian, manny thanks for that.
  12. due-_-

    Your thoughts on weed

    Yeah thats true... kids just use it to get stoned and more and more stoned....thats not the aim of it in my eyes. i dont smoke to get so stoned that i cant even stand without gettin dizzy or something like that. I mean i t really is up to you and your circle of friends. If you got friends that just have shit in their minds like i when i was young u better dont use it as it gets u just in trouble, but if u just wanna have some good time, listen to some good music, talk a bit about god and the world(everything) and just have a good mood i guess its okay.
  13. due-_-

    Your thoughts on weed

    Well the point weed being a starter drug is weak in my point of view, if there are any starter drugs then they are alcohol & cigarettes. My first contact with drugs was cigarettes and later then alcohol....and as foolish child i drunk so much that 1 time it send me to jail cause i thaught it would be funny to destroy a half village near france and the other time it send me to the hospital cause i drunk to much that i passed out. Wasnt that funny i can tell u. It was Late winter -4° and i was laying down there in the snow.... The doctor next day said i had hypothermia & a very bad alcohol poisoning. He said i was found there one half hour later i would hafe died because of both... So since then i dont drink any alcohol except a beer from time to time for the taste. If we talk about weed.. well its a bit hard for me to discribe my relationship to weed in a non native language so if anyone may has a direct question about anything related to weed he may ask me via pm or state a direct question here. edit Well its like with alcohol some ppl can live with it, others dont. I for my part smoke nearly every day and never was that bad at school/relationships or things like that.... i guess i even grown on weed in some ways...i mean you need to get into that stuff.... if u drink you just drunk but if u smoke u really learn things about yourself u never would have known without it. Thats what i think, but i dont usw it just as a partydrug or something like that, in the past it helped me with my insomnia, by now it helps me with my apprenticeship stress.... so if u do smoke it if your alone u learn how to use it. but thats just my 2 cents...
  14. due-_-

    Your thoughts on weed

    Well i smoke it for about 10 years now and im still fine. But i just can speak for myself. Ive seen others gettin really weird since they smoke it so i guess its up to u as a responsible "user". Since getting weed is legal in the Netherlands friends and i where talkin about how it would be if it was legal here in germany and we all thaught it would be better to make it legal for several reasons as "clean weed" just to name one. Its really up to u i guess.