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  1. dysta

    P.R. of China's Economy, Foreign Policy & Defense

    http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/930271.shtml (Xinhua) Drilling platform put into operation in South China Sea
  2. dysta

    P.R. of China's Economy, Foreign Policy & Defense

    https://uk.news.yahoo.com/asia-markets-bounce-back-china-072511271.html (AFP) Asia markets bounce back as China beefs up measures
  3. dysta

    P.R. of China's Economy, Foreign Policy & Defense

    I'll leave discussions to you guys, I prefer to post news since people start to take interest to China. Another news below: -------------------------------------------------- http://hamptonroads.com/2015/07/top-gun-grad-chinese-break-me-out-jail-and-ill-tell-you-everything-i-know Prosecutors: Top Gun grad offered Chinese secrets for help with jailbreak
  4. I mean the aspect of combat, the reason is war being different after 500 years, and that mod is obviously expected to keep the same style of tactics from A2 and A3. It also can be fun and challenging to play that way, but, to put both Halo canon and military realism together is tough.
  5. I am deeply interested and would like to assist with my concept design skill and footage production. Just one question: will this mod turn out into run-and-gun shooting rage, like this video suggested?
  6. It sounds a bit conflicting. Unstable velocity when using standard rounds for silenced weapon can still causing the same or lesser damage. Maybe you're right, silencer isn't make a magical difference. I've tested the result again in game editor, pretty much 2 shots at the torso, both silenced and without. Maybe I'm accidentally shoot at the target's arms or legs to cause fewer damage...
  7. Not until the 0.58 version has it, that's why I need to point out.
  8. I've played with the recent update of the ARMA 3 Alpha (0.58), and I found out that the firearm attached with a silencer is getting harder to kill, even in CQB range. The AI I've tested can take up to 4 shots of 6.5mm caseless in about 50 meters, without a silencer is 2-3 shots. I wonder if the new update made the damage system is applied with the penalty with a silencer attachment. Actually IRL, adding a silencer may causing the bullet velocity becomes unstable, which means slightly deadlier in smaller chance, but usually it drop the velocity, but not too much: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/05/foghorn/ask-foghorn-does-a-silencer-effect-the-velocity-of-the-bullet/
  9. I like this idea, it sounds reasonable for smaller caliber with higher velocity, while bigger one bear with higher lethality. They're playing different roles just with few millimeters' differences. For now, one of a mod developer decide to wait for an accurate damage system if the ACE mod is available.
  10. Yes, 5.8x21mm ammo is also available for QSZ-92 (5.8mm version) and QCW-05. The damage is as high as other ARMA 3 pistols, like 2 or 3 shots can take down a human target.
  11. Guys, we got good news and bad news: The good news is, the 3D modeling is progressive going well, some weapon mods is into the testing phrase which is faster than we expected. But the bad news is, we're into a very big argument of the ammo damage system, especially the 5.8x42mm kind. They're still debating and compare it to the NATO/Iranian 6.5x39mm ammunition.
  12. dysta

    What is the best Antivirus and Firewall in 2013

    I used to be an Nod32 user, until it becomes more a trouble than a protection. Well, I suggest Kaspersky (if you trust Russians :p ). Internet Security Suite is good enough for a gamer. PURE 2 can give you much more utilities support, if you want any. :)
  13. dysta

    Are we getting Nvidia drivers ?

    I wouldn't believe my GTX 590 cannot hold the autodetected high graphic quality, like shutters, flashing PIP, and stuff. A new nVidia driver to optimize ARMA 3 would be a very great idea, and I expect someone will give this message to nVidia. Nice work. :)
  14. dysta


    That will made Iranian forces and Greek civilians are wearing G-shock too, since all the watches in game are the same.
  15. Whatever the year and technology is, stay on realistic simulation in anyways is the ultimate reason to make ARMA 3. I can accept target-tracking bullet, hypersonic missiles, even laser and microwave weapons in this era, as long as it can portray its functionality according to the reality.