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  1. CarlGustaffa

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Bye then, I guess. No need for me to hang around here anymore :( Saddest day of my life...
  2. CarlGustaffa

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Interesting for sure. Played the RPG in my youth, but sadly never got too immersed in the universe so I kinda just dropped out in favor of other more fantasy related RPGs. Hope it supports 1st person.
  3. CarlGustaffa

    Far Cry 3

    Ok, my mistake. I believe the initial impression was "no mod support", so I didn't bother waiting around. Are these done with actual released modding tools, or are they more like hacks? Anyway, for me, without using any mods, the game didn't last very long due limited replayability (and sw issues which are probably fixed in patches by now). I don't have any plans to get back into it, but it was surely worth the money (and time - since I don't fast travel). @Günter Severloh: I think most players would have loved to see a more role playing approach set in this universe and setting. But creating role playing game mechanics to a realistic world seems (to me) harder compared to a fantasy game where all bets are off and allows mechanics that couldn't possibly be considered. Personally I think it's heading in that direction, which is good. But a good role playing engine isn't made over night - much more data to handle might impact the current engine too much (speculative). It's open world sandbox, except for the second island which isn't as cool or big anyway. Actually, I find many parallels to Skyrim, but lacking character customization (needed in 1st person only?) and going current world rather than fantasy. Would love to see a survival role play hard-core'ish approach to this. Oh, and thanks a bunch for that video - I'm completely blown away. The energic performance of Michael Mando as Vaas was about the most insane thing I ever saw. I think his career just got boosted significantly :) Sure hope to see him again soon. I think "Vaas explained" could be a good movie :D And yeah, Far Cry 3 is well worth it. Especially if you're into 1st person immersion sandbox open world kind of games, with usually more than one way of handling the problem at hand.
  4. Auto center of mouse when Arma window receives focus and when esc is pressed (showing the mouse pointer). The current behavior where mouse position is always doubled (center being [0, 0]) on these events drives me nuts.
  5. CarlGustaffa

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Excellent stuff, although I only got to try out out briefly yesternight. I didn't get the update, and I only had CBA running at the same time, but I had this: * Shooting outside and inside produced different results (as expected), but if I hit a wall when shooting from the inside my sound hardware seriously choked on it. Not on SSD yet, but on brand new hardware, so shouldn't be fragmented in any ways. * Ambient sounds seems to lack sounds for sea. Both on Chernarus (sea) and Takistan (that lake) it's sea sound seem nonexistent. I might have messed up something myself; if not confirmed by anyone else, ignore this :)
  6. Guess they made the funds. Which is nice. I'll definitely buy it, but I'm also a bit skeptical due to "having" to support MP, at the cost of not including what I think are some of the more crucial features to have in this game (from the start).
  7. CarlGustaffa

    Far Cry 3

    Likes: + Fantastic island to explore. + 1st person immersion is extreme. + Awesome characters. + Well done main storyline with best places I've ever seen. Chinese temples were just whoa! + Wildlife is pretty spectacular and sometimes dangerous. + Enemy base layouts provided pretty good approach to how you ended up using stealth. + Zone system way better than Farcry 2's enemy respawn system. Dislikes: - Not enough unique places other than in certain story quests. - Not enough role playing elements. - Side quests are typically really bad. - Crafting could have been a lot more complex. - Too easy. Would have preferred hardcore mode which made bullets as dangerous as dangerous wildlife. - Weird oversaturated colors, I had to adjust monitor to fix some issues. - Waaaay to bright at night. I think Arma is the only game that have managed to get this just about right. - No mod support, which is basically what will make this game short lived. - Problems with some missions and save system which can really ruin the day. - No alternatives to fast travel. I'd prefer a FC2 bus system to get around as I don't fast travel. - Bad sound system in that you can't lower volume for sountrack (on or off only) or gui sounds (way too loud and bassy). - Incredibly bad weather system - transition to thunderstorms (way too frequent as in most games) is ridiculous. - No place to sleep. I'd like to have the old set alarm system from Farcry 2. - Too serious limitations on MP map editing (no vehicles), which made me loose interest before even getting into it. - I generally hate games where you can't save at will at all times, but I could at least endure this system. - No "true" 1st person immersion like in Arma, although the fake usually did it's job exceptionally well. - Lack of freelook (can't look left while walking forward). - No crawling.
  8. CarlGustaffa

    December 2012 status update

    There ya go :) Just trying to help :D Sorry, couldn't resist.
  9. Voted, but I have used my own variant (behaves as the suggested) since pretty much forever. Still, should be fixed for those who would use it and accept it with or without looking at it.
  10. CarlGustaffa

    Add your own custom sounds

    Don't use BIS_fnc_selectRandom, ref this thread. Condition: this && ((random 1) < 0.05) For activation you could also choose to delay and delete remaining triggers, or make sure all are set off by combining the condition, like: (this && ((random 1) < 0.05)) || alarmsactivated
  11. Any update on this? I would like to have one tab showing updated weather forecasts where the info is just updated rather than appended.
  12. Hi. Anyone know the procedure to get special characters, such as ° (Alt+0176), ± (Alt+0177), or ² (Alt+0178) to show in a hint box? For percent (%) I can use format["%1","%"] but that doesn't seem to work for other characters.
  13. Water (sea) on Takistan seems to loop very badly, although it looks ok in Chernarus. Unsure what the overcast (driving mechanism) was at the time I noticed it though.
  14. They could look at flightsim which gives plenty of gui commands to users so that they can make pretty much any kind of flight instrument they want. Set Angle would be a start, but a lot more is needed, like moving masks, movement limit commands and so on. Their xml code structure (even if it was reverse polish notation, which I actually got used to :)), is about the best thing I ever experienced wrt controlling gui graphics: Example: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526953.aspx