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    (B2S) Back to Sahrani!

    I too like this idea. Would`nt mind a copy of the mission so our team could play it on our dedi box. Always wanted to get back to this Island as I think its one of the best in the series.
  2. GeeBee

    Suggested Servers

    TWC (The Wrecking Crew uk) is pretty good and is a UK server. Look out for their Clan/Members nights even better.
  3. Would be nice to have this work during the day time aswell. Somthing like the AC-130 script with the thermal image.
  4. Has anyone managed to work out the problem with only pilots can fly yet? So far I have put the names in as suggested and also updated the entities section but it still won’t work! Any ideas.
  5. Just to clarify BE and RCON GUI working in conjunction with each other are fubar! Is that better!
  6. BE and RCON GUI are fubar at the moment aswell. So things are difficult at the moment for us admins.
  7. Problem with GSP’s is you can’t override the Services Command Line but you do have a command line builder in CP with the options below. So the original command line is set to battleye default which would have to be done in the services menu within CP (which I don’t have access to). Only options that I have are these -mod "Specify a mod" -config "enter server.cfg if default is needed" -world "Changes Default Starting World" -netlog "enable logging" -name "sets profile name" The above use a tick box system and then you fill in the parameters like @xxxx;@yyyy or serverAAAA.cfg etc I have managed to alter the server.cfg by changing its name and then running that in the command line changer but that’s all so far. Hope this makes some sort of sense as I am no expert in this field.
  8. Summary: move Your -profiles= , -config= and -BEpath= outside Your game/server directory and use unique filenames (yet rename of file not possible for beserver.cfg) Very alarmed by this BTW! I have a problem with this solution as I rent a dedicated box (GSP) and do not have access to the C drive only the game directory. If I understand the fix you saying we need to place the above files out of the root and place else ware. Not too clear for a noob!
  9. GeeBee

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Post #1069 I cant get the keys to work on my dedi box! Tried all day but no joy!
  10. Is there a way to run this on a dedi box without it showing a yellow icon?
  11. GeeBee

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Has the server key been updated yet?
  12. GeeBee

    co10 City Take Ortego

    I like the sound of this but I wish I could get the caa1 to work on my dedi box.
  13. Just a quick question where does this line go _bombdisposal = [1000, "my_airport"] execVM "bombdisposal.sqf"
  14. I have been thinking about posting this for some time. Just a small observation about choppers. Has anyone else noticed that the AH-64`s and the MH-60`s horizontal tail section does not lift any more when reaching speeds of 100+. Must be some sort of oversight. I don’t mind as it is only cosmetic but it did work in ArmA2.