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  1. Thanks Jester 🙂 -- Here is a stream-of-consciousness overview of the tweaks and changes done to the core pathfinding and selection process which will be live in version 2.0
  2. @jandrews Modifying flares and gun lights is unfortunately outside the scope of the mod. You've posted two excellent stand ins. Why not just use those :) As for flanking. Yes and no. As the mod studiously avoids tweaking existing way points, it is somewhat cumbersome to add fully formed flanking actions. However, version 2.0 will offer a massive improvements to low level movements-- you will see tactical manoeuvres executed faster and with more authority than before. While the exact settings are still being tested internally, there are considerable potential improvements ahead. So changes to the strategic, or planning, level of remains firmly in the mission and scenario designers hands. LAMBS instead works seamlessly with existing content to bring tactical improvements to the game; make buildings part of the tactical landscape and increase the feedback of AI states and behaviours. -k
  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone. @vafana Aside from the ability to configure communication ranges the code has not changed appreciatively between versions 1.42 and 1.43. Perhaps a video or more context could be provided? Keep in mind that the danger.fsm does not overrule existing scripts or way points that are given top the unit by mission parameters-- nor are any changes to way points or AI settings. Regarding Suppression fire I will be investigating the issues closer in the near future. On my end it is hardly a constant torrent of messages-- it instead happens much more occasionally. From my brief attempt at debugging I notice that the negatives are not entirely consistent. It is neither when the target is out of sight, nor when the unit is busy. Briefly toggling the voice might be the best solution overall-- through spawning a new thread for each suppression attempt won't be 😉 My experiments have found that the AI is willing to doSuppressionFire positions which are not fully visible as accessed by checkVisibility. I will be playing around with checking these things too. If someone has any experience with the finer workings of these commands, by all means pitch in! Design goal and perspectives The fact is I want the suppression attempts to occasionally fail. To clarify: The intention is to avoid forcing suppressive fire and to avoid forcing extra movement orders to an already busy AI schedule. I fear the result would be a confused and ineffective AI. Instead I rely on the built in movement and fire checks that are present in Arma. These are both high performance and effective. It also adds a fuzzy dynamism to the AI logic. The result appears more contextual and situational. One interesting change in the danger.fsm is that the AI is given a very short term memory. If the AI spots you at T1, he may potentially engage that position at T2-- unless he has received new data. This also feeds into the loop described above. More deliberate section wide suppression fire is currently in place in version 2.0-- which in turn is a refinement from what is available in 1.43. There will be a video soonish that looks at group actions. @jfone Out of interest. Which functions did you tweak? :) Kind regards, Ken
  4. @johnnyboy Thank you! That is a wonderful resource. I have been looking with horror at navigating the web of AI comms line; these functions solve nearly all of my worries. I will definitely be looking at an implementation of on the next development cycle. @rainbow47 Version 2.0 comes with a few more controls to toggle the danger.fsm. Only running it while combat-mode is available is frankly an enlightened take on it. I will experiment a little to see if that solution integrates seamlessly.
  5. CBA configurable key is already implemented in 2.0 🙂 -k
  6. Planned for version 2.0. I do generally agree. This mod was not aimed at the single player experience. We will however endeavour to create a seamlessly improved experience. 🙂
  7. As promised the taskRush, taskCreep and taskHunt scripts have been released standalone. Just follow this link. TaskCQB is in the same repository, but will get closer look at a later date. -k
  8. There are new releases for LAMBS_RPG and LAMBS_Turret and LAMBS_Danger.fsm. Check the relevant steam page for the changelogs for the first two. LAMBS Danger.fsm New release: Current version 1.4.3 *HOTFIX* Change notes - Added increased CQC aggression and use of suppression for machine guns - Added Wheeled APCs to 'armoured vehicle' AI - Added configurable parameters for share information ranges* - Added Unique reaction to nearby explosions** - Fixed bugs related to AI artillery (Virtual and actual) - Fixed Players will no longer play gestures - Tweaked Investigate dead body ranges - Improved WP text descriptions - Minor WP tweaks (generally increased default ranges) - Misc. Performance tweaks *This tweaks introduces configurable Share information radio ranges. This feature will be handled by CBA user interface in the next full version. Variable names may change for version 2.0 ** @Jester504 Relevant variables are: lambs_danger_radio_shout = 50; lambs_danger_radio_WEST = 1000; lambs_danger_radio_EAST = 1000; lambs_danger_radio_GUER = 1000; lambs_danger_radio_backpack = 2000; Range is modified by height above sea level. (Higher means longer comms). Shout and backpack variables are universal. Backpack is added to default range. When a share information check is called the group leader will check all team members. He will pick the best suitable unit to share information: A unit qualifies as wearing a backpack if: - The unit has the variable "dangerRadio" is set to TRUE (i.e., <this> setVariable ["dangerRadio",true];) - The unit is wearing any vanilla radio backpack - The unit is seated aboard a vehicle - The unit is wearing any TFAR configured backpack. The configurable radio ranges make it easy to set up a variety of scenarios. For mission makers that want instantly broadcast information about enemy forces-- simply set Shout range to something extreme. The system will be hooked into the dynamic artillery system in version 2.0. Together with CBA eventHandlers this system can easily accommodate unique scripting. More on that when 2.0 releases. Cheers, nkenny --- Steam Workshop --- --- ~ Here is a closer look at AI reactions and grenade and some under the hood commentary about 1.4.3 and the upcoming 2.0.0
  9. @b0s Thanks man. To answer your questions: 1. The LOGIC FSM mod doesn't alter the danger.fsm like mine does. Much like VCOM, it instead it adds an extra FSM layer on top. It does this in a pretty neat and compact fashion too. 2. Coming in version 2.0.0 3. Now this is closer to what I can answer. I suggest checking my long range shooting clip on YouTube for more detail. The shortest answer to this is: AI do not detect you instantly! There are many variables. Some weapons, even when suppressed are simply louder than others. Shooting multiple rounds also makes it considerably easier for the AI to home in on your location. Shooting a perfect headshot will also keep the AI completely unaware of your location. Finally, the danger.fsm attempts to mitigate the general effect by introducing a surprise reaction phase to the AI. When this triggers, the AI seeks cover and attempts to go to ground (instead of shooting). -k
  10. Original post updated. Stand alone scripts released as per. YouTube video should be available soon. ~ 09.10.2019: 18:31 -k
  11. nkenny

    3CB Factions

    @dragon01 While testing, I use this mod with Dev build. Works like a charm. Just download the regular one first, and delete, and move back to dev. -k
  12. @TesACC That is unfortunately not possible. I will however be releasing some AI scripts as standalone. @LSValmont Hmm. Aside from propagating knowsAbout messages between groups, I do not modify it. I guess it is conceivable that the knowsAbout message would bounce back and forth for a cycle or two. But only if there are multiple groups present. I'm not sure what you mean by 'captive state'. @Jester504 Wow. That's a great idea. -k
  13. @Leopard20 I generally call for AGL (building positions) or ATL (essentially the same) when manoeuvring to the targets last known or expected location. Ideally I want the mod to run straight out of the box, with longer cycles of higher intensity combat. I do find pathfinding with the vanilla settings to occasionally be a limiting pain. @Unleashthepain Arma has a panoply of maps and mods. Do you have a video and modlist or location?
  14. The variable defaults to TRUE. That is "dangerAIEnabled" is true. Set it to false to disable. -k - edit: Haha, I guess I was a little hasty. Could have been dangerAIdisabled. Oh well.
  15. LAMBS Danger.fsm New release: Current version 1.42 *HOTFIX* Changelog - Fix Prevents combat information from being shared with units set to CARELESS - Adds unit value to disable the danger FSM for a specific unit* - Misc performance tweaks Changes This release introduces the variable "dangerAIEnabled" which is attached directly to units to disable the danger.fsm from running: <unit> setVariable ["dangerAIEnabled",true]; <-- enabled <unit> setVariable ["dangerAIEnabled",false]; <-- disabled This can be done mid combat, but may in certain states take a few seconds to initiate. Combined with disableAI settings for "COVER" or "AUTOCOMBAT" you can create a nearly fearless AI with few scruples for personal safety. This hotfix represents a code branch of version 1.5. The author cannot guarantee that the variable names will remain the same in function or naming for the proper 1.5 release version. Expect the functionality to remain the same or improved. --- Steam Workshop ---