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  1. LAMBS Danger.fsm Current version 2.6.0 Requires CBA_A3 -- Changelog -- -- Changelog end -- LAMBS Danger.fsm 2.6.0 improves many aspects of the mod. One significant enhancement is to the group memory feature used when assaulting buildings. Essentially groups will register and share suspected positions of enemies. This improves how the AI conducts itself in close-quarter battles. Another area of focus has been streamlining many low-level actions, such as cover-to-cover movement, building prioritization, and introducing many breakout patterns to prevent the AI from becoming target-locked. LAMBS Danger.fsm 2.6.0 comes with a ton of feature enhancements and fixes which many of you have experienced on the Dev version. Hence the changelog, despite our attempts at zipping it, reaches into the sun. Other changes include improvements to vehicle AI. Specifically, a few cases of perfect knowledge have been removed, and infantry-to-armoured vehicle interplay has been made better. APC and IFV class vehicles will now unload troops when threats are nearby. As always, the team would like to thank our contributors and players who enjoy our mods. Thanks, everyone! STEAM Workshop --- GitHub --- Discord From the team diwako / joko / nkenny
  2. LAMBS Danger.fsm Current version 2.5.3 Requires CBA_A3 -- Changelog -- -- Changelog end -- Wololo! This hotfix improves a few core features: Lowered AI paranoia, allowing them to return to Aware state. Improved danger evaluation, AI will no longer enter combat mode due to friendlies firing their guns. Smarter suppression utilisation, both individual and tactical, has been improved to make suppression function more efficiently in combat. Reintroduced the setting for disabling smoke grenades usage. Special thanks to Couls and YetheSamartaka for code and feature additions. STEAM Workshop --- GitHub --- Discord From the team diwako / joko / nkenny
  3. @tanin69 Yes you can! You can disable FSM execution. Either by setting behaviour to CARELESS, OR disabling fsm execution. You can do this the BIS way: this disableAI "FSM" OR by setting the special lambs variable: this setVariable ["lambs_danger_disableAI", true, true];
  4. LAMBS Danger.fsm Current version 2.5.2 Requires CBA_A3 -- Changelog -- -- Changelog end -- The long-awaited 2.5.2 is now here. It comes with a number of very interesting features. A considerably smarter system for evaluating suppression, armoured vehicles changing ammunition based on targets, the Ranged PBO, and we’ve implemented the SQFC standard for this and future releases. What does this mean? The enhanced suppression selection system lets units more intelligently choose whether or not to suppress potential targets. Each unit will evaluate its own position and that of the enemy, visibility, cover and concealment, before committing. Units will still suppress potential or assumed enemy positions, but are less likely to shoot at pointless positions. The new system greatly reduces instances of uselessly shooting at walls in towns. Armoured, turreted vehicles will now switch ammunition type based on available targets. Soft-skinned vehicles and infantry will be hit with HE, while AP and APDS will be used to engage enemy armour. This much-requested feature will greatly enhance the deadliness of enemy armour. Consider yourself warned! LAMBS Danger will also tweak AI sensitivity. This makes AI infantry much more able to spot enemies moving across open fields. Expect engagement ranges to be increased by 100-200 meters in favourable conditions. The use of cover and concealment to break visibility is more important than ever. AI ability to see at night, or to spot targets from vehicles, is unchanged. SQFC makes code work more gooder. In more technical terms it is SQF code precompiled which the engine can load faster. Code execution time is faster due to compile-time optimizations. In practical terms, it offers performance enhancements to the AI. The full extent of which we’re still mapping out. SQFC is already in use by major mods in the Arma3 community with more to follow. We’re part of that gang. As usual, there are a slew of bug fixes and minor enhancements. The ‘Suppressed’ eventhandler has been added to garrisoned and camped units, which will make them more responsive to enemy fire. We’ve also cleaned up and improved the performance of many other modules. NOTE: This version changes (and fixes) garrison modules. For mission makers that have set particular exit conditions will want to re-check Garrison modules in their missions. Previously the garrison module would not apply the selected exit condition consistently. That has been fixed. The team would like to thank our contributors: Floyd as video editor from Gruppe W, @veteran29 for code and translations, and @MiszczuZPolski for translations. Shout out to our Discord crew. The team always enjoys the lively banter of feature requests, bug reports and after-action reports (particularly when you all die or get suppressed through bushes, Muahahaha). STEAM Workshop --- GitHub --- Discord From the team diwako / joko / nkenny Video exploring the new suppression logic. Video made by @Floyd from Gruppe W
  5. Updated LAMBS RPG Added LAMBS RPG RHS Added LAMBS RPG CUP Mods available on Steam workshop LAMBS RPG LAMBS RPG RHS LAMBS RPG CUP LAMBS RPG series mods add simple config tweaks to shoulder fired rockets, particularly the RPG7, and it makes the AI shoot rockets at infantry and other soft targets. On my youtube channel are a few examples of the mod in action. While standalone, it works great with LAMBS Danger.fsm. Enjoy! Ken
  6. Glad you like it @redarmy You bring out many good points. Touching the medical system is a little bit outside our scope, but I wonder if you are running ACE3 medical? ACE3 adds AI that sets up healing routines and we specifically cater for it in lambs danger.fsm. I would love to see a video of AI falling to death, haha. It would help us tune the settings to fit modded content a bit better 🙂 -k
  7. nkenny

    Prarie Fire discussion

    I agree. It would be good to have a stickied overview post of some kind.
  8. nkenny

    Prarie Fire discussion

    I'd hazard the guess that it is a well-meaning oversight to funnel players to their own site. Their game, their rules. 🙂 -k
  9. nkenny

    Prarie Fire discussion

    @EO Their own community site seems fairly active. https://community.sogpf.com/ -k
  10. I don't think enough praise has been given for the pseudo-interiors added to some of the armoured vehicles in GM. It is a super smart system that I wish more mods adopted. Essentially, what you get are the portholes with the interior itself being blacked out. This gives the crew both a sense of space and adds useful viewpoints to look through.An excellent compromise between the immense effort of redoing vehicle interiors universally for a mod, and the simple, actual gameplay utility 3D-interiors are meant to give. -k
  11. nkenny

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Quick review First thing that strikes me is that all vehicles and weapons look outstanding. Especially the Armalite variants and Huey helicopters have clearly had good work put into them. Overall there is a nice selection of kit without overwhelming the arsenal/eden with useless variants. Especially like the inclusion of tripod mounted MMGs, which are sorely missing in vanilla Arma3. The big stand out feature to me is the weapon animations which are fantastic. With the one exception of the oddly slowed AK/type-56 reload animation, all weapons handle wonderfully. These are probably the best I've seen out of any Arma3 content. As others have noted, the inclusion of melee is cool. Again, one of the best implementations I've seen in an Arma mod. I would have preferred to see this be handled by binding a button rather than relying on cycling fire-modes, but I haven't really tried it in practice. Perhaps it works better than anticipated. For the bad. I am no audiophile, but I found the sounds to a be a little samey. Shooting a AK sounds about as violent as shooting a tank cannon. On the issue of sameness, the terrain is quite big and has generous stretches of jungle, but some of the towns seem a little off. Perhaps it is the mixture of too familiar Arma assets or some other X factor. There are definitely better jungle terrains created for Arma3. What I do appreciate is the generous use of furniture throughout the terrain. This brings back fond memories of Takistan and is quite immersive. This is something I wish other mod packs did too. Creating more missions on the terrain may bring more positive experiences. Overall this is a pretty decent mod pack. Erm, I mean CDLC. I am sure it will generate new interest in Arma3. Already youtubers are gushing over the potential. The presentation of it is certainly very well done and the use of well known and respected military advisers is also a selling point. It is interesting that this CDLC seems to have generated more positive interest than Global Mobilization did. It might be timing. It might simply be that the Vietnam era is cooler and more high-speed. TL;DR + Cool setting and assets + Amazing weapon handling animations - Weapon sounds - Terrain Buy it to support the content creators and Bohemia and to have some cool missions to play. 🙂 -k
  12. LAMBS Danger.fsm Current version 2.5.1 Requires CBA_A3 -- Changelog -- -- Changelog end -- This is going to knock your socks off. The big focus of this release has been refining existing features under three general headers: frames, flow and friction. Frames. For this version, we have improved and streamlined many of the most common AI- functions. The net result is an overall performance increase of some 5-10 FPS depending on your system. Flow. With the introduction of the new lambs_formations.pbo you will see increased combat ability from the enemy AI. Infantry will be faster to move into and through buildings. You will also see more compact infantry formations that will in turn be quicker to react. Friction. Through an active process of feedback and development, we’ve also removed many issues related to group-level tactics. Infantry performing group actions will act with increased authority and aggression. Group use of suppression will select targets more intelligently. Vehicles will use their weapons more sensibly, as it pertains to suppressing and facing enemies. Overall, you will meet a much more dangerous enemy. The team would like to extend special thanks to the people that provided commands and questions on the development version on steam and discord and in particular the developers that contributed content to the project: mjc4wilton, RCA3, MiszczuZPolski, and SzwedzikPL. STEAM Workshop --- GitHub --- Discord From the team diwako / joko / nkenny
  13. Regarding suppression This is an interesting issue with a lot of features to untangle. The first thing to understand is that the AI lacks the contextual intelligence of a human. The AI does not read the briefing. It has no conception of historical or social contextual clues . It is also a product of computational compromises. In other words. The evaluations which humans find ridiculously obvious are fully invisible to the AI. Evaluations which for humans would be second nature, are extremely CPU intensive if done by the AI. All of this his fairly obvious for anyone who has thought about AI. But I think it bears repeating. Regarding LAMBS Danger. Our approach is to emulate human behaviour while presenting a seemingly intelligent and actually dangerous opponent. The flip side of this is that sometimes our algorithms fail to capture the context-rich environment in which the AI acts. An environment which is related to, but different from what humans experience. So why the lengthy essay? To contextualise how we've approached building the AI and some of the choices we are forced to make. Settings and 2.5.1 The next full release will bring considerable improvements to how and when the AI chooses suppression targets as a group. You can try it yourself on the Steam Workshop. You can already greatly customise some of the suppression level features. Here are three ways in which you can directly tweak suppression behaviours to your liking: - Increasing the minimum suppression range (it is by default 28 meters) to 50+ meters will greatly reduce both individual and group suppression in towns. We've chosen 28 meters as a default as a compromise. As of 2.5.1 50m is default. - Checking 'Disable autonomous Group manoeuvres' will remove all group level tactics. Which will basically remove all high level suppression events from AI opponents. - Disabling group AI variable on relevant units: <group> setVariable ["lambs_danger_disableGroupAI", true]; Ammunition conservation As mentioned suppression selection is vastly improved in 2.5.1, but the question of ammunition conservation is an interesting one. As I wrote above. The AI has no contextual understanding about the presumed length of an engagement or even the length of a mission. No knowledge of when, how, or if there will be resupplies. It is hard to make these things actionable. Our core philosophy is that it is better to spend a bullet, than have the AI spend its life. That doesn't always mesh with the goal of a longer lasting AI. Note that the AI will shoot less if the target is distant. It will chose not to suppress if its speedmode is set to FULL. Or if ordered to hold fire. Or line of sight is limited. So it isn't as if there is no contextual information being passed, but expecting the AI to understand the nuanced briefing text. Well. We're not there yet 🙂 -k
  14. Ahh, what we're dealing with here is a misunderstanding of the variables. The variable you are changing will only prevent the group from performing GROUP TACTICAL ACTIONS. As civilians never do those. It will have no effect on them. What you'll want to do is to toggle the FSM variable on each individual civilian. Thusly: // LAMBS VARIABLE { _x setVariable ["lambs_danger_disableAI", true, true]; } foreach (units _grp); // UNIT FSM ~ conceivably this should also have a very similar effect. { _x disableAI "FSM"; } foreach (units _grp);
  15. The relevant function is found in /main/unit/ and is called lambs_main_fnc_doUGL Here is how it works. Every leader assessment state, which will occur around every 60-180 seconds, depending on contact and current tactic, will make the AI potentially shoot flares. To shoot a flare it needs to be nighttime. The unit must not be wearing NVGs. One unit in the group must be equipped with a UGL launcher and have a flare in its inventory. As the function name suggests, it has to be an underbarrel grenade launcher. At the moment we do not support grenade launchers in secondary or primary weapon slots ala. M79 or HK320. Recently I have sometimes seen RHS units not shooting flares. This might be because they are configured differently than vanilla ones are. I might look into that in the future. The lambs_main_fnc_dotUGL is quite interesting, as it can also be used to make the AI shoot other things. Such as smoke. // assuming bob is the unit you want to shoot and angryBob is your target. // this will launch a smoke shell towards his location [units bob, getPos angryBob, "shotSmokeX"] call lambs_main_fnc_doUGL; @SHIFTY WOLF Those are interesting options.