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  1. @johnnyboy That is weird. My community plays with enhanced movement, and I've seen none of those reports. I will continue to investigate -k
  2. @Aetherblade Must have skipped it in making somehow. Yes. As Duke_SFG says, it is the same for all my steam releases. -k
  3. @Robustcolor That is correct. The *2 is there to create a little deviation, so the units do not spawn perfectly away from the direction of the victim. 5 degrees deviation. 10 - 5 + random (5 * 2) Crates a range of 5-15 -k
  4. A small video demonstrating two new waypoints added to v2.0 and some of the new optional keyboard shortcuts. @Devastator_cm While the AI is more likely to blindfire, nothing has been done to how the AI perceives the world or engages point targets. Perhaps this is a case of false attribution 🙂 also, the modding suggested above may help. -k
  5. Press Escape and select the Camera button to access the new Splendid Camera 🙂 -k
  6. @Ryko My tests have found no great performance costs. I've run countless local tests and two larger scale op tests, 20-30 players-- with a third scheduled for tomorrow. My local tests have found FPS to be _exactly_ the same as vanilla. In fact, I have sometimes seen better FPS with mine. There have been reports of greater memory usage with the mod active. I have not had any consistent evidence to corroborate this; especially not with version 2.0 The lambs danger.fsm overrides (extends and enhances) the vanilla one The vanilla FSM is not run at all. Performance impact, if any, is minimal. Especially compared to the weight of mods like ACE3, RHS and CUP. -k
  7. Here is a follow-up video that further explores the final mature implementation of fleeing and flight in LAMBS danger.fsm version 2.0 Key things to notice: The distinction between fleeing and hiding. Fleeing is a vanilla feature which is triggered when the AI is grossly outmatched and unable to damage its enemy with a weapon. Hiding is a danger.fsm operation which happens both on the individual level (when the AI finds itself without weapons to damage the immediate threat) and the group level (when an infantry leader assesses that there are armoured or air threats present). This video showcases all these matters focusing mainly on responses to Armoured vehicles-- but ending with a small demonstration of helicopter responses. obs: At the time of writing the video is still being processed so resolution may be limited. -k
  8. @slamduck You are correct. Good observation. It is a limitation of how information is shared and gathered by the AI as compared to humans. It is worth mentioning that information was shared to the BTR from the patrol standing next to it. In other tests I've run, without infantry present-- enemy armour is far more inert. One of the big difficulties of a fully universal-- in a terrain and equipment sense-- AI like Arma3 is that we humans come equipped with much more contextual information than is translated to the AI. A human might expect an attack to come from a certain direction. Might pretend not to know. Might have other units hidden or ready to respond. Indeed, in nearly every platoon on platoon engagement style mission the human side is generally briefed with information about expected location of enemy and reinforcements. Comparatively, the AI is dropped in place and expected to respond to best ability. I won't say it can't be done better. But sometimes a level of abstraction is necessary for the AI to appear more human. -k
  9. @MacTheGoon Yes, indeed. The mod works seamlessly on any unit spawned through any means. The only known incompatibility is ASR, which loads its own danger.fsm --- - Some progress, demonstration and discussion on the flight and fleeing mechanics in Arma3:
  10. Not hard // just the player ~ in the direction away from the center _deviation = 40; _pos = _player getpos [_distance,(_pos getDir _player) + _deviation - (random (_deviation * 2))]; -k
  11. So infront of the player? As in closer to center? Not entirely sure what you mean. Try to reverse the _distance though. (i.e., _distance * -1) -k
  12. @LSValmont It has been a really busy couple of weeks has left me a little off the forum. What you describe is implemented in version 2.0. I'll be making a YT video sometime soon. The release itself is soon.tm, moving precisely on schedule. -k
  13. @Devastator_cm While not a priority, we will look into ZEUS support in the future. Specifically via theeasily expanded ZEN mod interface. @Sammael While much of this is governed by cfgWeapons which remains untouched by the mod, there are elements of this in the new leadership manoevure parameters. I am not entirely happy with how suppression works at the moment. Generally it is a good idea, but difficult to automate in a way which is universally applicable-- ie, read by AI. Scripts and modules like the ACE suppression module are very good alternatives. @Antagon Wystrel Ehh. The mod is fully ACRE compatible at the moment, given that AI do not use radios. ;) -k
  14. @Ryko Fantastic feedback. I will look into this a little more closely. There are two other matters at play. 1. At long range, every purely shooting action with LAMBS_danger.fsm enabled comes with a chance of suppression fire. Suppression fire is inherently less accurate than controlled fire. 2. The LAMBS danger.fsm comes with a strong REACTION impulse on first contact. This is why the unit with the mod active attempts to fall back or otherwise seek cover. Had he been in a group, his leader would have mitigated this behaviour by calling for attacks. Additionally, when a shooting event comes up-- forceSpeed is set to 0 at long range. This is complicated by the fact that the command seems to have little effect for some type of movement. In any case, this all merits further investigation.
  15. @PTV-Jobo I find skill settings to be an arcane and byzantine, subject to individual preference and expectations more than any mutually agreed upon formula. Even more so than accuracy settings I find that the weapon plays a major part. I have investigated this in some detail in the LINKED thread. The long and the short of it is that carried weapon play a larger part in simulating certain types of opponent than does any skill setting. Mostly because AI reactions are opaque. LAMBS_danger.fsm mod seeks to address some of that. My own precision and skill settings are in the high 0.8-0.9. This is more a matter of personal machismo than it is any careful experiment. On the nopryl.no server, we're running somewhat lower settings-- adding delays due to client count and internet inertia. I have seen mods which normalise skill settings into more usefully tweaked figured. My own experience with this is limited to reading the code-- I have so far found game play adjusted through enemy equipment to be a a more useful measurement. -k