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  1. I quite often use the radio in coops to activate triggers such as cleaning up a previous played area or setting off tasks. Is there a way I can restrict radio access to other players so they don't accidently activate something they shouldn't. Prefer a init script I can add to players p2 to p8 init Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply Ellman Ya had a weird Steam thing going on. I had two installs of arma 3 server on my computer and steam of course updated the one I wasn't using. I just deleted both as well as TADST, set things up again and we're back to normal. Cheers
  3. I've been using TADST to run a server for some friends. After the last patch my server is not showing up, even on Lan as it has in the past. I did check the ports which are open. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks Stan, I played around with it a bit more and fixed the problem by setting the first wp/hold slightly in front of the heli instead of right on it. For some reason that did the trick, go figure.
  5. While I'm in the mission editor and test starting the the players in a heli for transport everything works as required. (I use a hold wp on the heli and remove it via radio to begin) When I try this same setup on my dedicated server I start outside the heli dropping to the ground. I have respawnOnStart = 0; in the Description.ext My work around is to have respawnOnStart = 1 and setup a spawn in the heli. Just wondering if anyone know the reason for this.
  6. fawlty

    artillery barrage script

    This Script Mike needed help with I have a question about a few of the entries _ammo = getArtilleryAmmo [art1] select 4; _dir = round random 360; **360** ? _dis = 50 + round random 100; **50+ and 100** ? _tgt = s1 getRelPos [_dis,_dir]; art1 doArtilleryFire [_tgt,_ammo,10]; // Fire 10 times I'm trying to have the rounds land a little closer to the target, any suggestions. Thanks
  7. Is there a way to have a heli drop a small vehicle instead to a ammo box using the supply drop/support provider?
  8. Ok the combination of this In the player's init: playersGroup = group this; and this (if (isNull playersGroup || {Count (Units playersGroup) < 1}) then {false} else {{_x in heli_1} Count (Units playersGroup) == {Alive _x} Count (Units playersGroup)}) Gave me what I needed. Opusfmspol, the reason I thought it wasn't working before was I was testing with no ai or player group, just on my own on the D-Server Now after being killed or respawning it works as it should. Thanks so much for your help opusfmspol and from everyone.
  9. Ya calling in a heli for extraction and insert using waypoints and triggers. The heli waits with engine on (fly zero alt.) after we load up the trigger allows the next waypoint by fly at 75m or whatever. All players are payable and in one group The respawn is usually on group but I was testing on respawn placed in the editor. I can dropbox the mission if need be
  10. I was testing this myself on my own d-server, If I had other players in maybe it would have worked? Also to have all players leave the heli do I only need to change the < 1 to > 1 ?
  11. Opusfmspol; unfortunately that did not work, I tried it before respawn and everything worked as it should but after respawn/being killed it was a no go. Once I get this working I'd like for the heli after drop off, to leave as well. I have the waypoints set up properly and everything works as it should but the after death thing is just not working.
  12. Ran into a problem with this script used with a trigger on a d-server for a heli extract After the player is killed in game the extract does not work, any suggestions? In the player's init: playersGroup = group this; Then: {_x in heli_1} count (units playersGroup ) == {alive _x} count (units playersGroup )
  13. fawlty

    Does anyone know

    Using TADST to set up the d-server I had to set the mission tab to custom and then setting up difficulties gave me what I needed Thanks
  14. Ya setting in the mission tab to custom and then setting up difficulties gave me what I needed Thanks
  15. how to remove these red markers on a dedicated server. I've tried setting to veteran, didn't work No Show charges attached to drone