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  1. Gen for the life of me I can't get this to work. I placed the above code into the init.sqf, added this code to the description.ext class CfgRemoteExec { // List of script functions allowed to be sent from client via remoteExec class Functions { mode = 2; jip = 1; class enableSimulationGlobal { allowedTargets = 0;jip = 1; }; class allowdamage { allowedTargets = 0;jip = 1; }; class hideobjectglobal { allowedTargets = 0;jip = 1; }; class BIS_fnc_call { allowedTargets = 0;jip = 1; }; }; }; class CfgFunctions { #include "Gen_VirtualCargo\cfgFunctions.hpp" }; Went to a VR map added a transport truck named it CargoVehicle1 went into the game via play in multiplayer. I can load cargo but can't unload. I can see some fun missions built around this Any Suggestions?
  2. I'm adding this to a hunter this addbackpackcargo ["B_Mortar_01_support_F",6]; this addbackpackcargo ["B_Mortar_01_weapon_F",6]; this addbackpackcargo ["B_UAV_01_backpack_F",3];this forceFlagTexture "\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_nato_CO.paa" But for some reason when I host a coop, I'm the only player who can see it in the inventory. The rest of the players see only the default inventory, but they do see the flag. You guys know why that is?
  3. fawlty

    Trigger question

    Good one Sabot, all players have their own support to look after. Some support with mutiple players. Cheers
  4. fawlty

    Trigger question

    Just what I needed Maff, worked perfect. Appreciate your help
  5. fawlty

    Trigger question

    I do know in advance what the players ID numbers are. Want to add supports for different single players for future dynamic recon missions. Can't use sync or naming the player so would like to use their steam ID numbers, which I am aware of. You can use the steam id numbers in the zeus module so was wondering if it could be used in this application.
  6. Trying to activate "player synchronizeObjectsAdd [support];" with a players steam id number. So in other words change the word player with the number. I would normally just sync it from the trigger to the player but in this scenario that won't work and I want it delayed so I can activate via zeus. Is this possible?
  7. fawlty

    [MP | COOP 2-8 | WIP] Static Loop

    Hosted your mission last night with about 7 of us. Had a great time, we played a different mission before hand so didn't have time to finish it, we'll be back next week. The guy's thoroughly enjoyed. Great job Meatball Fawlty
  8. fawlty

    [MP | COOP 2-8 | WIP] Static Loop

    Thanks Meatball, From what I saw just entering in it looked like a great mission, good luck with it. The joy's of beta
  9. fawlty

    [MP | COOP 2-8 | WIP] Static Loop

    Yup roger that Watarimono Was setting it up to run with a few mates on Saturday evening but got the same error msg's and all the targets destroyed. I guess the latest patch did a number on it.
  10. fawlty

    COOP 04 Operation Wet Dawn

    Thanks for the mission Becario, A small group of us played it Saturday but found the chopper ride didn't do the intended drop. It got to the end of the airstrip and just hovered, not giving us the option to eject, we walked in from the starting point instead. Then after cleaning up in town we never did locate the Officer, at least we never got a heads up about it. We did get the info from the informant though. Had fun regardless, thanks for your efforts. Fawlty
  11. Thanks guy's ,that saves me a lot of time.
  12. Just finished building a new computer. Is there a way of transferring all my setting, mostly concerning input over to my new system, rather than starting over from scratch? Cheers Fawlty
  13. Azz_er, played your mission tonight with a small group and had a blast. Had a great time regardless but want to return to it to finish the objectives in order
  14. fawlty

    Co04 Sweep

    Thanks ROT, I never did get a chance to fiddle with the revive info you described but it's nice to know how to do it now. Cheers Fawlty
  15. fawlty

    Co04 Sweep

    Thanks Rot for getting back. Ya I realize keeping the number down adds to the tension, but as old as some of us are we may have cardiac arrest :) I'll give it a try regarding making the changes and let you know how I make out. Thanks again for the great mission