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  1. Doesn't seem to like that Kalle, error msg's. Got to test it some more but I think this works though {side _x == east || side _x == independent}count thisList < 1 anybody in the activation
  2. I'm using 2 enemy factions, independent and opfor in a mission. I want to set the next task for when the trigger area has been cleared of both. I know how to do it with 3 triggers but figure there must be a way to do it with one. Thanks
  3. Thanks M1ke_SK, fun mod. Anyone have a idea on how to set off a trigger if you successfully defuse the bomb? Want to trigger the next task for the mission. Edit; found this in a earlier thread which works, bar1_1 being the bomb ! (bar1_1 getVariable ["a3f_bomb_active", true])
  4. fawlty

    InArea thisTrigger

    Worked great Dread, Thanks
  5. I have two triggers activation set with opfor present. Condition this Activation {_x enablesimulation false; _x setVariable ["enablesimulation",false] } forEach thisList; This is the second trigger Condition this && player inArea thisTrigger Activation {_x enablesimulation true; _x setVariable ["enablesimulation",true] } forEach thisList; What could I use if I wanted to include Civilians InArea thisTrigger in the condition for both triggers I know you can set this in eden, setting distance but I like having more control over this.
  6. JD thanks for the tip I didn't realize layers are available after all these years of arma mission building. I used layers a lot when mission building Rise of flight and IL2 Flying Circus. See you can teach a old dog new tricks. Thanks to all for the input Cheers...F
  7. Thanks Beno, I got the first part "On activation" to work but no luck with "On deactivation". Thanks anyway. Joe, thanks for the reply but I think we may be talking a different subject.
  8. I'm trying to do something like this but instead of path I would like it to be show or hide. Here's how my repeatable trigger is set up, in this case for civilians but it doesn't matter. Condition this && player inArea thisTrigger On Activation {_x enableAI "PATH"; _x setVariable ["pathEnabled",TRUE] } forEach thisList On Deactivation {_x disableAI "PATH"; _x setVariable ["pathEnabled",nil] } forEach (allUnits select { !isNil {_x getVariable "pathEnabled"} }) Wanted something like this rather than having to syc all the ai with the module. Thanks
  9. Another question would be, can the ai copilot or even all the crew less the pilot be deleted in the modules vehicle init to free up the seat.
  10. I've noticed with Prairie Fires transport support provider a player is able to move to the copilots seat and take over the flight. Vanilla Arma doesn't allow that. Any chance a script in the modules vehicles init would allow this?
  11. omri2050, I've been running into this problem which I never had in the past with some of my compositions. Example, I used to be able to remove, say a vehicle crew and change out the vehicle to whatever I required then added the crew back into the vehicle, but now when I do that the crew is non existent in game. I experimented with this yesterday and as long as I delete the vehicle and add a new one the crew will be available as it has been in the past. Could be somethings changed during some update. I use CUP alot so don't know if this is happening with vanilla assets.
  12. fawlty

    Attaching objects

    Thanks to you both for the info. I found "attachToRelative" to be the easiest method for my needs, it'll save me lots of time in the future. Only wish I had of asked earlier. Cheers
  13. In the editor, is there a way of getting location coordinates for attaching objects other than trial and error. I'm trying to attach a gunner to a commercial frigate.
  14. fawlty

    Frame rate fluctuation

    OK, got it figured out. I'm using this great script by nKenny in conjunction with hold path. I set the rush script with to high a value that was activating too many ai some not in the play area. Once I reduced the script to a reasonable number my frames stayed steady maxed out. Thanks Jackal for the suggestion re script, that sparked my idea to play with the scripts settings.
  15. fawlty

    Frame rate fluctuation

    No I noticed it also playing prairie fire on the original map as well. I think I'll make a copy of the mission and start removing things to narrow the problem down. Will report back if I can track it down. It does feel like there's a repeating script effecting things. I usually set all triggers to server only to limit issues.