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  1. I am referring to the following parameters of the loader: Section "Basic": "Show static background in menu" Section "Advanced": "World" With the first one deactivated (as per default) and Altis selected as world it keeps crashing consistently, with or without mods.
  2. Same for me. I also get consistant CTD when starting the game with preloaded map Altis and active animations in the menu. Starting with empty map and disabled menu animation the game loads.
  3. Works like a charm again! 👍 Top service, tpw. Modder of the year! 🤴 (Having been forced to play without tpw_fall for a day I must really emphasize that that is not an option for me anymore. 😁)
  4. It is really great that you are living in Oz. You might have a fix ready refore I even go to lunch 😁
  5. I can confirm that bug. It's the same for me here.
  6. Would this break any mod dependencies? E.g. I am using "GEIST-A3 LITE". In the launcher it shows the old IFA-mod as a prerequisite. However, it still loads when using only the new one.
  7. This announcement has been one of the two I have most eagerly awaited for a long time. Thanks a lot for your dedication to this mod, you made my day!
  8. What a wonderful work! Keep going!
  9. Peace, but I am not sure, whether that is really their intention? Ignoring only those obstacles (whether solid or not) near the target should help remedy those immersion killing situations several users complain about: AI emptying their ammo into walls a few meters in front of them, while still providing for some agressive supression?
  10. A small suggestion regarding suppression: I would propose to simply check line of sight to a position say 10 metres in front of the target. If that position can be seen from the supressing unit, firing makes sense. If there is either cover or concealment on the last 10 metres that would exactly meet the purpose of supressing fire. And obstacles closer to the firing unit are then accounted for. I believe the overall effect would feel quite realistic. No human could/would supress a target, when los is blocked close to the firing position, but on the receiving end that does not matter.
  11. Many thanks for the new release! 👍 I just had some small tests with rather simple missions. The difference is quite impressive! Now you actually get supressed by the AI in an intensity, that you are really not inclined to raise your head above your cover. 👍 Two small questions: - Does the mod affect the AI usage of grenades? I noticed some sensible usage of smoke grenades, but very little or no frags or 40mm? - Is there any documentation of the variables available for tinkering with AI behavior in missions? I would prefer that over the (very comfortable) Eden settings, to avoid introducing a mod dependency in my missions.
  12. Many thanks for the quick fix to FALL. Seems to work fine now. 👍 (In my missions I usually set a whole squad as "playable". Maybe that screwed up the player detection in the code, if it had only been done during initialization?)
  13. @tpw: With one of the latest versions a problem seems to have crept into the FALL module: When the player is recovering after a hit he is now forced through a rather lengthy animation, which includes a kneeling position. More often than not this results in a rather frustrating death of your avatar while you have to watch him stretch his arms in the middle of a bullet storm 😣. Can this be changed to sequence of prone animations? And not to forget: Many many thanks for still maintaining this fantastic mod! As i mentioned: I can't do without at least FALL, and would like it to be the best it can be 😁
  14. @mickeymen: I think that is a very good summary of the FALL modules animation issues. Being a big all-time fan of that module I would rather beg TPW not to follow your conclusion to abandon the module completely. I believe it worth every effort to iron out one or the other of the remaining glitches, if that is possible at all with the current Arma engine. Actually, FALL is the single TPW module I am using all the time, since the vanilla AI reaction to bullet impacts is so lame and immersion breaking...
  15. Arma 4? Me too, I am pretty sure that this was the official confirmation we were all waiting for. 😁