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  1. @LJ: Just needed to drop in to tell you, that the sounds for bullets whizzing by your ears are really the very first cream now, as we say in Franken 😊 Many thanks!
  2. @snkman: Thanks a lot for this mod! I have used Grouplink in A2 (or even in A1? Can't remember exactly tbh). This adds so much to the game, it is simply incredible. But does TCL affect AI precision settings, too? I have got the impression that they are much more deadly than I was used to.
  3. Hi tpw, is there a way to exclude single units from DUCK via the editor? E.g.set some variable in the unit's init code? I would simply like some guys set to crouch behind sandbag walls to keep their heads up even when fired upon. And again, thanks a lot for your great mod and the excellent support you are providing for your fans! A.
  4. oldy41

    Faces of War [WW2]

    It seems like AI cannot handle the German Panzerfaust models. They land way too short. Such little nuisances left aside this mod is really great now. The detail of 1st person weaponry models and uniforms is extraordinary!
  5. oldy41

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Is it just me, or has the manual bolting module been broken?
  6. Hi TPW, I suspect there is a small bug hidden in DUCK: In the editor one can define the initial stance for units. With DUCK active units set to 'prone' or 'kneel' change their stance back to 'standing' a few seconds after starting the mission. Best regards A.
  7. @Catsy: I love your work. In particular your textures for IFA3 look awful! But how do you position your extension to FoW, since it has dependencies to IFA3, too? I like both IFA3 and FoW, and each has its strengths, But considering the fuss recently going on wrt the latest release of IFA3 I am a bit concerned, whether they might have to withdraw some of their models. So a.t.m. I refrain from creating missions with IFA3 content, which might break with a new release. On the other hand I would definitely enjoy your extensions to the FoW content.
  8. I think there may be a small bug hidden in DUCK: When you switch to another unit, DUCK seems to remain active for that unit, So you (the player) get forced to prone or to your knees when suppressed. Being not a friend of player suppression effects I chose to classify this as a bug, not a feature ;-) Besides that, DUCK is a another little masterpiece regarding immersion! Thanks a lot!
  9. oldy41

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Who cares which was better? Both look beautiful! I hope, they will sound good as well. I will definitely try them all! :)
  10. It has not been published yet.
  11. Definitely! The mod is great. All the effort put into it is much appreciated, too. The legal reasons behind bringing the original content with reduced textures only is also understood. But: It was not clear to me, that the same policy is applied to all the new content, too. In particular for objects ported from I44. I'm totally willing to buy the full mod, if it will be published and maintained as a DLC for A3. (I would hesitate a bit, if it would be made stand-alone like the A2 version though, because this would decouple it from the A3 maintenance.) Best regards and keep going everybody!
  12. The texture resolution of the new M1 Garand 1st person model seems to be reduced? I have textures (and all) on ultra, but still do not get the same nice view as presented in the video?
  13. Absolutely! This was really needed! P.S. I was never shot at with something else than a pea pistol, so I really cannot tell whether a super sonic crack or a whizz sound is more realistic. All I can say is that in A3 supersonic cracks did not sound good. LJ's fly by sounds are great! So please keep them!
  14. oldy41

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I second that: The MG42 is absolutely stunning now! Many thanks for that! Unfortunately, knowing how good it could be spoils playing against any vanilla machine guns in the hands of AI. :( So is there any chance to evolve your solution for the MG42 into a standalone mod, which would do its magic on all types of machine guns? Or would you mind sharing the code?
  15. Thanks for this great mod! It really looks, feels and sounds marvellous. Might there be any chance to combine this with the fancy MG42 rate of fire patch for AI from the latest FOW release?