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  1. oldy41

    HDR 2020

    I was very very sceptical when Valve forced me to use Steam to play Half Life 2 way back in time...☺️ But I have learned to value the comfort it provides for updating my games library. The same for the workshop. Keeping several dozens of ArmA mods updated manually would be a fulltime job. 😀
  2. oldy41

    HDR 2020

    This looks very interesting. Can I talk you into a Steam Workshop release?
  3. oldy41

    My vision of perfect Arma 4

    Exactly. ArmA is: - mod support - PVE - large maps - sandbox !!!
  4. Absolutely the same for me. I am playing computer games for more than 45 years now, and the first OFP demo opened a new world for me. I am not sure whether there will come a time when I regret all those thousands of hours of lifetime spent with this series, but for now I am still on it. 😁 And TPW's mods are a must for me, in particular TPW_FALL. Keep going, mate!
  5. oldy41

    My vision of perfect Arma 4

    My personal priorities would be: 1. Enhanced infantry AI 2. Enhanced (or better yet: functioning 😉) vehicle AI path finding 3. Enhanced animation system - I don't care for PvP at all. IMHO there are enough good multiplayer shooters around to satisfy most flavours. - Leave most of the content wish lists to the modding community. ☺️
  6. Me too, and my system is not exactly weak. Also I noticed that AI walk through most closed doors. That is really killing immersion. I think this is an issue with paths in building models?
  7. That would really explain that issue. I am a big fan of TPW_FALL and can't play without it, so I will have to live with that small slight to my ego 😁
  8. @Raining6: I played around a bit more, and observed some strange things, which may or may not be related to your mod: 1. Is it possible, that the invisible viewblock walls interfere with the players kill statistics? Maybe bullets passing through the wall are no longer counted as belonging to the player? Recently I kill as many AI as always, but at mission end only one or two are in the score. That is not very important to me, but I am just being curious... 2. And is it possible, that the players UGL grenades sometimes cannot pass the viewblock walls? I have observed that when firing prone many grenades drop directly before me, though I am pretty sure that I aimed sufficiently above the ground.
  9. I just replayed a small skirmish mission in Altis grassland. Before I just liked the setting, but always felt a bit cheated by Ai seeing through grass. For missions like that the mod is really enhancing overall immersion dramatically! Also no detectable performance impacts for me, though it was only two squads of opfor AI against two squads of mine with a single human player. => I love it! 😊 A pitty we had to play all those years without it. And I really DO hope A4 will be better in that regard!
  10. Many thanks for this great mod. It has the potential to bring A3 to a new level. Care to elaborate a bit more on how it is working internally? E.g Which properties of grass are taken into account by the algorithm? And what would be needed to extend it to other types of clutter or foliage?
  11. oldy41

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Sadly, I believe froggyluv has summarized the AI situation much too good. 😞 Personally I have only little hope to get a good AI for Reforger. But I still hope BI knows or recognizes that a major part of their fanbase actually prefers SP or Coop over PvP, and consequently invests a lot of love and effort into AI for Arma4. In any case I hope the new AI framework of Enfusion will provide all the flexibility to allow AI modders to fill in any gaps. Since the first demo for OFP the series has been my absolute favourite game series. So I put a lot of hope and expectations on A4.
  12. Many thanks for the update! But... is it possible something went wrong? For me this seems to include only the PBOs from your UNIFORMS mod? And I really appreciate that you are still working for A3. I share your feelings regarding the current state / lack of singleplayer playability of Reforger. 😞
  13. I am referring to the following parameters of the loader: Section "Basic": "Show static background in menu" Section "Advanced": "World" With the first one deactivated (as per default) and Altis selected as world it keeps crashing consistently, with or without mods.
  14. Same for me. I also get consistant CTD when starting the game with preloaded map Altis and active animations in the menu. Starting with empty map and disabled menu animation the game loads.
  15. Works like a charm again! 👍 Top service, tpw. Modder of the year! 🤴 (Having been forced to play without tpw_fall for a day I must really emphasize that that is not an option for me anymore. 😁)