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  1. LuzifR

    CZ75 Ambient Music

    No it's very simple at this time. This script is only playing tracks randomly. I am planning to give the user a variable to disable/enable the addon-music. I'll also use a bis-function which plays music, depending on the player group status.
  2. LuzifR

    CZ75 Ambient Music

    Update v170921 - fixed some ogg-files
  3. Title CZ75 Ambient Music Author LuzifR Description This addon adds some ambient music to your mission. It starts automatically when you play a scenario. Required Addons CBA Download Signed: Yes, serverkey included Installation Extract the file(s) to your ArmA3 directory. Now you can use a following parameter to start ArmA3 with this mod: -mod=(mod folder). Included files cz75_ambientmusic.pbo Media Credits & Thanks Script made by LuzifR Sounds by CO.AG Music https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcavSftXHgxLBWwLDm_bNvA Tested by CZ75-Squad TS3-, FTP- and ARMA-Server by The Oldboys Changelog v170921 - fixed some ogg-files v170914 - first release
  4. armaholic link is up to date
  5. the armaholic download includes only the bin-file at this time. but its up to date. that steam-link and the tob-filecenter-link should be the last version too. the pbo-file contains the script
  6. Update v0.08: fixed because of arma-updates
  7. It would be nice if the script would work with most popular addon buildings. But first I focus on arma2 buildings I think. I had a look at it and think too its a better solution and more "elegant" than using invisible barrels. You have more possibilities with "hitpart" (for example ammo etc.) and will consider it in my next update. thanks
  8. Problem is that the classnames of ArmA2-door-animations are more different and it takes time to write a script which checks the classname of buildings and assign them their animation-classnames. But I plan to do it if I have time.
  9. Hi Tajin. With my script it's possible to handle breaching for each door individually because i don't use the overall damage value of the building. And breaching can be done with anything that is powerful enough (for example 2-3 handgrenades). But thank you for your post and I am glad to see your script. I'll check it and maybe i can improve something. Thanks man.
  10. Title CZ75 Breaching Doors Script Author LuzifR Short description This script locks doors or gates of ArmA3-Buildings in a trigger area and makes it possible to force open them with a Claymore charge. Version 0.08 Required Addons - Download Installation Execution from a trigger: Size - Script is running for every building or gates in the trigger area. Condition - true On Activation - 0=[thisTrigger] execVM "cz75_breachingdoors.sqf"; Parameter: Trigger name - Variable Name of the trigger (default: thisTrigger) Buildings percentage - How much percent (0-100) of buildings with closed doors (default if empty: 100) Doors percentage - How much percent (0-100) of closed doors (default if empty: 100) Building class - Which classes of buildings have closed doors (default if empty: "Building") Examples: In this case all doors of all buildings or gates in the triggerarea are closed: 0=[thisTrigger] execVM "cz75_breachingdoors.sqf"; (equal to: 0=[thisTrigger,100,100,"Building"] execVM "cz75_breachingdoors.sqf";) In this case in 20% of all buildings or gates in the triggerarea all doors in this building are closed: 0=[thisTrigger,20,100] execVM "cz75_breachingdoors.sqf"; In this case 50% of the doors of all Military-Cargo-HQ buildings in the triggerarea are closed: 0=[thisTrigger,100,50,"Land_Cargo_HQ_V1_F"] execVM "cz75_breachingdoors.sqf"; Included files cz75_breaching-doors-script.Altis.pbo Change log v0.08: fixed because of arma-updates Features Breaching Doors Parameters buildings percentage, doors percentage and building class Works on dedicated servers ACE3 compatibility Works only with ArmA3 buildings at this time Media Forums Topic BI Forums Credits & Thanks Script made by LuzifR Tested by: M.Blackwell, Spiderman and LuzifR TS3-, FTP- and ARMA-Server by The Oldboys
  11. LuzifR

    CZ75 Stance Indicator

    Update v1.01: signatures fixed
  12. LuzifR

    CZ75 No Chain

    Update v1.02: signatures fixed
  13. LuzifR

    CZ75 No Chain

    thanks soppa, i will fix this soon.
  14. LuzifR

    CZ75 No Chain

    Update v1.01: binarized