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  1. The Good the landscape and grass and tree's are great. the vehicle handling is great and hit damage rate The Bad Video > Rendering > Post Processing (slows down i7 computers) View Distance default to high (Lags default) Random Massive FPS Drop to less then 2FPS then cleans up after 1 minute Logitech Gamepad Default Configurations (not binded well default) Needs better friendly targeting (name tagging) for reduction of friendly fire. Small Rocks and Bushes still cause major vehicle damage (possibly less powerful small rocks) Never known a bush to take a tire off a car even in real life.
  2. Hello, It has been about 8 months since i had updated my Arma2 Linux server, but i went to fire up the server again for the game and i had installed the new Arma2 linux stuff and i tried to start it and it fired off a GLIBC error. I had this issue with another multiplayer server game as well and they just recompiled the application in GLIBC 2.5 since its cross compatible with 2.6, 2.7 etc I had contacted the Centos site and they said it would break your box if you tried to over-ride the glibc and update it to a 2.7 package or higher, you would have to basically wipe your whole system and install centos 6+ to make that work so is this going to be a issue so that way everyone is going to have to update there server boxes just to get the server online or will there be a hotfix for centos 5.X version systems? ./server: /lib/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.7' not found (required by ./server) ./server: /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found (required by ./server) ./server: /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.15' not found (required by ./server) This is Centos 5.8 64 Bit Platform Dedicated Box.
  3. i do think scripts and stuff have a major impact to take into account right when it comes to other bandwidth settings? since it has to pull data for everyone as well? i am still trying to fix my stuff, i have noticed it will run smooth for a while then if it runs more then 24 hours the FPS drops dramatically.
  4. Hello i have a bit of a issue on a mission / map i am working on well you see the creator of the FSM scripts me and him are working on populating the whole map of chernarus with stuff and well for some reason its having a _room issue for a building does anyone know the whole position ID numbers for the whole map of chernarus its having a pos array issue we are trying to weed out a couple cities that possibly have bad houses in them. Or if someone could just tell me the POS Array for Chernarus and Elecktro that would be great as well so i could just populate both major cities on the map with what we are doing. my current pos array for the map Town_Spots = [ [7123.63,7774.63,0],[9728.64,6567.3,0],[6561.91,6078.77,0],[9616.06,8914.38,0],[6169.01,7793.67,0],[7650.41,5096.46,0],[10212.5,5385.04,0],[11285.2,6633.58,0],[5300.71,8645.9,0],[9127.18,3954.47,0],[10382.1,9938.35,0],[5876.66,4696.93,0],[11333.8,5421.4,0],[4770.96,6835.26,0],[4950.82,5627.1,0],[12131,7189.79,0],[8015.58,3419.26,0],[5959.94,10335.7,0],[4435.36,6425.58,0],[12014,9090.84,0],[12824.9,8097.7,0],[8614.62,11890.3,0],[4477.57,4597.79,0],[3833.17,8918.92,0],[6731.21,2554.13,0],[13397.4,6336.84,0],[3070.23,7940.48,0],[12063.1,3515.58,0],[12802.5,4369.49,0],[12329.3,10771,0],[10313.7,2159.41,0],[11224.3,12274.5,0],[2539.26,6358.71,0],[2774.26,5380.38,0],[5016.45,12490.8,0],[2750,10005,0],[1998.18,7355.13,0],[3664.31,2499,0],[1693.98,3858.65,0],[13331,12900,0],[1853.09,2249.85,0],[12586.8,12505.6,0],[12989.9,9956.31,0],[4980.44,10097,0] ];
  5. http://www.chicagomusicpromotions.com/zombiehorde.png (551 kB) Greetings, I have taken 2 missions (DZS (Dynamic Zombie Sandbox) and also a old version of Cherno Life and created a super mission that involves water, food, money system and also as well zombies. It is pretty interesting if anyone is interested in playing here is the server details below. Also has real Music added to game as in mp3s formatted into ogg format for a car radio system we have configured from a addon to a script instead. There is 4 preset bases you can come to and get weapons, park vehicles and or spawn vehicles to use on system, please note all pre-set bases are DMZ area's no TK in the bases, if you make you're own base well that is on you who you want to let into you're base and not let into you're base. Please note if you end up shooting a network admin be prepared for a interesting war against you since we have GPS and know where everyone is on the map. Server Name [Chicago] - Zombie Life V3 Teamspeak IP Address cmpnetwork.ts3dns.com PBO File Size (27) Megs for Mission File So if you get bored of playing Dayz for some reason come join the server and have some fun. basically you get a lot of things you can use to start with so your not totally in the dark and also there is friendly admins who are on everyday to help new people get situated in the game, we do suggest you use our teamspeak for help and also staying alive more then 5 minutes when you spawn in. For Direct PBO downloads put this in your app data, arma2 oa, mpmissioncache folder for faster download time. Direct PBO Download http://www.chicagomusicpromotions.com/updater/day_of_the_apocalypsev1.chernarus.pbo http://youtu.be/P4dPWrcVtYM
  6. yes but what would that 70-90MB round out to be? as in minbandwidth= and maxbandwidth= i am not very good with the calculations so to speak. currently i have this in my arma2oa.cfg file but it runs good for a bit and i have the almighty red chain. here is a picture of my server details.
  7. Previous Posting http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?133725-What-would-be-Good-for-Arma2oa-cfg-for-This-System Hello i have been playing with the default settings and i have noticed that some variations are better and some are slower (video lag etc) and well with the better settings it will play for a while then have the famous red chain and server time out (segmentation fault) can someone help me with the proper settings for the type of system i got. 1. linux dedicated server (Centos) 2. 12 terribytes of bandwidth (per month) 3. dual core processor 4. 4 gigs memory mostly i want to make it so everyone can play and have fun and not get the red chain etc.
  8. Could you join my teamspeak and assist me setting that up i been wanting to do that for a while, i do have Oracle save on the server but that is just for that stats save i think. Teamspeak IP cmpnetwork.ts3dns.com
  9. Well its a ripped apart version of the old cherno life but it has stats save for cash and other things. some of the cop menu's do not work and well it does save stats as in if someone disconnects from server and reconnects they will have there licenses and money in the bank or in the inventory, but if the server crashes it goes back to default settings.
  10. ABOUT MOD This mod is a dual mod mission that combines Cherno Life and also Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Combined with some extra toys and vehicles from armaholic and other sources that I have permission to use in the mission file and or as a mod. Please note when you enter the game if you plan to fly a plane, jet, helicopter or anything that requires take off and landing you must be on teamspeak with a working microphone unless otherwise authorized (if you do not have a mic). Teamspeak IP Address cmpnetwork.ts3dns.com FIRST STEP http://www.chicagomusicpromotions.com/mod/CBA_v0-8-3.zip Download CBA Zip file and Extract to Arma2 Arrowhead Folder and also Arma2 Folder then be sure to add @cmp;@cba to the mod loading shortcut so it loads all 2 mods together. for you're shortcut to load the game add this -mod=@cmp;@cba DOWNLOAD ADDON SYNC https://dev-heaven.net/attachments/download/8443/z_AddonSync2009_Beta1.0.67.7z INSTRUCTIONS 1) Run addon sync as Administrator. 2) Click the favourite servers tab. 3) Select the NEW SERVER button. 4) Copy and paste the following url to the Auto Config URL box. Auto Config URL http://www.chicagomusicpromotions.com/updater/cmp.7z 5) Click Import Server Once it shows the details about the server. 6) Go to the download addons tab. 7) Change the download directory to arma 2 operation arrowhead. 8) Click Check for Addons. 9) Click Download Addons. If addon sync asks to delete files go ahead and delete them. Once that is done you can close out the Addon Sync and then start your arma2 with the normal @cmp shortcut like normal be sure to check the 7z file every few days to make sure everything is synced in. If we remove files you can remove files that are not being used on system.
  11. so there is no way i can limit the bandwidth in the arma2oa.cfg file for it to balance itself out without people getting a red chain on the system i would like it to be over say 80 people on the server and i have a dual core, 4 gigs of memory and that bandwidth stuff so how could i make it work in the arma2oa.cfg file to reduce or limit everything but keep the same "user" count without having to tell the host to install a quad core in the server box.
  12. did you upload the game files as well? from you're arma2 folder not just the server files? did you unblock the ports?
  13. well i dont know about debian i know about centos that is what i run....that is how i set mines up.
  14. LOL i wish :P , no i own a couple music site so need a lot of bandwidth for streaming audio and video files from the site.
  15. you do not seem to understand it would not go under /home/arma2/config/arma2oa.cfg open up your shell console under root access using putty, type in the following cd /opt then you will be in the opt directory then type in mkdir arma2 that will make the arma2 directory then upload your arma2 files and folders to that directory you just created. once you are done uploading all files to that directory then you can do what i told you above. Or : you can pay me to do it for you :P its pretty simple i pretty much gave you the dumb'd down version on how to do it, not very technical at all..