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  1. VanhA-ICON

    VanhA's A3 thread

    Thank you. I'm happy you guys liked it. The Kajman wreck is placed on that hilltop on purpose to offer a small cover for pincer movement.
  2. VanhA-ICON

    VanhA's A3 thread

    Made following fix (more of a just in case) Changed the execution order of certain files in init.sqf to prevent task malfunctioning to the following 2 missions: * Clash of The Titans * Ace Up The Sleeve
  3. VanhA-ICON

    VanhA's A3 thread

    Mission number 7 now published. Check the first post. I hope you like it.
  4. VanhA-ICON

    VanhA's A3 thread

    Ok, let's get back to that after we've doublechecked that. Meanwhile there's one new mission on the list. Check the first post.
  5. VanhA-ICON

    VanhA's A3 thread

    Ah, dear Variable, there is not supposed to be any map markers for the target. The new note section displays only the coordinates for the tower. Can you verify that you missed the notes or was there some flaw in creation? I did check that myself and I noticed that upon picking up the document the map display is only given to the unit who picks it up. I then created additional trigger upon that to ensure that the rest of the group also (should receive) a new note regarding the tower (X,Y) coordinates. Why would you think that I would give map markers when you know I'm one devious bastard, lol. :rolleyes: (I know it's logical to assume the right target since it's guarded anyway)
  6. VanhA-ICON

    VanhA's A3 thread

    Fifth mission release. A sequel to "Ace Up the Sleeve".... A bloody hard sequel I might add :p
  7. VanhA-ICON

    VanhA's A3 thread

    Thank you for the encouraging words, guys. Mission number four is now ready for action... possibly a prequel of two missions.. I updated also "Abdera" as 1.02 with some safeguards against enemy fleeing from the scene. (Direct links fixed again)
  8. VanhA-ICON

    VanhA's A3 thread

    Links added. :)
  9. VanhA-ICON

    VanhA's A3 thread

    Just added the third release on this thread. Feedback appreciated. The CBA dependancy on the third mission involves only some cba jip marker scripting so possibly it only affetcs JIP players..
  10. VanhA-ICON

    Trigger statement malfunction

    Yes, that seems to be working! Thank you so much. I still need to verify it goes on the dedicated also but now it seems the mission will finally proceed.
  11. Hi. I would appreciate if someone wiser could help me with this. The whole mission is dependant on a radio trigger created upon blufor activated trigger. I had to change it a bit trying to have it enabled properly in dedicated environment but the statement line is malfunctioning and the next script won't launch. [] spawn { private ["_trg"]; _trg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",getPos player]; _trg setTriggerArea[5,5,0,true]; _trg setTriggerActivation["CHARLIE","PRESENT",true]; _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", [""'scripts\kaboom.sqf'"",""BIS_fnc_execVM"",false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;, ""]; 3 setRadioMsg "Ask for a distraction" ; }; Maybe someone could see what's the issue. (The script error note is currently about a missing bracket "#'scrpits")
  12. VanhA-ICON

    VanhA's A3 thread

    Hi guys and gals. I was finally able to upgrade my pc A3 compatible so here goes. Although I lost my homepage details but I'm going to add them as they come with steam workshop. Mission #1: *Current version 1.02 *A civilian rescue mission on Altis *Group respawn co 10 Abdera Sanctum Steam Workshop download Armaholic link Direct download Mission #2: *Current version 1.02 *A battle in Oreokastro/Altis between AAF and CSAT *Group respawn/Wounding system by Psychobastard co 16 Clash of the Titans Steam Workshop download Armaholic link Direct download Mission #3: *Current version 1.0 *Different kind of sniper mission with a greek tragedy *Group respawn / UPSMON by Monsada/ Wounding system by Psychobastard /CBA recommended for this one co 02 A Widow's Call Steam Workshop download Armaholic link Direct download Mission #4: *Current version 1.01 *Iranian commandos taking out the Stratis air defences *Group respawn / Wounding system by Psychobastard co 14 Ace Up the Sleeve Steam Workshop download Armaholic link Direct download Mission #5: *Current version 1.0b *Sequel to "Ace Up the Sleeve" mission. Tasks are done but how to escape Stratis? *Group respawn / Wounding system /UPSMON/FSQ task handler co 14 Jalla Jalla Steam Workshop download Direct download Armaholic link Mission #6: *Current version 1.0 *A joint ops mission to dispose of a CSAT biological weapon threat *Group respawn / Wounding system /FSQ task handler co 18 Operation Tweety Bird Steam Workshop download Direct download Armaholic link Mission #7: *Current version 1.0 *Sabotage peace talks between AAF and CSAT *Group respawn / Wounding system /FSQ task handler co 12 No Negotiations Steam Workshop download Direct download Armaholic link
  13. VanhA-ICON

    VanhA's Caribou coop pack

    1.05 release Ok, there's one more minor thing I tried with that paramess-mission. Other stuff is mentioned in the first post.
  14. Hi guys. I've been bashing my head in trying to make the game detect that a player is holding a primary weapon in dedicated server. The units are all equipped with only M9 and the idea is to make a task success when a player picks up a rifle of sorts. I tried combining the currentWeapon with primaryWeapon commands and once succeeded with !(currentWeapon player =="M9") condition but of course on dedicated server that won't do.... or it shows only for that particular unit. Any help appreciated since I can't script much.. EDIT: I modified something older script I had and trying this solution: if (isServer) then { private ["_guns","_guncount"]; while {(alive player) and (player iskindOf "Man")} do { _guns = Weapons player; _guncount = {not (_x in ["Binocular", "ItemCompass", "ItemGPS", "ItemRadio", "ItemWatch", "ItemMap", "M9"])} count _guns; if !(_guncount < 1) then { Obj2 = true;publicVariable "Obj2";}; }; };
  15. VanhA-ICON

    VanhA's Caribou coop pack

    Yeah, I don't know why the serverside solution failed in that. I recommend to skip that mission until I properly solve it. I'll fix that tunguska, thanks for the tip, Variable