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  1. Does anyone know if the version of the TS3 server has any effect on ACRE functionality? If so what version of TS3 server should be used?
  2. Thanks, so that's been put into the mission then, makes sense now couldn't find anything in ACE. Cheers.
  3. Are the random comments made in game a feature of ACE or mission specific. Our group played an ACE mission by Animalmother (can't recall name - sorry at work) and our characters would randomly make a comment. This got a little irritating after a while. Can this be switched off or removed somehow. We all had novoices checked in our ace clippi. Sorry if this has been asked and I've missed it, we've just moved over to ACE. Apologies also if it's a mission issue.
  4. Sabre=TE=

    Ghost Recon - Island Thunder campaign

    Thanks for your quick response. Keep up the good work BTW, excellent missions.
  5. Sabre=TE=

    Ghost Recon - Island Thunder campaign

    Played standard coop missions 1, 2 and 3 last night. We enjoyed the missions but there was an error in mission 3. When we discovered the pilots in the hills there was an error message saying "pilotrecover" script was missing so we couldn't complete the mission.
  6. Sabre=TE=

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Sorry should have stated that :o We run a Combined Op's server currently without ACE. We may use ACE in the near future so if there are different settings it would be useful to know them. Regards
  7. Sabre=TE=

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    We've been running zeus on our server for a couple of months now but we can't seem to get a nice balance with server settings for AI skill and precision. For those running servers what settings are you using currently with the latest version of this mod. We are trying to get a good balance between having a skilled enemy force and a sometimes super AI which appears to have x-ray vision.
  8. Has anyone used this Invasion 1944 in conjunction with Zeus_AI mod. Would it work or would it mess up I44. Also anyone running servers what AI settings do you have. Four of our squad tried out the Aloft Mission last night but some of the AI were particularly dumb, standing only feet away without engaging. Any tips for tweaking appreciated.
  9. Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated. This whole mission making business is confusing if you ask me :D I'd never have come up with "resistance" :o
  10. I've got a mission involving UN Troops that I want to trigger an action when there are 5 or less troops left in a town. I've just used east countSide thislist <= 5 in the past for opfor or west for blufor but how could I do this for Independent? I've tried Independent countSide thislist <= 5 but it doesn't seem to work.
  11. Sabre=TE=

    Revive Script

    Is there a list of the soldier classes that should be used in the "can revive, can be revived part of this script. Is soldier WB the correct class to use with US Army units? I'm also interested in the no respawn aspect posted above. I use the script to allow three revives but no respawn also with a 5 minute time limit. In effect you can be revived three times in under 5 mins and on fourth death your dead or on any death where time elapses. But I just want the spectator cam when you are dead with no possibility of selecting another slot or respawning. Has the latest version of the script changed anything significant? I'm now in a situation where no matter what role I play I can never be revived. I can play and revive others without any problems but the minute I'm shot my team mates don't get the option to revive me. I can still see them moving around and hear them speaking but I can't communicate with them and I'm effectively out of the game as far as they are concerned. Is there a way to work out if it's a mod conflict? I run ACRE and JSRS sound mod. Any help greatly appreciated.
  12. Sabre=TE=

    Colour Blindness a Handicap?

    LOL if only life was that simple :) I like your idea though, thankfully I'm passed the age when I'm going to bothered by that. On a slightly more serious note you have to consider the impact on others eg a firefighter who can't distinguish the type of gas cylinder because he doesn't know the colour could well land his colleagues in deep shit or the police officer who has has colleagues chasing a guy in a red shirt when it's really green :D Strangely you do learn many coping strategies, brightness, physical position, etc
  13. Sabre=TE=

    Colour Blindness a Handicap?

    There are indeed many types, I am red green colour deficient which means these colours are missing from my spectrum and therefore I'm likley to mix up reds greens and browns. As somebody has pointed out this is a simulator so I suspect that in the game as in real life that we are disadvantaged. To what degree is likely to depend on the individual. For me the problem comes when dealing with static targets that are camouflaged. With movement I can normally pick it up, whether it's friendly movement or not well (shoot first ask questions later) :) For those wondering whether it makes a difference in what a colour blind person sees and what a normal sighted person sees check out this link. You will see that on a number of occasions what a mormal sighted person sees as a number will be seen as just a load of spots to a colour blind person. http://www.toledo-bend.com/colorblind/ishihara.asp To finish the real world does think it's a problem because there are many jobs you will not be able to undertake with colour blindness. For example In the UK you cannot become a Firefighter, Policeman, Pilot, Air Traffic Controller to name just a few.
  14. How is it that if I download cba from devheaven or Armaholic I get files with v0-6.bisign but when I use YAS repository to get latest ACE I get files with b123.bisign? Does it make any difference to how it functions? Which one is correct? Doesn't matter - answered by Xeno in the ACE topic - ACE has a different version.
  15. Sabre=TE=

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    A big +1 to that. A group of us tried this on a mission last night, the sound during our first firefight was absolutely tremendous. Real scarey stuff :) Brilliant mod, well done.