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  1. Raunhofer

    Caribou Frontier

    I don't remember exactly, maybe 5? Just check every container on the yard.
  2. Raunhofer

    Caribou Frontier

    Lufti's mission. The missiles are there. Did you check the second level of containers? (use construction stand for climbing). They might be a bit tricky to find...
  3. Raunhofer

    Caribou Frontier

    omg, maybe there are Predators? :eek:
  4. Raunhofer

    Caribou Frontier

    Yes, I'm sure that satisfactory settings for A3 version of the island is possible to find. But I really can't make any final conclusions about the subject w/o seeing A3 tools first, and carefully investigating the affects of the conversion. I'd love to see Caribou in A3, but it must be done with A3's rules and feel. So right now we just need to wait a bit longer...
  5. Raunhofer

    Caribou Frontier

    First of all, caribou uses arma2's objects. All of those objects would need to be converted for A3. With *converting* I don't just mean "move this addon here to there", but to have them in equal quality and function level as arma3's default content is. (<- technical & artistic reasons) Second, Caribou is made for A2, A2 shaders in mind. Caribou just doesn't look the way I would want it to look in A3. A3 version would need a totally new satellite image, textures, clutter and so on... (<- artistic reasons) Third, my way of doing level design is to create a whole, finalized product and then move on. I rarely come back to my old works, as I feel they may loose that *something* which makes them look good in my eyes... (<- a bit crazy artistic reasons) But in this ^ I might bend if a good reason is given (like godlike new terrain tools for A3 (very unlikely I fear)). - I'll be doing new a3 terrains when there are *a bit* more interesting nature content in the game (made by bohemia / me / community). Unfortunately objects found in Altis aren't very inspiring...
  6. Raunhofer

    Caribou Frontier

    Unfortunately I've no plans for supporting arma 3 with caribou frontier right now. I've tried Caribou in arma 3 before caribou was released, and found that the island needs to be heavily modified if moved to arma 3. In both technical and artistic reasons. It's really unfortunate that the ponds bug like that. With a3 alpha, the bug didn't occur, at least for me...
  7. Raunhofer

    Caribou Frontier

    To me, GPS works just fine. In editor, played with a FR team leader and in Lufti's Silent Sweep as a FR leader. StHud and alike mods won't work if they aren't updated.
  8. Raunhofer

    Caribou Frontier

    Damn. Updated again :) Yeah, as stated before, arma2 vehicles combined with arma2 rocks is a diaster. Vehicles really need to stay on roads. It is unfortunate that AI's pathfinding still often goes offroad and mess things up. I noticed the problem way too late, but on the other hand, its indeed an infantry island due to its size, isolated location and rugged terrain. There were civilians before oil was found. But after that, war destroyed their homes and nowadays just military buildings and hangars remain. So the hangars are indeed constructed later than destroyed buildings.
  9. Raunhofer

    Caribou Frontier

    Both, lufti's and vanhA's mission packs are updated (See 1st post for links). Lufti: 1.01 VanhA: 1.02
  10. Raunhofer

    VanhA's Caribou coop pack

    I'll update these to caribou topic too.
  11. Raunhofer

    Caribou Frontier

    Geocaches are medium sized plastic boxes hidden somewhere in Isla Caribou. The box has a clear sticker that says "Geocache". Attributes: Only one can be found in winter, no climbing or scuba gear needed, no parking available. One may require swimming :p
  12. Raunhofer

    Caribou Frontier

    Ingame effects. I've only adjusted contrast and saturation, for better fit to small image size. In Caribou, its often a good idea to use Environment: Colors -module with your missions.
  13. Raunhofer

    Caribou Frontier

    Thanks William! And yeah, I was pretty frustrated with a2 physics as well, during the process. Another thing was AI's "ability" to drive roads :) Thank you all, for your supporting comments!
  14. Released: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?161801-Caribou-Frontier I hope you enjoy discovering Isla Caribou! The island is designed for small spec-ops missions but I'm sure it will carry few larger ones too. Many things could have been done better, but as ARMA3 is lurking behind the corner, it's time to move on. I'm not planning to do any updates if not critically needed. Long live, ARMA 2 !
  15. War has broken out on Caribou frontier! Civilians fled the island as two major military powers, USA and Russia clashed in a search of oil. Isla Caribou is known to have access to the world's largest oil resources. As the planets crude oil reserves dwindle the situation between the nations has intesified and finally escalated to a armed conflict. Several international organizations are trying to stabilize the situation and prevent the use of nuclear weapons. It seems, however, improbable that a wide scale conflict can be avoided. Isla Caribu's environment is cold and rugged. It is said that the lone infantryman is the most lethal killingmachine on the Caribou Frontier's battlefield. Intel: Total size: 64 sqkm Habitants: Abadonded due to military activity Vegetation: Rugged, mountaineous Location: Fictional Location on USA's and Russia's borderline Conflict type: Oil crisis Release: 18 Aug 2013 Downloads: .rar CaribouFrontier.rar 119 MiB .zip CaribouFrontier.zip 135 MiB .7z CaribouFrontier.7z 109 MiB Install: Open your CaribouFrontier package and extract it into a mod folder of your choice. Servers: CaribouFrontier package includes RHNET.bikey Creator: Raunhofer Special thanks: LDD Kyllikki (support) WhiteDevil (nuke model) Gurumasa (visual commentary) Inffi (testing) Lufti (3rd party missions) Berry (testing) VanhA (3rd party missions) Kassu (3rd party missions) Night (russian translations) Kegetys (visual commentary) Spinoza (releasing help) Custom Missions: Raunhofer's missions 1.0 .7z Lufti's missions 1.01 .7z VanhA's missions 1.05 .7z Note: Missions are not tested to have A.C.E. support Misc: Can you find all three (3) hidden geocaches?