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  1. Donnie_Plays


    @haleks I saw in the notes that there is further support for Global Mobilization. May I ask what all was added for this?
  2. Donnie_Plays


    I've seen this conversation before somewhere but can't find it. If I want to make AI hostile to civilians, what do I need to do? I found this... not sure how to set this to make all AI hostile to all civilians on the map https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Side_relations
  3. I tried emailing info@armaholic.com with no reply.
  4. Donnie_Plays


    edited - issue resolved
  5. Donnie_Plays


    The file is coming up invalid with DeRap? Nevermind... I got it
  6. Donnie_Plays


    Does anyone know how to unpack a binarized mission file for Arma? I would like to update my Day of the Dead escape mission that I made in 2016. I lost the source files. I can still download my mission through my workshop page, but I can't edit it. I would like to update it with all the new cool Ravage stuff.
  7. Donnie_Plays

    Tembelan Island

    Hi Ben. Would you consider updating the Tembelan map with the new Livonia lighting system? All Arma 3 gamers got free assets for Livonia in 2019, including all the DayZ standalone buildings, trees, more realistic looking water, etc. I would love to see the lighting update though.
  8. Donnie_Plays


    Most likely has something to do with the dead bodies reviving to a zombie. My best guess. Turn that feature off and see if you still have the problems with bodies spawning.
  9. Donnie_Plays


    I'm working on a new Ravage sandbox on the NEW ESSEKER map that has released on workshop. The map has been updated with all new Livonia assets and does not require CUP Terrains. I'm streaming the session if anyone wants to check out what's happening... the map looks awesome and might now be the best post apocalyptic map we currently have in Arma! http://www.twitch.tv/Donnie_Plays
  10. Donnie_Plays


    I saw it and messed around with it. Was having trouble getting AI to properly spawn on the map. I'm not sure the guy who made the map set the AI pathing. Zombies seem to spawn fine. The map looks great and the whole idea is good. It just runs awfully for me. Vehicles also struggle on the map. However, I personally think it would work awesome for a death match PVP scenario with zombies in the background if the map was cleaned up a little bit. It's pretty tough to deal with in current form for me. It's just small enough for good close quarter combat though and you can't get enough of that stuff in Arma these days.
  11. Donnie_Plays


    I gotta step in here. I like VD Apocalypse and all, but I certainly do not want all of this stuff in Ravage. It's great as optional.
  12. Tonight after the Arma update, steam re-downloaded every mod that I was subscribed to. After the re-download, all mods are showing as corrupt in my Arma launcher now.
  13. Donnie_Plays


    I thought the issue was just related to New Haven. I guess I'm not alone. On New Haven, a very small percentage of lights are working. Maybe 1 out of 10. I made several tweaks but it didn't change.
  14. Donnie_Plays


    So there were no changes made to lights then? I checked my settings again and I have the module set to 0. I haven't tested this in like two months and the last time I did, lights worked everywhere at night.
  15. Donnie_Plays


    That's the first thing I did last night. I checked my settings and it was set to 0. Maybe something else is going on with my mission. I'll take another look.