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  1. Donnie_Plays


    Is Haleks still around? I haven't talked to him in a long time. Last I heard he was considering Ravage for either Reforger or Arma 4. Anyone know what's going on with that?
  2. Donnie_Plays


    So the vehicle module itself has no effect on this? The module specifically references damage and retexture if you leave the option on. I suppose I could remove the module completely and see what happens. For some reason it seems like in the past I remember having AI drive clean vehicles back in the day but it's possible I'm confusing this project with a different one.
  3. Donnie_Plays


    I'm working on a new Ravage related project. I'm encountering a strange bug that I can't seem to figure out. All of the vehicles on the map are retexturing using Ravage's retexture feature, but I specifically have vehicle damage/retexture turned off in the vehicles module. This issue seems to be specific only to the AI that spawn and drive vehicles. It does not appear to happen with any manually placed vehicles on the map. I am not spawning vehicles on the map. I'm only spawning wrecks and using the AI to spawn the vehicles they drive.
  4. Donnie_Plays


    Hello everyone. Long time no chat. I have not updated any of my Ravage missions in quite some time and recently came back. All of the escape missions that I made years ago for Arma 3 now have broken escape elements. For some reason the tasks are completing by default upon entering the mission. Has anyone else had this issue? I double checked the missions and can't seem to find any errors. I'm sure I can redo everything in a different way to get them to work. It appears the triggers are setting off by default now. Has to be some sort of change Arma made at some point. I do not use sectors, I use triggers. Rambo is still working. Troubleshooting the remaining issues now.
  5. Donnie_Plays


    Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm running a new server that mixes elements of Ravage, Exile and Breaking Point. We are using Zombie and AI elements from Ravage, the loot and basebuilding elements from Exile, the weapons, gear and other custom items from BreakingPoint as well as added BreakingPoint zombie skins and faces to the infected. The entire BreakingPoint weapons arsenal, including several new weapons made just for this mod and server. Play as the classic Independent faction from BreakingPoint with a ton of custom uniforms added. Five custom levels for players with better starting gear at respawn for higher levels and better gear/weapons can be purchased at higher levels at Traders. Custom Ravage solo roaming AI that play as BreakingPoint factions. They will fight each other, zombies and players. Huge variety of AI Missions with the HUNTER FACTION from BreakingPoint as the enemies. Load AI mission weapon crates directly into your vehicle for sale at the traders. Custom Ravage Walker Zombies. Heli Crashes. Supply Drops that show a marker on the map, creating a special interest point for potential PVP. Trader Zones ran by the RANGER and OUTLAW factions. Revive players using a surgery kit. Special dangerous radiation zone on the map with top tier loot potential. Four selectable respawn points at the North, South, East and West. Custom gear made for this mod and server. Short night sessions that last only 11 minutes total time. Just long enough to worry about your surroundings and short enough to keep you playing. We also have illuminated custom night skies so you can still see around even at night... and a specially made custom Tac Glasses for Night Vision that offer full screen night vision. Custom weather systems. Full basebuilding and baseraiding. Lock Grinding. Safe Hacking. Virtual Garage for your base. Customized client and server code to give you a higher FPS experience. Better swimming and ladder climbing. Leaderboards for the server. JOIN US ON DISCORD SERVER INFO: BreakingPoint - Exile - Ravage - Missions - Zombies - Baseraid Server is located in New York, NY (US East) SERVER IP:
  6. Donnie_Plays


    Howdy folks. Been a long time since I've posted on the forums. Wanted to let everyone know that I've relaunched my Ravage based RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD ON TANOA mission on steam workshop. This is a militarized Ravage mission without zombies. You have three main objectives: Infiltrate the terrorist controlled territory of Tanoa and seek and destroy any enemies you encounter. Find and rescue the two prisoners that are in a POW camp. Escape Tanoa with the POW's. RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD ON TANOA
  7. If you have a PVP server and keep getting reports that players are shooting through trees or bushes in situations where they shouldn't be able to see, this is why. Some AMD graphics cards/drivers are causing rendering issues on servers and players are not seeing the foilage, leaves on trees, bushes, grass, etc. I have made a mod for the Arma 3 community to temporarily fix this issue. This mod simply disables the ATOC video setting in the menu by default for anyone who uses this pbo. I am offering this pbo free to the community to use in their own modpacks to fix this issue until AMD resolves the problem, etc This issue has been acknowledged by BI and I have linked a thread on reddit on the workshop page where players discuss this problem on a widescale. ATOC fix for AMD Graphics Cards not rendering foilage
  8. Donnie_Plays


    I suspect that most rude complaints on free modding content are just lonely people who need someone's attention. A constructive suggestion is not the same thing as a complaint. Most people who play something that they do not enjoy, do not bother to complain about it to the creator, especially if it's something they didn't personally pay for and basically just came along to check it out. Most of the people who speak up, are people who see potential and really want something slightly more out of what they are already getting. A lot of these people are hard to please. They typically want more, more, more and they want to put the least effort in possible to achieve that. (not buying DLC, not donating to the creator when they make demands for changes) You know my policy. I basically couldn't care less about people's demands. I make the content I make for myself first, I share that content with my friends. If other people want to check it out and play. That's cool. It not, I couldn't care less. I'm not running a business here and these people are not my customers. If I were, I would be making my own video games in Unreal Engine and staying far away from modding. I often set steam workshop content to not allow comments, and force people to join a Discord if they need troubleshooting. This cuts back on 90% of the negativity and people who just want to complain, because they simply do not want to put more effort into the whole complaint by joining a Discord. If someone truly cares, they won't mind elaborating on a Discord. I have a theory that some people just want to complain publicly, and when you take that public forum away and offer a private conversation, they just don't want to discuss the issue.
  9. Donnie_Plays

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    Hello George. I hope you are doing well. Armaholic has permanently closed. Do you happen to have your scripts for download anywhere else?
  10. Donnie_Plays


    My server had no issues. I simply updated the server with the new version of Ravage, and did some save updates to the mission files with the new version of Ravage and everything is working just fine. Having said that... I do not really use the Ravage loot systems where it spawns objects. I only use the "searchable objects already in the world" option for loot and I use a custom loot script to spawn loot on the ground in buildings. @haleks I saw this in the update. What was wrong with weapon accessories? I have noticed that in the past AI never carry any weapon accessories other than flashlights, etc. They never seem to have scopes or suppressors. Is that what you mean?
  11. Donnie_Plays


    I just thought about it. I'm not sure I can tell what race the zombies in Ravage are. They all kind of look the same. That sounds bad, doesn't it?
  12. Donnie_Plays


    Use the InitEH in the zombie module. Use this code. [(_this # 0), selectRandom ['Face_01', 'Face_02', 'Face_03', 'Face_04']] remoteExec ['setFace', 0, true]; You have to pick the face classnames you want to use. It will still sometimes spawn random Ravage faces, but it will favor the faces you list.
  13. Donnie_Plays

    [Release] Auto Run Script

    Working! Thank you!
  14. Donnie_Plays


    I just tried this and it does not work, still. I have tried multiple ways to get this to work. I do not understand why it works in MP hosted but not on a server. There has to be something I'm missing.
  15. Donnie_Plays

    [Release] Auto Run Script

    I'm running it on initPlayerLocal and it will not work on a server. It runs in MP hosted, but not an actual server. I'm troubleshooting the issue now.