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  1. Donnie_Plays


    I just thought about it. I'm not sure I can tell what race the zombies in Ravage are. They all kind of look the same. That sounds bad, doesn't it?
  2. Donnie_Plays


    Use the InitEH in the zombie module. Use this code. [(_this # 0), selectRandom ['Face_01', 'Face_02', 'Face_03', 'Face_04']] remoteExec ['setFace', 0, true]; You have to pick the face classnames you want to use. It will still sometimes spawn random Ravage faces, but it will favor the faces you list.
  3. Donnie_Plays

    [Release] Auto Run Script

    Working! Thank you!
  4. Donnie_Plays

    HELP NEEDED - Autorun for server

    I just tried this and it does not work, still. I have tried multiple ways to get this to work. I do not understand why it works in MP hosted but not on a server. There has to be something I'm missing.
  5. Donnie_Plays

    [Release] Auto Run Script

    I'm running it on initPlayerLocal and it will not work on a server. It runs in MP hosted, but not an actual server. I'm troubleshooting the issue now.
  6. Donnie_Plays

    [Release] Auto Run Script

    I cannot get this to work on a server. It will work MP hosted with friends, but for whatever reason it will not work on a server.
  7. I am using an autorun script that I found here on the forums. I can get this script to work no problem playing locally hosted MP games with friends, but I cannot get this to work for players on a server. It seems like it should run locally, but the autorun only works in local hosted by executing the sqf in Init.sqf like this... Init.sqf [player] execVM "autorun.sqf"; autorun.sqf (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", { if (_this select 1 == (actionKeys 'User9') select 0) then { if (isNil "AR_active") then {AR_active = false}; if (AR_active) exitWith {AR_active = false}; if (!isNull objectParent player) exitWith {}; if (surfaceIsWater (getPos player)) exitWith {}; AR_active = true; AR_weapon = currentWeapon player; AR_animation = switch (true) do { case (AR_weapon isEqualTo ""): {"AmovPercMevaSnonWnonDf"}; case (AR_weapon isEqualTo (handgunWeapon player)): {"AmovPercMevaSlowWpstDf"}; case (AR_weapon isEqualTo (primaryWeapon player)): {"AmovPercMevaSlowWrflDf"}; case (AR_weapon isEqualTo (secondaryWeapon player)): {"AmovPercMevaSlowWlnrDf"}; }; player addEventHandler ["AnimDone", { if ((!AR_active) || {!((currentWeapon player) isEqualTo AR_weapon)} || {!isNull objectParent player} || {surfaceIsWater (getPos player)} || {_this select 1 == AR_animation && speed (vehicle player) <= 0}) exitWith { player removeEventHandler ["AnimDone", _thisEventHandler]; AR_active = false; AR_weapon = nil; AR_animation = nil; }; player playMoveNow AR_animation; }]; player playMoveNow AR_animation; }; }]; // Stop running (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", { if (_this select 1 != (actionKeys 'User9') select 0) then { if (AR_active) then {AR_active = false}; }; }]; I have tried executing this autorun.sqf file several ways on my server but it just will not work. Any ideas? I know about Cypress Autorun, but I'm trying to avoid using it, if possible. I strongly prefer this specific code, if I can get it working on the server. It works like a charm in MP hosted.
  8. Donnie_Plays


    Hello friends. Long time no see. After a lengthy break from Arma I'm back at it again. A while back I saw a YouTube video for how to delete Ravage character saves. Does anyone know what happened to that video? I can't seem to find it anymore. I do not personally need it since I already know how to do this, I just thought it would be a good reference video to put for troubleshooting on workshop.
  9. Hello everyone. I have launched a brand new server that blends the styles of a classic mod for Arma 3 (BreakingPoint) and classic Arma 3 Wasteland. I'm pretty excited about the server. Just looking to let people know about it. Server name is BreakingPoint Wasteland IP: : 2302 You only need three mods to play which the server will prompt you for when you join. JSRS and Enhanced Movement are optional for clients. The server has the following features: -Wasteland store system -Full Wasteland AI mission system customized for the BreakingPoint experience (Hunter faction are the AI) -Full BreakingPoint weapons and gear in stores -Zombies roaming that fight the AI and players (Ravage mod) -Heli and Plane crash sites with top level loot -Virtual garage parking for vehicles -ATM system with cash and full database -Ambient environment with birds, bugs, rabbits, sea creatures -Zone capturing and money rewards for more zones -Full arsenal of vehicle, plane, heli and boat spawns -Base building I have made several customizations to the Wasteland experience to give players a unique experience on the server. We also have a Discord community you are welcome to join!
  10. Donnie_Plays


    I am running a Ravage server that I wanted to tell you about. It only requires four mods total and offers Enhanced Movement as an optional fifth server. The server is just now launching today. Here is the IP: Here is our Discord for server info: https://discord.com/invite/NGXXhX3
  11. Donnie_Plays


    That DayZ on Altis mission was the first thing I ever released on workshop. It needs a full overhaul update, in my opinion. I'm going to release a new Ravage sandbox using BP Addons in the near future.
  12. Donnie_Plays


    I set up my Discord invite to anyone who wants to join if they want to message me or discuss any issues they have. I could post a new forum topic on BI, but I feel that more people are using Discord these days and it's a great way to quickly message others, etc. Most of the comments I get go into one of two categories. "I really love what you are doing" or "This completely sucks." I do get a good suggestion from time to time, but there are a lot of demands out there. Nothing wrong with people offering ideas, but it feels like people are a bit overly aggressive or dare I say obsessive over expecting more free work. I have found that the more personal that I make something... the closer it is to what I really want it to be, it's more likely that someone will want it to be something else or different. I want to give a specific example as to why this can get out of hand. The day I launched this last mod... some guy threw a fit about the Crossbow reload animation not being good enough. This is something that's not in Arma and is not easy to do. I was using a general reload animation from Arma. I already knew this was something to add and was working on getting it implemented, and I said on day 1 that I would get it in. He persisted to post that same general comment for three days in a row, hurling some nasty insults, etc. He actually posted twice in an hour, saying basically the same thing. This is a form of entitlement that you see in the modding community sometimes. Another frequent complaint that I see on other missions and pages... are people being mad that DLC are needed for a specific mod, as if they are entitled to pay as little as possible for as much free stuff, etc. I suppose it's one thing if someone buys a product and they expect better. It's another in the modding world, where anyone can just sub to a different mod if one does not offer what people need or want, etc. I've really learned just how complex making a mod can be. How time consuming it is, etc. I also began to realize that this is modding and it's not to be expected to be a perfect product. I feel that if someone loves what I'm doing and wants to discuss it further, they won't have a problem coming to Discord to talk about it. They can always leave the Discord after whatever issue is resolved. I also believe that people are less likely to join a Discord just to be negative.
  13. Donnie_Plays


    I just discovered that you can remove all users from being able to comment on workshop pages. Is this a new feature or has it always been there and I've been oblivious? Best day, EVER.
  14. Donnie_Plays


    Wanted to let people know that I have launched this standalone gear and weapons mod, based on the Breaking Point weapons and gear. This mod was specifically made for mission makers and server owners who want to use apocalyptic looking weapons (older models that have aged with cracks and scratches). I know that I have a Ravage mission planned specifically with these weapons. There are nearly 60 weapons total, including pistols, SMG's, Rifles, Snipers and LMG. I have also made most of the weapons compatible with vanilla Arma 3 ammo, with a few unique ammo exceptions. I should note that this mod comes with several prop items like Cereal, Morphine Syringe, Plates etc... these items are not consumable. I left them in the mod for mission makers to place in the world, etc. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2237483096
  15. Donnie_Plays


    @haleks I saw in the notes that there is further support for Global Mobilization. May I ask what all was added for this?