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  1. Donnie_Plays


    I gotta step in here. I like VD Apocalypse and all, but I certainly do not want all of this stuff in Ravage. It's great as optional.
  2. Tonight after the Arma update, steam re-downloaded every mod that I was subscribed to. After the re-download, all mods are showing as corrupt in my Arma launcher now.
  3. Donnie_Plays


    I thought the issue was just related to New Haven. I guess I'm not alone. On New Haven, a very small percentage of lights are working. Maybe 1 out of 10. I made several tweaks but it didn't change.
  4. Donnie_Plays


    So there were no changes made to lights then? I checked my settings again and I have the module set to 0. I haven't tested this in like two months and the last time I did, lights worked everywhere at night.
  5. Donnie_Plays


    That's the first thing I did last night. I checked my settings and it was set to 0. Maybe something else is going on with my mission. I'll take another look.
  6. Donnie_Plays


    Did all the lights go back off at night on Ravage?
  7. Donnie_Plays


    Did all the lights get turned back off on Ravage again? I'm not sure if that was changed with this update or perhaps an older one. I haven't played much Arma in the last two months. I played for about 90 minutes tonight. Found at least 20 pairs of Binoculars. I also had a stretch of military barracks where the loot flickered for me after searching. Once that started happening, I had to leave that area and go into a new area on another part of the map to get it to work properly again. @EO... I like the style of using the solo Renegades, but I've noticed that this seems to kill the AI from driving around in vehicles, which for me adds a lot to Ravage. Unless I'm not setting something correctly?
  8. Donnie_Plays


    Even kodabar makes it clear in his latest youtube video that the music he's using is nowhere near as cool as the Ravage music is, that it's substitute, etc. Unfortunately we disagree on this. I play video games almost every day. I have 266 games on steam. I've never been copyright stricken for playing and streaming any of those games with the music they play in the background. For some reason, I'm getting flagged for that one Dark Hollow song on youtube. I actually enjoy the Ravage soundtrack quite a bit. I'm unable to enjoy it while streaming now because of this one song. If it's just one song, I'm not sure how much of an interruption it would be to the experience to change or remove it. However... I understand if Haleks does not want to omit the track. I personally think the soundtrack gives the entire experience personality. It doesn't feel the same streaming it without the music. I can play any kind of music in the background if I want to, on my PC. I do not need a script to do such a thing on stream, etc.
  9. Donnie_Plays


    Will you please consider removing "Dark Hollow" from the music playlist? That song flags a copyright claim on every youtube video or stream that I do when that songs plays in the background. I have been removing the music lately whenever I do play anyway. I've also noticed a few other people have done the same. I'm not even sure which song that is in the playlist.
  10. Donnie_Plays


    I would like a system where every building has a chance to spawn objects, but depending on the building size, there may be more or less objects with a potential random system that does not always spawn objects in every building. This may be best for performance since all the buildings are enterable in the new DLC's. Some of the buildings are massive with a lot of rooms. There is a new military barracks building in the GM DLC that has like five floors and tons of rooms. I can really envision a building like that being awesome for military loot. While I enjoy the furniture spawns... I noticed a clear FPS hit when that feature entered Ravage. I wonder if a system would work better for performance if the loot stayed inside the container instead of dropping to the ground and then the container despawned after time?
  11. Donnie_Plays


    That's the thing about workshop. You get a fairly consistent amount of demands from people, who I'm pretty sure mostly do not own any DLC and only bought Arma on a cheap discount anyway. They are not really invested in the game, yet expect the most out of it. Go figure.
  12. Donnie_Plays


    @haleks I sent you a PM with regards to loot positions for the GM DLC buildings that I worked on for Breaking Point recently. I hope it helps. Not sure if you can use it or not.
  13. Donnie_Plays


    I couldn't find one... but you can look at the developers release on workshop that I linked in my previous reply. The info is there.
  14. Donnie_Plays

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    How do non owners of this DLC access the buildings? Someone told me today that the buildings were added to Arma for the non owners? Is this true? Wanted to verify for sure.
  15. Donnie_Plays


    I just heard that Arma allowed the GM DLC buildings into the base game for everyone! If you know anyone who wants to use the assets, they can now do so for free by subbing to this optional mod... this is good news for mission makers, etc. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1776428269