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  1. I have always turned off music in my game as I never liked to be influenced by it, so for sure it does (it also decreases my immersion)ö
  2. andersson

    Old school, but so old I might as well be ancient.

    Download the usermade campaign 1985 from steam, so nice to re-live it in A3.
  3. andersson

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    I had daydreamed with a friend of freedom to drive vehicles in novalogics delta force. Later I read about OFP in a PC mag and instantly fell in love due to the ability to aim down the iron sight. I had just bought a new computer to play AvP2, which for me was a big dissapointment after avp 98, so I borrowed the OFP cd from a friend and was hooked. Bought my own cd the next day.
  4. andersson

    Does anyone else not use WASD for movement?

    Numpad user here.
  5. I want A4 as I can't trust A3 while making missions. All the reasons can be read in the development branch so no need for me to open up that discussion here. All other versions I gladly updated to because they were better looking and had more features, this time I want to change so I can leave A3 behind. Sad to say.
  6. andersson

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I would love to hear about that design decision. It boggled my mind that side specific values was removed as it removed the option to have good AI on one side playing against bad AI (either spec op vs guerilla OR to have an easier game). Now if my AI are spec op even a rag tag army will be an as good enemy force. The old way still made it possible to have the skill equal on both sides if one wished to. What benefit was there in this new restricted way? Im genuinelly curious and I would love to understand. And I have always liked when BI developers explains more how the thoughts, limitations and design affect the game as it can for me look strange until I understand the picture you guys see.
  7. andersson

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Will give them a run!
  8. andersson

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    I can only talk about T55, T72 och BMPs in RL and the T's can be heard very far. I remember the first time I tried to locate them I misjudged so much and thought they were just a few 100m away from me. But that's oldfashion combustion engines.
  9. andersson

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I would also drink if I had no women around me.
  10. andersson

    Re-mapping is a train wreck

    Im a right handed person and play using the numpad. I lost all my settings when A3 hanged and I had to force a reboot of my win10. Then I lost all my settings, my user was completely default, key bindings and game settings. I now have my profile backup. But it's no problem remapping to numpad. As PuFu says you must have something double mapped. What you cant rebind however is left ctrl combos and some eden/camera controls. So in eden I resigned and use default wasd scheme..
  11. andersson

    Firing from vehicles using launchers?

    I can take a look later and see if I find something useful or if it's a dead end.
  12. RHS and A3/CUP terrains. That's the only mods we use in coop.
  13. andersson

    Firing from vehicles using launchers?

    Could be done with a mod, probably a small config job. You could try to make one and yes I'm serious about it. I saw that you have been looking into it already in the addon and config sub forum. My tip is to start looking through the game configs until you find the relevant code, you can do that in eden. When you find that open up a question in the relevant subforum on how to change it and create a small addon. It's seriously not as difficult as one might think :)
  14. andersson

    Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    I doubt it's the same guys working on 3d models and missions that bughunt and implement features, so LoW probably didn't take much if any time from that. And here is a list of fixes since 2013: Fixes to game mechanics