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  1. Mark XIII (DayZ)

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    Haha, ok back on topic! Is there a way to stop the tails overlapping each other slightly when firing long bursts on full auto? I've noticed this quite a bit and once it's noticed it is very hard to un-notice it :)
  2. Mark XIII (DayZ)

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Please can I have my old profile merged? I'm not 100% sure but I believe my old username is: Mark_XIII Minus the (DayZ) thingy. I'm not sure what my rank would have been. EDIT: I just looked at a super old thread I started and my name is listed as: mark xiii no caps, dunno if that helps but thanks for the help, mucho appreciated!
  3. Mark XIII (DayZ)

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    Yes please! Thank you very much :D
  4. I think Arma 3 along with the eden update has the best audio production so far in any mil sim game so far. If I were to mod this game I'd leave a large number of sound vanila because of how good they are... I'd maybe tweak the volumes and distances a little.. Bullethits anyone lol... However. This mod right here. This IS essential for all the sounds that do need improving/replacing. You've found a great balance between audio design and realism! On a side note and slightly off topic. Did you make the vehicle sounds for the littlebirds in RHS US mod? If so, absolutely outstanding work. I love how the pitch changes when I alter the collective.. Sounds so good.. Great work!
  5. Mark XIII (DayZ)

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    Haha apparently so :) Wanna get the band back together? Or am I flying solo?
  6. Mark XIII (DayZ)

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thank you RHS team for this fantastic set of mods. Truly great work. I've just found some time to get back into Arma and this was one of the first things I downloaded. I wasn't disappointed to say the least. Once again, thanks!
  7. Mark XIII (DayZ)

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    Thanks for that mate. I've been away dealing with real life for a long time but when you sent me the link to this page it cheered me up. Keep up the good work dude. This is great to see!
  8. Mark XIII (DayZ)

    Speed Of Sound

    This is what Arma 3 needs, someone with some actual experience making a sound mod. You sir have my respect. Thank you for putting time and effort into such a great project !
  9. Mark XIII (DayZ)

    Blastcore A3

    Great to see you back at it buddy, I'm really looking forward to seeing this in action :)
  10. I'm totally in love with these weapons, seriously I doubt I'd be playing that much as BLUFOR without this pack. I really dislike the MX series of weapons tbh. So thanks again for making this happen ! I do however have a request.. If you find the time could you please add some subsonic ammo types for weapons that allow the silencer/suppressor attachment ? I love going in sneaky but the current ammo produces supersonic bullet cracks which obviously tells the whole island I'm on my way :) Cheers :)
  11. Mark XIII (DayZ)

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    Nice work and perfect timing ! Great to see you working on Arma 3 :)
  12. Mark XIII (DayZ)

    Arma 2 Sound Modding 101.

    It might be because your source volume is so low and your volume range is quite high, try this and see if it helps: sound[] = {"\cmSound_s_A10\A10_Forsage_out",50,1,5000}; If things still appear quiet I don't know whats going on but you are welcome to download the HiFi A10 I did and have a poke about inside to compare volumes. I don't think you can add more sound entries for the vehicle's, I'm sure I tried this at some point as well as trying it on the sonic cracks and shellbase. Personally, I'd try and get in touch with Tango Romeo. He made the best vehicle sounds/configs I've heard/seen. Maybe he could help. From a first person point of view the only way to increase the volume would be to increase the gain at soundwave level, nothing can be done to increase the volume in first person via the config. The only volume you control in the config is the volume in relation to other sounds within the game. This is beyond me but maybe Andersson could help you, I strongly suggest you PM him, after all he did some clever environmental stuff with the configs for HiFi Novus Aevum. Just a heads up for you guys new to modding. I'm back working on a new mod myself, I'll be releasing it in stages and once each stage is done I'll be releasing the configs too. Of course these will be free to use by ALL.
  13. Hi guys, I have some questions to ask you. I hope you're all feeling helpful, although I promise nothing too stressful ;) but first let me try and explain... Basically I'm looking at producing a PvP sound mod first while slowly working away at some of the previous modules released in the last HiFi beta. So what does this mean for you, well it means I'll be focusing on a smaller mod which will consist of the following: All handheld weapons will be remade completely with specific focus put on tactical PvP gameplay & immersion. (BAF Weapons to be included) Sonic cracks will be updated and set to realistic distances. Because of 'r/l' I'll be working on this when I can fit it in, I wanted to do something usable but also something I could see myself finishing...Also since Jarhead has had the chance to work on the modular system over the past months I'll be following his format for the weapons, which means you guys will be able to swap and change between mods if you like. Later down the line once the weapons are finished I'll look at releasing an entire package. Ok so questions.. Since the first work I want to do is aimed at PvP I need to hear from you guys about which weapons you use, what PvP gamemodes you play and most important of all right now, the distances you guys tend to engage at ?
  14. Hey Jarhead did you ask your buddy if I could use a version of the distance script or would you rather I PM'd him myself ?
  15. I'm back. More information will follow soon.