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    United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF)

    Im interested, my xfire is lukey120292. cheers. Luke.
  2. lukey120292

    Having trouble running 1.16

    thankyou for the help :)
  3. lukey120292

    Having trouble running 1.16

    I see so I can either run the game in 1.16 or 1.14, I cant access both at the same time? so either way ill not have access to certain games?(lobbies) ill just have to switch?
  4. lukey120292

    Having trouble running 1.16

    "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\beta\arma.exe" -mod=beta -nosplash Thats my 1.16 beta target now. i change the regular ArmA file it's "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\beta\arma.exe" when i run them its the same, its 1.16 and says ( you can download 1.14, but ive dloaded it?
  5. lukey120292

    Having trouble running 1.16

    How do i do that? Targetline? sorry i ain't so good with folders etc.
  6. I have updated and patched v 1.14 1.15 beta and beta 1.16, i went into ARMA file location and made a shortcut for 1.16 beta. whenever i open the gam eup via that shortcut it's like im playing on a version BEFORE 1.14 and hardly any games are open to me. If i run the normal shortcut with 1.14 i can get all games upto 1.14 but not the BETA. So i cant get ( or i dont know ) how to run the game so all my patches are applied. am i missing something here? Thanks. Luke
  7. lukey120292

    Help updating please.

    Hello guys! I love realistic FPS's so I tried the Arma demo, two days later I purchase the game. Everything is working fine it seems, but when i go into the multiplayer lobbies most of the games are 'bad versions' i am guessing this is because I don't have the updates. the reason I am on here posting is because I need some guidance and links to what downloads I should install and in what order. I live in the EU( united kingdom ) and I downloaded via sprocket ( gold edition ) If anybody would be so kind to link me the updates in order that would be greatly appreciated. And could anybody recommend what add-ons I should get right away? thanks Luke.