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  1. the.d

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Arsenal works like a charm now. All loadouts and radio setups are accessible, no more lag. Many thanks!
  2. the.d

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Loading a preset loadout reliably works if you do not equip a radio and only equip binoculars. The most straight-forward procedure is to make a save of your default loadout, then modify it one by one. With each change, check if saving is still enabled for that particular set (i.e. not greyed out in the list). No idea why this is the way it is, but we managed to get our customization going.
  3. the.d

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Got it to work, for some weird reason. I used the renamed mission from Armaholic, instead of the dropbox link. Not sure if this makes any sense; to me it doesn't. At any rate, it would appear the server liked that one better. Everything initialised and we just spent the last 5h clearing two towns. What a blast. I am by far not the only one who quite desperately waited for an Arma3 sandbox scenario with high quality missions and such a brilliantly balanced game flow. Hats off to you, Sensei, and thank you so much for this!
  4. the.d

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Roger, thanks for the clarification. We waited at the start of DCG for several minutes and had no objectives generated. In my previous test run this took indeed only a few seconds. Since nobody else reported this the issue must lie with us, however. I will try to sort this out and, if it's helpful, report back here! When initializing the Arsenal from the HQ crate the game freezes for around a second. Selecting loadouts, as well as saving and loading leads to considerable frame lag for ~1s as well. This was reported from all our players and does not happen in other mission (apart from "loading lag" while caching the Arsenal-related items at first initialization, of course). Thanks, I did not know this! Moving to Arsenal was a good move, this issue aside, imo. :-) I'll see if I can grab the server log - it's a Linux dedicated server and doesn't generate an .rpt directly. We do redirect stdout / stderr but I, erh, kinda forgot where that log is saved :-) I have the very strong suspicion that the cause of these bugs lies very much with us; I will try to make some time this evening and check our server setup and DCG more thoroughly. I should mention that I tried the mission locally by running a listenserver and it worked like a charm. So it is most likely not an obscure addon issue. Is anybody else running this on a Linux dedicated server by any chance? Thanks for your reply!
  5. the.d

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Hey SENSEII, thank you very much for the update. Apart from wanting to tell you how friggin' great it is to see DCG back - and with full ACE3 integration no less! - I'd like to share some feedback and a few potential issues I noticed so far. I tested it yesterday (briefly, only, as I did not have much time) and noticed that sometimes mission objectives are not generated at startup. This seems to happen frequently when you choose independent as the enemy side. On a side note, the arsenal also has some sort of (script?) lag and previous loadouts cannot be loaded - including loadouts that have been saved DCG mission-internally in a previous run. Today, after the Arma 1.48 update, we tried to start a five player session and DCG would not initialise any of its missions at all. The rest of DCG seemed to start up normally (DCG ACE3 interface, platoon/squad level coms, etc.). Weirdly enough, it would also reliably crash the server after each respective second attempt to restart the mission. Perhaps the issue is with us, no question. Perhaps Arma 3 1.48 changed a few things, that DCG previously relied on? At any rate, please take these reports with a grain of salt, as: - I was not running -showScriptErrors - our dedicated server uses no headless client. - the server/client setup is running ACE3, TFAR, RHS, Leight's OPFOR pack and ASDG Joint Rails as well as ASRAI3 Thanks for your efforts and for sharing your mission here. Absolutely looking forward to playing it! :-)
  6. Hey SilentSpike, thanks for the reply! Tested both client- and server-side: - removing ace_zeus.pbo from the client does not remove the black overlay - removing ace_zeus.pbo from the dedicated server gets the curator mode back to a working state! Embarrassingly, I tried to approach this previously by finding anything like "ace_curator"; it hadn't even occurred to me to look under "_zeus" ... I am not a smart man. :-x I did not find any documentation as to what ace_zeus does at this point. Many thanks for taking the time to respond; if I can help in any way, do let me know.
  7. Okay, potentially stupid question here, but I couldn't find anything in this regard so far - so here it goes: Does anybody else have problems with Zeus when running ACE on a dedicated server? Whenever I join in as the curator (in the vanilla missions as well as MCC or RHS) I get a black overlay on the screen. This exclusively happens when running ACE on the dedicated server - listenserver works without issues, and when ACE is removed from the dedicated server, Zeus goes back to a visible screen with UI. I tried with and without ace_server.pbo - same outcome, black screen. Can't quite figure out what's happening here. It's not a super urgent issue and might, admittedly, be a bit specific - but any help or shared experiences would be much appreciated. Cheers! :)
  8. Cool, thank you very much for the reply! It is most likely that I screwed up with the update then. I will have to sort it out. Cheers! Edit: Hm, nope. My files are all good. Turns out the problem persists exclusively on a dedicated server. I can run Zeus just fine locally; when I use the exact same files on a dedicated server it won't load the mission or even crashes the server. I very rarely get the following error message: "No entry bin\config.bin/CfgPatches.aia_structures_data" Addendum: It works on the dedicated server now that I use the "LITE" pack. I thought I'd be "smart" using the exact same files as the client for the server; turns out I am not smart. NB: Use the "LITE" pack for dedicated servers.
  9. This might have been a misunderstanding. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but it would seem neither MCC (Add-on or mission version; there's no ZGM module within those) nor Zeus (the official Zeus missions) currently work with AiA TP.
  10. Amazing pack. I just love Sahrani! Just one gripe: There are currently no CfgPatches definitions which breaks Zeus completely*. Any chance of seeing this fixed? Thank you so much for your hard work there, guys! In particular you, .kju; you've done so much for this series, it is almost frightening. ^^ *just tested MCC / Zeus with and without AiA: Any maps that contain a Zeus module only load with AiA disabled.
  11. the.d

    ZAM Glasses

    Hey LordHeart! Awesome to see you are still at it :-) I love the add-on. Just one thing: Please, please consider making the "cracked" texture blurry (if it is still in there? I didn't get "cracked goggles" so far in 2.3). A plane that close to your eyes should be really out of focus. I would very gladly try my best to create some textures for you, if you like. Anyway, thanks for your efforts. This is really taking shape nicely!
  12. the.d

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Absolutely fantastic work, KoffeinFlummi. This is basically "ACE3" for the time being - an absolutely essential gameplay add-on for multiplayer sessions in particular. Quick feedback: The shades/goggles shaders are great, and while it's awesome to see sunglasses have an effect on contrast and total light intensity I found the "tactical goggles" to use the same effect, even when they (presumably) shouldn't. This interferes with some night-based missions. I get that it's not a good idea to wear shades at night; but tactical glasses should not measurably interfere with the absorbed light spectrum. Just a minor side note of course. Great job and thank you very much for this!
  13. the.d

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Absolutely brilliant! Thank you, Peral! May I just remark that at this point one is forced to run this add-on from its original folder (@Peral_A-10C). If started from a custom folder (I tried "@Content/addons/...")the user will receive an error message at the start and won't be able to hear sounds or start up the engine. Just a heads-up.
  14. the.d

    Refined Vehicles

    Indeed, thanks a lot for your work here, RedPhoenix! All the best!
  15. the.d

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    I am overly excited, LordJarhead! Thank you so much for your dedication!