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  1. rangerpl

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Seconded. I'm testing this mod with one of my own missions and the sharing function doesn't seem to respond to given settings, causing every AI within 1500m to aggro, regardless of how I set the CBA settings. I am also experiencing a problem where vehicles inside a friendly-occupied town go active and start shooting up buildings occupied by their own side's troops. The building-targeting feature is cool, but is there a way to prevent this behavior in situations where the tank crew is surrounded by friendlies?
  2. As a compromise, I propose that the map be renamed "Macedonia".
  3. When are Extended_Init_Eventhandlers from description.ext executed? Can I reference variables declared in init.sqf? Can I use a function I registered in CfgFunctions? Sorry for the stupid question. I'd check for myself but I'm away from my computer at the moment.
  4. rangerpl

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Better yet, being able to specify the civilian faction you want so that you can also use addon civilians.
  5. rangerpl

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Has anybody made (or is working on) a middle eastern/whatever skin pack for RHS? CDF and Takistani armies with RHS models would be pretty cool. I'd do it myself if I knew the first thing about reskins.
  6. rangerpl

    Record without FPS drop

    I personally prefer dxtory. Costs money but the amount of customization options is unparalleled. It's also super compatible, the only games I've had it refuse to cooperate with are ones using custom direct3d DLLs.
  7. rangerpl

    Far Cry 4

    Yeah, maybe someone at Ubisoft is a huge Morrowind fan
  8. So IBIS is going to be basically the Green Sea Region? Awesome if so. Hell, still awesome even if not.
  9. I disagree about the CoD and BF games. I was an avid CoD player for quite a while, and only stopped playing them because I got into ArmA and lost interest. They're not terrible games. They're over-the-top and ridiculous, but the developers/publishers make no effort to conceal this fact. They actually advertise it rather blatantly. I played quite a bit of Black Ops, MW2, WaW and CoD 4, and feel like I got my money's worth out of each. Similar story with BF3 and 4. Like many others, I was disappointed that BF3 wasn't going to be like BF2, but in many areas it's quite an improvement over its predecessor. I'm not too happy about the technical issues or the price for a full game + premium, but that isn't enough for me to write the games off as huge disappointments. They're still very fun. I'm a big Wargame fan and I've had hundreds of hours of fun with both Airland Battle and Red Dragon, but I have to admit the games are a bit flawed. I still consider them well-worth the money, but they really have an air of unfulfilled potential about them. They're great games but they gave me a strong impression that the developers do not play their own games. The game modes leave much to be desired, only about a quarter of the maps are actually enjoyable to play on, and far too much development time was wasted adding in naval combat in RD. The actions of the Wargame developers on their forums also do not amuse me.
  10. rangerpl

    Are we at the brink of World War III?

    The "militarized police" and efforts to restrict firearm ownership is a direct result of the culture of fear that came about with the 9/11 attacks and was strengthened by recent events such as the Sandy Hook shooting or the Boston bombing. I don't see it as part of a concerted government effort to restrict personal liberties, but more of a knee-jerk reaction to recent events. Politicians don't like being seen as soft on violence and terrorism, so giving police a blank check to acquire military equipment or banning certain firearms is a quick and easy way to gain votes. It's an unfortunate aspect of any republican (as in, of a republic, not the Republican party) system that somebody ends up getting thrown under the bus by politicians, but that's the way it is. It happened to German-Americans in WWI, it happened to Japanese-Americans in WWII, it happened to communists in the 1950s, etc.
  11. rangerpl

    Wargame Red Dragon

    Huge bump. The game received a DLC and patch last week. Poland, East Germany and Czechoslovakia have been given 90s equipment (nothing western though since they are still in WP). Autoloader tanks are hilarious now too.
  12. World in Conflict was great. Not a very realistic story, but it's basically the 80s in microcosm.
  13. Those logos remind me of Breaking Bad.
  14. rangerpl

    CoD: Advanced Warfare