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  1. Excellent excellent :cool: Yoma, in the "Default servers" list, could you modify my server named "Casual ArmA Players" with my new URL : ftp://arma_updater:2302@cellules-rapaces.sytes.net/yas2302.7z Thanks mate BB
  2. Hey Yoma ;), is it possible to change the name (and website URL) from my Yoma server, located in your Defaullt servers (the Autoconfig URL don't change) My current entries are : Servername : GIBF Yoma Addon Sync Server (Ace2) Homepage : http://cellules-rapaces.sytes.net/forums/index.php Autoconfig url : ftp://cellules-rapaces.sytes.net/yas2302.7z Could you change with these entries please : Servername : Casual ArmA Players Homepage : http://forums.bistudio.com/group.php?groupid=20 Autoconfig url : ftp://cellules-rapaces.sytes.net/yas2302.7z In advance, thanks mate ;) BB
  3. Hey SNKMAN ;) in the file "GL4_Global.sqf" (v1.1.87), is it normal that the "GL4 Get In" option is missing ??? in the GL4 v.1.1.85 Global Settings, there were this : // GL4 Get In: // ============================================================== // Choose if A.I. which is within 10 meters to a empty vehicle should mount the vehicle at mission start. // Note: This feature was made to overcome the assignment with the "moveInDriver", "moveInGunner" and "moveInCarog" command. // True / False, default is True // GL4_Global set [67, False]; in the GL4 v.1.1.87 Global Settings, this option doesn't exist anymore, #67 is replaced by this : // GL4 Friendly A.I. Rearm: ( New ) // ============================================================== // Choose if friendly A.I. should be able to rearm if they are running out of ammo. // True / False, default is False // GL4_Global set [67, True]; BB
  4. Really cool Yoma, thank you very much ;) BB
  5. Hi SKMAN just an info here about the text line (in MP) => "Group Link 4 "Default" Initialize Done" - if i'm client connected to a "normal" host => i've got this text line just after the mission is started ;) - if i'm client connected to my dedicated server => i never got this text line (GL4 is running on my client and on my dedicated server) :( Though it seems that GL4 is well initialized. Is it normal to not have this GL4 initialized message when connected on a dedicated server ??? BB
  6. Hi Yoma ;) currently, there is no possibility to delete the missions files (into the MPmissions folder) with your command "Delete Extra File" (after made an addons sync), i must delete them manually. Is there a possibility to fix that in your next release ? in advance, thx mate BB
  7. Yoma, If a login and password are required to have acces (to import) a yoma server, is there a possibility to add a message like this when you press on the button "import server" or the button "Check for addons / Download addons: you need to put entries in the box "Addon user" and "Addon password" Can you make this in the next Yoma update ??? BB ---------- Post added at 10:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:14 PM ---------- i don't want my Yoma server public ;) My yoma's URL is : ftp://cellules-rapaces.sytes.net/yas2302.7z So i need to have a file named "yas2302.7z in my repositry folder. This file contain the table server. Are you sure that your repositry folder has a file named like in your yoma's URL ???? BB
  8. Give a login and password to your FTP folder where your repositry is located (via your FTP server software, like Filezilla server). Then in the Yoma, you need to configure this login and password in the tab named : "Addon server" (it's just the one after the tab named "Auto configuration"), like this : Addon user : xxxxxx Addon password : xxxxxx ;) BB
  9. My server GIBF yoma addon Sync Server (Ace2) is private for now. Login and password are required to have acces to my Yoma server ;) BB
  10. [gibf]-badboy

    WarFX Particles

    Same problem for me too :(:(:( PS : newest CBA, ACE, ACEX, ACEX_SM, ACEX_PLA, ZCOMMON_ACE My GFX card : GTX295 (SLI enabled) BB
  11. i confirm, bikey need to be updated here please :) Cheers, BB
  12. My server named : GIBF Yoma Addon Sync Server (Ace2) is always up to date with : -the ArmA2 Beta -the ACE2 (@cba;@ace;@acex;@acex_sm) -the Zeus AI Combat Skills & AI Spotting modular - ACE (@zcommon_ace) ;) Cheers, BB
  13. [gibf]-badboy

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Just to be sure (if i have understood well) : zeu_c_ai_aiming.pbo zeu_c_ai_aiming.pbo.ZEU.bisign this above files aren't need anymore, we can delete them only these files are required : zeu_c_ai_recognition.pbo zeu_c_ai_recognition.pbo.ZEU.bisign zeu_c_ai_rof.pbo zeu_c_ai_rof.pbo.ZEU.bisign zeu_c_ai_skill.pbo zeu_c_ai_skill.pbo.ZEU.bisign Thanks to confirm ;) PS : do we always remove the Hotfix.pbo from the beta folder ??? BB
  14. [gibf]-badboy

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    so after updated to v0.02 (delete, add and replace the files) => we must have this files in our @zcommon_ace\addons, correct ? zeu_c_ai_aiming.pbo zeu_c_ai_aiming.pbo.ZEU.bisign zeu_c_ai_recognition.pbo zeu_c_ai_recognition.pbo.ZEU.bisign zeu_c_ai_rof.pbo zeu_c_ai_rof.pbo.ZEU.bisign zeu_c_ai_skill.pbo zeu_c_ai_skill.pbo.ZEU.bisign If yes, Protegimus please edit your post on Armaholic (section "Included .pbo Files"), it is a bit confused there mate ;) Thank you very much for this update, Protegimus ;) PS : and please modify your "ARMA II Zeus_ACE_readme.txt" too Cheers, BB