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  1. jw custom

    Best gaming projector

    Optoma makes cheap but quite good projectors, good value for the money. I used to play a lot of PlayStation 3D game on my projectors, sadly i haven't room for one atm. though the Optoma GT5500 projects up to 100" placed almost next to the target wall, but it's not that cheap :)
  2. jw custom

    Angels fall first - Early Access

    I really enjoyed BHD & Joint Ops.150 player matches in Joint Ops was awesome
  3. jw custom

    Angels fall first - Early Access

    I thought for a second it was the Novalogic game Delta Force: Angel Falls :p
  4. jw custom

    ArmA won't start, just hang

    Just put a GTX 1060 6GB card in the box and now ArmA runs fine!
  5. If i have time/interest to get into next iteration of ArmA i would like it to be back in similar setting as Chernarus.
  6. jw custom

    Visit to Chernarus IRL

    Pictures or it didn't happen :D
  7. True, and as with many many good games, they were awesome at the time but not so much anymore.... even the same concept doesn't seem to work anymore.
  8. It's really starting to look like something
  9. jw custom

    ArmA won't start, just hang

    When i get time i will try reinstall Windows and if that doesnt work i can just as well give my steam account away so someone else can enjoy the game.
  10. jw custom

    Free Games

    ^got it, just in case :p Thanks :)
  11. jw custom

    ArmA won't start, just hang

    If you read my initial post you would see i've already tried these things..... i would say giving game 10-15min to start up should be enough and i already posted my .rpt file Thanks for caring though :)
  12. jw custom

    ArmA won't start, just hang

    I dont get any black screen, i just see my desktop and launcher window but game executable is running.
  13. So i haven't been playing for a long time but now that i've upgraded my computer i wanted to play a little, but ArmA won't start it just hang and i have to terminate arma3_x64.exe or arma3.exe from the taskmanager. My system specs are: CPU: i7-7700K MOBO: ASUS Strix Z270H Gaming RAM: 16gb Corsair Vengeance 3600mhz GFX: MSI GTX 1080ti OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 I have tried: Updating gfx drivers Downgrading gfx drivers Both 32bit and 64bit executables Disable antivirus program Uninstall antivirus program Disable Steam overlay Disable firewall Turned off UAC Disable BattleEye Doing a integrity check of game files Setting my screen resolution to 1080p Opt in and out of dev build Game is running clean without any 3rd party mods and is completely new installed. Here is my .rpt file: http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/s7wlaqQy/file.html Thanks for any help provided :)
  14. So i've been following this tilte for quite a while and now i got my computer upgraded and want to throw something heavy at it.... which package shout i buy? when i looking at some starter package's i see "6 month Insurange"... what does that exactly mean? Nevermind i found the info and bought the game :)
  15. I really liked Shadow of Mordor and finally they have annouced the sequel.... i'm REALLY looking forward to it