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  1. Contact

    SEAL Team Six 4

    I have that problem on the first mission too. Its the latest version of ACE updates has changed a few buttons. If you want to play it as the mission was created you have to use ACE v1.1 Stable
  2. Contact

    [SP/COOP]Helmand Tour 2006

    Thanks! Im glad I could enhance your Arma 2 experience :D
  3. Contact

    Play ArmA 2. Win Prizes

    I have signed up :)
  4. I'll be happy to help with some testing. Im signed up for the main event too and I will install mumble.
  5. Contact

    [SP/COOP]Helmand Tour 2006

    I will be making future missions involving 3rd para but yes as Daniel said the Royal marines often wore mixed camo in Afghanistan. http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?54153-Operation-Condor-Royal-Marines The 3para and Royal marine units have the same classnames so you could use them if you want. I have a british campaign in mind but im waiting for a better UK package like PR and its got to be based in the middle east :cool:
  6. Contact

    CA and other mods how to

    and some severs require the full ACE package including ACEX_PLA
  7. Contact

    [SP/COOP]Helmand Tour 2006

    Thanks for the feedback guys, Glad you enjoyed it :)
  8. Contact

    Arrowhead cover mod

    Excellent work! I dont know which I like best, they are both stunning! :eek:
  9. Prepare for some of the most intense Firefights in ArmA II Situation: Features: -British weapons & Equipment -Choose your own weapons & Equipment -Full Selection of ACE weapons & Gear -Features & Modules of ACE -BI First Aid Modules -Disabled ACE Stamina system -Briefing -Working Tasks & Task Hints -Autosave -Debriefing Required Addons: Advanced Combat Enviroment 2 Helmand Valley British Royal Marines UKF Weapon Pack Black Ops & Desert Mercs Version: 1.0 Single Player or 5 man Coop Downloads: All Feedback is appreciated
  10. Excellent mod! Im Really enjoying playing with ACE. Great work :ok:
  11. Contact

    BlackOps and desert mercs

    Awesome work!! These are the best winter units & the best middle eastern insurgents!!
  12. Looks good, always happy to see more british stuff rolling out
  13. Contact

    Why is this game not more popular?

    In my opinion, its a marketing/advertising problem. When I bought Arma II i didnt even know it existed. I think I went to buy Empire: Total War and saw Arma II on the shelf and thought hmm this looks better so I bought arma 2 instead. And Im glad I did because no lie, Its the best game Ive got. I paid £19.99 brand new from GAME and it was worth every penny! & I will definatley be buying Operation Arrowhead
  14. I would love to see some middle eastern maps. For example - Iraq - Afghanistan - Pakistan - Iran high mountainous regions, farms, cities, Markets, Enterable buildings, rivers, mountain houses/hideouts/villages, schools, petrol stations, offices, mosques and mountain caves/tunnels 0r maybe a afghan/pakistan border map, two countries on one map like Duala.
  15. Contact

    Zipper5's Missions

    Also the best campaign Ive played so far. Great work! Keep it up