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  1. kMaN175

    Arma 3 game stuttering

    I've had the exact same thing for years and just gave up on trying to fix it. Let me know if you find a resolution and I'll do the same.
  2. kMaN175

    KP Cratefiller

    Does there need to be as it still works?
  3. Awesome mod! Thank you for spending the time to make it and let the community use it. I tested it in MP and it works just as your videos show, but when I tested it on a dedicated server it got all wonky. On dedicated (Pic 1), the trap looks like the sun, and there's two of them, plus the swinging rope appears to be off in the wrong direction. (Pic2) Pic 1 Link Pic 2 Link
  4. kMaN175

    New rented server with creator DLC

    Installing the creatordlc will also give you SOG PF (vn).
  5. kMaN175

    Prarie Fire discussion

    How would you set PF up on a dedicated server? NVM, I figured it out. 😃
  6. kMaN175

    New rented server with creator DLC

    Thanks @mondkalb for putting those instructions up! How would you do the same for installing and launching SOG Prairie Fire?
  7. Thanks. We didn't have any issues until after that Arma update so I'm not sure what changed.
  8. I just added it to the server config and it worked for us. I didn't need it in the mission cycle area. Thank you for responding to my post and helping me fix a work around.
  9. Our community is having issues with the same and I was chasing a rumor that only other communities having the issue were on Hetzner servers.
  10. I had to reinstall windows, etc to get rid of the issue.
  11. Have you tried a a clean install of Arma?
  12. @pvt. partz Did you get yours working where you can use BE and it wouldn't bring down TS?
  13. I'm now suddenly having this issue when I didn't have it previously. I launched Arma with BE off and my TS didn't shut down so it is defo a BE issue as @Dedmen says. How do I find out which .dll does BE not like? I've tried looking at my Launcher\BE tab open, but it doesn't show anything.
  14. kMaN175

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Is there a limit on how many members you can have?