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  1. Could someone point me at a script or cmd line to update Western Sahara on a dedicated server? Thanks for your assistance.
  2. This issue just started occurring a few days ago. I load a mission into the editor and select play in MP. The server opens as usual, I click OK and get no player slots. If I reload the mission a few times it eventually shows the player slots immediately. This happens with a new mission I just started or with a saved one that is loaded into the editor. Does anyone know anything that will resolve this? Thanks in advance for your time and assistance. The players look normal in the mission editor and are set to playable. I just duplicated the issue and noticed that none of the fields at the top of the screen are populated, mission name etc. I think the mission is not loaded into the server created by selecting play in MP. I get the blank roles screen, and none of the optional parameters are on that screen and no player roles. It is like there is no mission loaded. I click back to return to editor, at this point I believe the server is still running, I reload the mission into the editor and select play in MP and this time it works. It seems that the server has to be running first now? Thanks in advance for your time and assistance, it is much appreciated.
  3. Sorry, so long getting back here. No, triggers are not set to server only. The intel alive or dead works to trigger a hint or some other on activation, but won't fire a task state change object. Strange indeed. I had to set a variable that the inetl picked up trigger sets to true. This variable is the condition of another trigger that fires the task state to change to complete and assign the next task. Strange. I got the mission completed and a couple extra triggers doesn't hurt it. Thanks for all your time and assistance. It is much appreciated.
  4. Thanks Marti but the intel, task modules and everything appear to be configured properly. As I understand it, the intel object is "alive" until someone picks it up then it becomes !alive. The intel variable name is maps01. The intel picked up trigger has a condition of !alive maps01 and a hint in the on Activation field "Intel found". When I pick up the intel the hint pops up, so I assume the trigger is firing when the intel is picked up - !alive. This trigger is synced with the set task state module to change task01 to succeeded. There is another trigger waiting for task 1 to be succeeded to create the next task02. The hint fires when I pick up the intel but task01 is not changed to succeeded and thus no new task is created. I am still working on this and will report back if I find the problem. I have limited time but will return to the forums as soon as I can.
  5. Thanks in advance for your assistance with my problem. I placed an intel item, "Kosteys map case", on a table and named it intel. I created a trigger with the condition !alive intel. The trigger is synced to the module to set a task as succeeded. When I play in MP from the editor on my pc it works as expected. The task is set to complete when someone picks up the intel maps item. Task1 succeeded then triggers the next task and so on. When I put the mission on our dedicated ArmA3 server, the trigger activates when the intel is picked up, but the task state module doesn't change the task to succeeded. I think the trigger is activating when the intel is picked up on the dedicated server because I placed a hint in the triggers activation field to test if it was activating or not. The hint pops up immediately when the intel is picked up. The trigger is synced to a set task state succeded module which is synced to the current task. Thanks.
  6. I have found a good sqf to add smoke trails to a plane, as you would see at an air show. I would like to be able to bind the actions Smoke on and Smoke off to buttons on my HOTAS or keyboard. Can this be done with custom binds or some other method. Thanks.
  7. I have found a good sqf to add smoke trails to a plane, as you would see at an air show. I would like to be able to bind the actions Smoke on and Smoke off to buttons on my HOTAS or keyboard. Can this be done with custom binds or some other method. Thanks.
  8. pierremgi, thanks so much for your help and all the excellent stuff in your workshop. Must haves for mission editors. I was able to find the classname of the light I was looking for with the help of Grumpy Old Man, another guru on these forums. I had heard of being able to simply shoot an object and it return the class_name. Grumpy Old Man gave me the code, which I will put in this thread in case anyone else needs it. Here is how I used it. I placed a player unit in front of the guard shack with the light on it at the tower on Green Mountain. I created a repeatable trigger, activated with a radio signal, with the code below in the init field. I started the mission, issued the radio command to execute the code and then shot the light I needed the classname of. The classname was returned on screen as a hint. Perfect. "glass_8_hide" was the classname of the light that I needed. Thank you both for assisting me. It is much appreciated by an amateur mission editor and the group that runs my missions. Well done. cursortarget addEventHandler ["HitPart",{ (_this select 0) params ["_target", "_shooter", "_projectile", "_position", "_velocity", "_selection", "_ammo", "_vector", "_radius", "_surfaceType", "_isDirect"]; hint str _selection }];
  9. Thanks mate I will try that ASAP, how can I find the classname of the ojbect, i assume you mean the building has these reflectors like other vehicles. And thanks for pointing me at the right classnames. I sort of recognize your profile pic. I know you have helped me before. Thank you so much. I just subscribed to your modules in the workshop and I will now be up all night. LOL I gave you all awards in workshop and anyone who uses these should too.
  10. Hi Everyone, I have spent the entire day trying to turn off the lights in the broadcasting station on Green Mountain on Chernarus. I'm using the Light.sqf. I believe all I need is the class name of this particular building light to get the sqf to turn it off. I simply can't find the class name of the building lights. I will post the sqf I am using so you can see the array of lamps that light.sqf has already. If anyone knows this lights class name or how I may find it I would be most grateful. Thanks All...David ARMAstrong. // off: 0 = [0.95] execVM "lights.sqf"; // on: 0 = [0] execVM "lights.sqf"; _types = [ "Lamps_base_F", "PowerLines_base_F", "PowerLines_Small_base_F", "Land_fs_roof_F", "Land_FuelStation_01_roof_F", "Land_FuelStation_02_roof_F", "Land_FuelStation_01_roof_malevil_F", "Land_LampDecor_F", "Land_LampSolar_F", "Land_LampHalogen_F", "Land_LampHarbour_F", "Land_LampStreet_small_F", "Land_LampStreet_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_L_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_small_F", "Land_LampAirport_F", "Land_LampShabby_F" ]; _onoff = _this select 0; for [{_i=0},{_i < (count _types)},{_i=_i+1}] do { // powercoverage is a marker I placed. _lamps = getMarkerPos "LIGHTSOURCE" nearObjects [_types select _i, 500]; sleep 1; {_x setDamage _onoff} forEach _lamps; };
  11. Since the official release, Old Man now crashes Arma 3 after a minute or so with 100% RAM usage. It didn't do this with the early access version. I have never suffered any memory leaks with Arma before and it only happens when I run Old Man. Other single and multiplayer missions function with no issues. Has to be Old Man issue?
  12. Thank you faguss! Yes you can host it. All mirrors are welcome. All the creators made these addons available to the public. Please give them credit and always include the readme files. I'm searching for the missions. This was a long time ago now and I am afraid the server holding most of the missions has been lost to rebuilds. I will post here if I can find them. Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (The original BIS OFP) will never die! 🙂