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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Military Discussion Thread

    New Russian tank is coming!
  3. Gamespy no longer supporting?

    Yeah, i agree. I'd also suggest to get OFP GOTY Edition version 1.96. :) EDIT: Most servers in Multiplayer require version 1.95+
  4. Wow. Very nice join date!

  5. Military Discussion Thread

    Ouch. :butbut:
  6. OFP videography

    LOL. I just like your youtube vids Rellikki. Hilarious Boat vid ;D I had something similar with tank also
  7. Theres Expansion coming out for Arma II! Watch more at youtube :P lastly i checked there were some videos showing the development of Operation Arrowhead!
  8. Nice Project. Any idea when its ready? :j:
  9. Little campaign-Lost solder

    LOL!! lol'd irl..
  10. Retextured Afghanistan

    Downloading!! :)
  11. cant wait for this MOD realese!
  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Tanks

    Alright, The next one i make will be harder. :)