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  1. Blitzen88

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Thanks, I will look into it.
  2. Blitzen88

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Is the Wilcox riser in the current release? Also, is it possible to flip magnifiers to the side? If so, how?
  3. Blitzen88

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I know this has probably been asked before but are there any plans to add extended lower and upper zenitco handguards (ie b30/b31)? or Sureshot handguards?
  4. The EmptyStartingVehicles is not included in the loop. Its purpose is to capture empty vehicles at the mission start; those vehicles are often times used for decoration. Im not worried to much about the Weapon holders. I run the Vanilla Garbage Collector and I would think that it deletes these anyways..?
  5. Thank you for the suggestion - I will try to implement it next time I have some time. I looked at the vehicles page and Im not sure what types of items/vehicles/etc "weaponHolderSimulated" applies to. If it refers to dead bodies or weapons on the ground, then its not really applicable to how I make missions. As for the Sectors.... From what I understand, SpawnAI modules which are linked to the SectorTactics module will attack sectors from closest to farthest. Therefore, for play testing purposes, I wanted to make a script which would display sectors from closest to farthest. I figured it would provide a good opportunity to learn how to do it. I already have the ability to find and sort sectors - I use it to create a transport helicopter which takes infantry spawned by a SpawnAI module to the closest neutral/enemy sector. I just dont know how to display it on the screen. SpawnAI Sector Control Heli Transport:
  6. This is a script that I am trying to implement displays: The script essentially deletes vehicles and crewmen that meet certain conditions. The script loops and displays a message via SystemChat to confirm the loop. How can I have the script display how many vehicles and crew were deleted? For example: Systemchat "AI Vehicle & Crew Monitor Loaded - X | Y" Where X is vehicles and Y is crewman..?
  7. This is what I came up with
  8. Reading up on canFire, I dont think I can accomplish what I want. Per the notes, It seems canFire will return true as long as the weapon can fire - even if it is completely damaged and can’t rotate.
  9. How can I “test what is returned for x”? Seems like a really cool thing to know.
  10. It will need to be some combination of the two. I will try that but I think laser designator weapons, which require batteries…I think, as magazines might mess it up..?
  11. Having some issues getting this check to work. I want to delete vehicles and crew members if a vehicle’s weapon/turrent is damaged and cant fire. The canFire command seems to do a good job of checking if a unit’s weapon/turrent can fire but I cant use that command by itself because it would delete unarmed vehicles. Im also trying to avoid a scenario where a unit gets deleted because it might have a weapon/turrent that is incapable of firing (i.e. it’s a just a turrent with a scope). This is the framework I’ve got: If ( ( cantfire ) && ( has weapon turrent) ) then { Deletevehicle} Any input would be awesome
  12. Will do. Thank you!
  13. Im NOT talking about this: while (true) do { execVM script; sleep 1} Im talking about this: while (true) do { something; sleep 1} How does the scheduler deal with the loop?
  14. On command hint. As to your previous comment (Hello World), how do you display elements from an array when you dont know big the array will be? Ie you know there are only two words so therefore you only “need” %1 and %2. How do I make it work if, sometimes the array is 20 elements and sometimes its 5 elements, etc.
  15. Greetings, My understanding is the Spawn and ExecVM commands allow for the scheduler to execute scripts when time allows for it based upon the current engine load. I believe the Exec command, however, executes scripts immediately when “called.” However, how does the scheduler handle looping scripts which are initially executed via the Spawn and ExecVM commands? For instance, say I execute a script via Spawn/ExecVM and it loops every 3 minutes. Will the scheduler delay the execution of the loop since the script was initially called with Spawn/ExecVM? Thanks