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  1. Having some issues with an AI Hunt/Stalk script that I created. The script uses the BIS_fnc_groupvehicles function to determine if the stalking group has a vehicle. However, I’m getting an error related to this function but I don’t know what I am doing wrong. The error I’m getting is: Steam Screenshot of Error (Bottom of Screen) Script:
  2. I wanted the script to work with being called via a SpawnAI module or a unit’s init line; thats the overall goal. The script is being called via a SpawnAI module’s expression line - calling it a sector module is poor and incorrect wording by me. I can’t remember if the issue exists with units spawned via a SpawnAI module but I do know that duplicate backpacks occur when the script is called via a unit’s init. Based off of what you wrote, I am assuming I am calling/execing it wrong..? Whats the correct way to exec it? Edit: After looking it over again, and looking at the params wiki entry, I think I know what the problem is. Edit #2: Changed how the script was called and that fixed the issue
  3. Had some time this weekend to fool around with this. Added a snippet which removed backpacks before the loadout changes but it still resulted in duplicate backpacks. I could almost swear the script is running multiple times per unit instead of one time per unit but I cant figure it out.
  4. Believe it happens for all units (any unit with a backpack). Script is being run on vanilla units. Im not sure whats causing it - sometimes the script runs and does not create duplicate backpacks (that fall to the ground) but most of the times it does. I think I tried removing backpacks before exec’ing the loadout changes but it didnt change anything.
  5. I think I tried that before and it didnt work. I will try it again
  6. Having some issues with a loadout script I use in combination with the Vanilla Spawn AI Module. The script redresses and re-equips units with RHS equipment (in this case M16s) once they spawn. However, the script seems to create duplicate/multiple backpacks for units - the unused backpack is left to sit on the ground. The script is run in singleplayer. How can I fix this? Loadout Script: Edit: Changed how the script was called and that fixed the issue.
  7. Is the 10,000 iterations built into the tool? How can I get an evaluation for a single run? I couldnt find any info about it on the wiki
  8. I started playing around with the performance tool yesterday but I noticed it didnt take input variables and didnt account for sleeps..?
  9. I was able to take this and figure it out from there. Thank you for helping me out!
  10. This is what I’m trying to figure out. I have certain conditions that need to be evaluated at the start of the IF/Select command but I need to make sure I have the syntax right.
  11. I’ve been looking at some script optimization and I’m a little confused about IF/Select statements and “lazy evaluation.” From my understanding, if the condition is written correctly, an If statement is more efficient if it is properly written with the correct syntax: If ( {Condition1} && {Condition2} && {Condition3} ) then { nothing }; My understanding is, if Condition1 is false, then the statement will NOT check Condition2 and Condition3 – the check essentially ends when Condition1 returns false. However, how does that work with a Select command and OR? For instance: _AllVehicles = _AllVehicles select { (!canMove _x) || (!alive driver _x) || ( (count crew _x) == 0) || ( (!isNull gunner _x) && (!alive gunner _x) ) || ( (!isNull gunner _x) && (!canFire _x) ) }; Will the script continue to evaluate the other conditions even if the vehicle cannot move? Do I need to change my brackets to accomplish that? Just wanted to check.
  12. Thanks for pointing these out - I fixed all of these after some initial testing. All of my scripts are for single player. Do you think there is any sort of performance difference between using a loop script vs. creating triggers? Im really more concerned about the possible performance impact
  13. Thank you for looking at this! Your solution is a little bit over my head - I can get the overall jist of it but Im going to have to learn about the rest. I thought about triggers but didn't know how to pass the group for deletion without using global variables.
  14. Can you use _proxythis to define a group? Ie, GroupA = group _proxythis…?