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  1. Basically title but.... Is there any way to automatically setmarkeralpha 0 for all markers that start with certain letters? For instance, setmarkeralpha 0 for all markers that start with "Obj_" ? Thanks!
  2. I play 98% of my missions with the Advanced AI Command module. I assign waypoints to support/logistics unit to bring them to damages units; I do not use the support waypoint. With the help of another forum member I was able to add an action that would refuel, rearm, and repair vehicles.
  3. Is this the same demo mission that comes with the script or a different one? EDIT Got it to work!! Thank you for your help!
  4. Is there any way to add an addaction to a unit via the Jebus init command? I tried but could never figure it out. Can anyone post an example?
  5. Greetings I play long solo missions and often times find myself spending a lot of time moving up logistics trucks to injured/depleted vehicles. Although this adds a degree of realism its too time consuming. Is there a way to make vehicles regenerate their ammo, fuel, and health? I believe a “while fuel < 1” styled loop script would work but I dont have the knowledge to pull it off Also, how could the script be manipulated so that it ends when the vehicle is destroyed? Thank you for your time
  6. Nevermind, figured it out
  7. Has anyone tried using the Sync Command in a units init field to sync a unit to a spawn trigger? Does it work?
  8. Disclaimer: I dont know much about scripting I use Zenophon’s garrison script in a lot of my missions to put Ai into buildings. Although I like the script I do not like how it places Ai into smaller buildings like sheds and shacks. Other garrison scripts, like the CBA defend module, have a “building threshold” feature which causes the script to ignore buildings that have less than the specified number of building positions. Is there a way to add that feature to Zenophon’s script?
  9. Hello! As I mentioned, I like to play with the Advanced AI Command mod when playing combined arms missions. This leads to me commanding all of the units on a particular side. Through out the course of the mission vehicles, in particular land vehicles like APCs and tanks, are damaged as a result of combat or they run out of fuel/ammo. I usually give myself access to logistic trucks to resupply and refuel any damaged units but this can be quite an ordeal with the AI's poor driving; I end up spending almost as much time managing the logistical convoy as I do fighting the AI. I would like the take the logistics out of the mission by having vehicles, namely APCs and Tanks, regenerate their health, ammo, and fuel. To give some specifics: It would be preferable if healing was applied incrementally instead of being applied all at once. For instance, maybe a tank would heal from 20% health to 100% health over the course of 2-3 minutes. Incremental healing would be preferred over instantaneous healing to limit the amount of impact the script would have during combat. I suppose the preferred way of having it work would to have a timer count down from the time a unit takes its most recent amount of damage. This would mean the script would not heal a unit during combat; a unit would have to avoid damage for X amount of time before the incremental healing would kick in. It would be preferred that the script was not reliant on naming a unit. I use JEBUS to respawn both friendly and enemy units and a unit's name is not re-applied after it respawns. Script would need to stop once the unit dies. I think thats about it for the specifics....? Im open to suggestions. Like I said, I was hoping to have something like this so I dont have to worry/spend time fooling around with logistics. PS. I tried the repair trigger script you wrote and it works really well! I put it over my helipads to refuel, repair, and reload my helicopters in the missions I play.
  10. Sorry, I researched a little bit and most of what I found seemed to invlove creating stationary repair areas with triggers. I was hoping to find something that could be applied to vehicles and wasnt tied to a particular area. I will check out the link. Thanks for the help!
  11. Whenever I play Arma I almost exclusively play with the Advanced AI Command mod with large scale combined arms styled missions. Throughout the mission vehicles will be damaged and or run out of fuel/ammo. Although I often times give myself access to logistics (fuel/ammo/repair) trucks, moving those vehicles to the front lines can take some time to do. Although this is more realistic, I would prefer to spend my time playing the missions instead of babysitting logistics trucks. Is there any sort of script which slowly regenerates armor, fuel, and ammo for vehicles? Preferably something that would slowly regenerate full ammo/armor/fuel over the course of 3-5 minutes and would stop running when ever the unit dies?
  12. Blitzen88

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I know I asked about this before but does anyone know of any public “alpha ak” addons besides RHS? Specifically looking for Aks with zenitco rails that extend to the front gas block.
  13. Well dam. I intentionally spelled in out in the post to prevent that confusion but I f’ed up the title... How would I make a cfg patch? Is there anyway to edit Robert’s cfg to include compatibility..?
  14. Can anyone explain to me how to make the suppressors contained within Robert Hammer’s accessory pack compatible/useable with the vanilla Ak12? Other accessories (scopes, lasers) are compatible but suppressors are not.