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  1. gaske

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    I'll keep trying until I figure out how to make the script work Thanks again!
  2. gaske

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Thank you i'm trying to add a "rhs 1PN138" but i really cannot find out HOW to do it its too complex for me
  3. gaske

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello! Its possible to give NVG to enemy AI using the missions files?
  4. gaske

    Uav script

    Its all on straight quotes.
  5. gaske

    Uav script

    I check the " and , and is all on place, i put yours on unit init whit all UAVs named, try copy/pasting and re-type both do not work here With M1ke_SK code, i add the lines on initplayer.sqf and creat the onplayerrespawn.sqf, re-type on both and seems to not work too. I will just delete the UAV's, cant make them spot autofiring too, so they are useless for now. Thanks alot for the help guys!
  6. gaske

    Uav script

    Ok i try mike_SK script again and dont work. I will try your metod lazer ZaellixA
  7. gaske

    Uav script

    Okay, i will try again M1ke_SK script if that dont works i will try yours. Thx alot!
  8. gaske

    Uav script

    Don't work, thx anyway! Really dont know how to make that. I try( dont know if i do that right) but dont work too, thx anyway!
  9. gaske

    Uav script

    Anyone can take a UAV controller from Arsenal and i dont wanna put that on blacklist too. What i want is just one player can control uav_1 to uav_4 (specifics uavs name), and all the other planes can control uavs like Darter or Greyhawk. Or something that prevents players from taking UAV control by limiting it to only the designated class.
  10. Hello guys, i'm new to scripting and i really need some script to make sure only one specific player wil be able to connect to 4 specifics UAVs, of course not at the same time. It's possible? Thaks alot!
  11. i dont find the gas mask...
  12. gaske

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Any plans for AWM, Barret M107 or M40A5 ?
  13. gaske

    PG Services (PMC)

    Hey guys recently armaholic banned some ip countries, so with this we can have maybe some mirror links? like mega or dropbox?