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  1. Ok thank you. I'll give it a go again. Maybe i'm not installing them correctly, or just missing one. hmm
  2. Im also having or getting an error in start up. "The procedure entry point ?rap_add_class@Rapify@@QEAAPEAUrap_entry@@PEBD0@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library DePbo64.dll." Can someone explain? From what I understand is that Mikero tools need to be installed in a certain or special sequence?
  3. Ok I completed mounting a P Drive but my steamapp id is 233800. Is that a bad thing?
  4. Admins, if this is in the wrong place please let me know or you can move it, thank you. But I am not sure if I had posted to offer to pay anyone who can create a template for me. Yes, I have been for along time, trying to create a sound mod for ArmA3 that is compatible with other mods but honestly I have no time to sit and try and figure out the coding and all. I had help from others and I really appreciate it but I just do not have time with 2 kids plus a 1 year old, plus an adoptee, work, and school. I just need a template and some guidance till I am done, at least to have a backing on what I can do trial and error runs as I go along. I was directed to DevHeaven but those guys seem to busy and annoyed with me. At this point I want to make this for the community to share but it seems it might just be for my own enjoyment. But I have left ArmA2 CSM3 collecting dust and not finished, I need to complete something. So if anyone can offer a fee or something reasonable for your time I'll be happy hire someone who is honest and has time and is not vague when it comes to explaining. Its all I got from others here and its just concentration is not what I have these days :(
  5. moved. Hello Admin is there a way to delete this one?
  6. chammy

    Mission requests and ideas

    Hi all. Im just looking for new missions. Any good ones out there? Where can I download some?
  7. chammy

    1.64 Feedback

    Does anyone know where I can start in order to put all this info into the config? I am scatter brained. Its as if BI created this to just further confuse us from doing any modding
  8. chammy

    1.64 Feedback

    One thing left to do...is putting it all together is where I start to get even more confused
  9. chammy

    1.64 Feedback

    A config dump? As in all config? I have but i dont know where to look or what im looking for. I will try that though and report back
  10. chammy

    1.64 Feedback

    Good day everyone, ihope everyone has better or good days in these times. Anyways, I have an issue regarding the update with my sound mods I used, notice "used". Ever since the update non of the sounds mods, like SoS, or JSRS, do not work. I have been working on myself and nothing is changed when tested. Non of the sound mods sounds have changed either. I contacted support and they suggested posting here on Feedback, since I have tried to post on the authors of the sound mods posts and asked directly. I even got on the dev section of discord , or CUP, and all I get are vague or riddled answers, or no answers at all. The question is....when creating my sound mod, is there anything I needed to add now since the update? What normally was like with JSRS, etc. when the mod is activated in the Mod section of the game , the mod still plays vanilla sounds. This is extremely frustrating thank you for you time in advance
  11. You and JD Wang are right. Most gun shots do sound the same, almost. I have a certain way to implement that. Its too bad I had a jist , almost was able to get something created with both help of Lax and Goth, until ArmA3 was updated. Now nothing works
  12. The thing is, Ive been trying to mod a sound mod myself and the info given is all vague and riddled. As if you have to have some kind of privilege to know this info, or a select few have the right to have notoriety over being able to create such a mod. There's no competition on my part, I just want to contribute my ideas as well.
  13. the latest update screwed all the sounds up. The sound mods still play vanilla sounds. Is there any way around that or a way to remedy that? I feel a lot of modders, at least the sound modders, are holding out on that info.