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  1. JuggernautOfWar

    SCmod v1.40

    I know this is primarily looking at firefighting aviation units, but it would be really cool to also be able to drive a ground unit such as a firetruck just to open up more gameplay possibilities. Great mod! My home state of Oregon is completely in flames right now, so this mod is a quite relevant to the west coast of the United States.
  2. JuggernautOfWar

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are there any Domination or Capture the Island type missions that use the recent version of RHS? I would absolutely love this.
  3. JuggernautOfWar

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Delete Me
  4. JuggernautOfWar

    User Mission Request Thread

    Are there any Domination or Capture the Island type missions that use the recent RHS mod? I would absolutely love this.
  5. I notice this hasn't been updated since May of 2016. Just wondering if everything still works fine with the new versions of ArmA 3 and RHS that have recently come out. I'm also newly returning to ArmA 3 after about a two year hiatus so I'm super rusty on the modding and mission scene. It seems most of the single player dynamic missions are dying off. SaOk is doing some awesome work designing his own game so I think he's left WLA alone, and the once-popular DUWS mission hasn't been updated in years, despite being the highest rated item in the Steam Workshop. I guess the ArmA community nowadays only cares about multiplayer and/or group events, which kinda sucks.
  6. JuggernautOfWar

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    I got excited when I saw this on the front page, then saw the last time the original post was updated was all the way back in November of 2013. Any single player missions like this anywhere, preferably with RHS support? Since the whole DayZ craze and ArmA 3 release everybody is all hung up on multiplayer this and multiplayer that. I just want to enjoy some nice dynamic missions by myself at my own pace. I don't have the time for organized groups or random people I don't know.
  7. JuggernautOfWar

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Yes this is the same problem I was talking about in the last page of comments. I don't think this is caused by JSRS, however I could be mistaken. What's your system specs and launcher parameters? I'd like to see if there's anything we have in common. This problem may just be a memory leak the game is responsible for, nothing to do with any mod.
  8. JuggernautOfWar

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Yes I think you are right. I tested this further and once my fps drops in the mission it stays low even in the main menu or server browser. The fps is not improved again until I restart the game. I had maxmem at 8193 and maxvram at 3073, which documentation shows may create unforeseen consequences. I just turned these two parameters off and I'll see if I have the same issue.
  9. JuggernautOfWar

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would love to see a tiny addon that allows you to gun in the new Blackfish gunship while having an AI pilot in your squad auto-orbit a target of your choosing. If you could tell an AI pilot to orbit a point on the map at a given altitude in a real-time order, that'd be fantastic.
  10. JuggernautOfWar

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    I often host Domination servers locally on my computer as a couple friends join and we liberate towns. After a while of playing (more than an hour) sometimes the game will start chugging down to like 3 FPS. Could this be caused by the rpt spam I read about in the readme? If so, how would I fix this? Do I move the "server files" extra pbos into the addons folder?
  11. JuggernautOfWar

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I'm getting back into ArmA 3 after a while and my performance in single player is so bad I can't really play. If I pause the game by tapping escape (game scene still visible in background) I get over 60 FPS no matter where I am at ultra settings and below (using graphics presets). I have Vsync disabled and rendering at 100% of 1080p. Once I resume the game I often get 15-20 FPS, or sometimes even lower on occasion. Obviously this is not acceptable nor playable, as aiming and driving become a real headache. I've done some digging on these forums and it appears there are some options I could try typing in to the launcher parameter fields, but I'm at a loss as to what I should do there, or if that would even change anything. Specs are as follows: Windows 10 Home x64 Core i7-4710MQ @ 2.5 GHz (currently running at 3.5 GHz according to Speccy, no idea how that works) 8 GB DDR3 GTX 970M 1 TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD Before anyone rags on me for having a laptop, I'll just say I need one. A desktop does not work for my situation unfortunately. I have an old outdated gaming desktop built when the GTX 570 was brand new and it gets even worse performance.
  12. Are Hunters and Ifrits the heaviest vehicles heavy lift helicopters like the Chinook can Skycrane can transport? It would be nice if they could sling load transport and logistics trucks like the HEMTT. Not sure about the real world weights, but I know these helicopters can in real life transport Sheridan light tanks and other fairly heavy vehicles. I know a huge MBT is unreasonable, but being limited to Hunters and other light cars seems rather lightweight to me.
  13. JuggernautOfWar

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Is anybody currently working on any kind of particle effects/smoke/fire mod for ArmA 3? OpticalSnare is gone and Blastcore with him, and I'm unaware of any other effects mods that enhance the feel of the battlefield. I used to really love the JTD Fire and Smoke mod from ArmA 2 but JTD seems to be gone as well.
  14. JuggernautOfWar

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Oh no! Why'd he leave? Is anybody else working on any kind of effects mod? Eventually Blastcore will die (probably with the release of Apex) and we'll be stuck with vanilla effects unless somebody with more knowledge and time than myself creates something else.
  15. JuggernautOfWar

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Smoke grenades are just producing a little local puff of smoke, the larger particles are not rendering for me at all (particle quality is at high). Is this a known bug? I hope it's not something weird with my install.