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  1. Hey guys. Still new news from me on this app. Tied up with other stuff. I do however intend to get back to it at some point. But for now I'd like to point out that this is up on GitHub as open source. So if you are a somewhat seasoned C#-programmer and you want to send some pull requests my way, just go ahead. https://github.com/jymden/tadst Sorry for not being very active in the community. I hope to get back to it soon.
  2. Hey dudes. I'm sorry I haven't updated the tool the last year. Been a very busy time with music and traveling (have a listen to your fellow ArmA'ist ;-) https://open.spotify.com/artist/5jN2q5MCOQJaBAYIF7Os4J) I will do my best to get back to it as soon as possible. I really appreciate that you're all still using TADST and I intend to continue supporting it. Life just repeatedly keeps getting in the way.
  3. Hey dudes and dudettes! I just wanted to check in. I see the forum is busy and the tool is still heavily used. As some have pointed out, I'm not super active at the moment. I'm very busy with life, recording music and touring around the world. So I haven't even had time to play Arma myself for many months. (funny experience when a fellow Arma-buddy shows up at a gig in Austria recognizing me for my Arma-song. We had the best time. My manager had to tell me there were people waiting to get records signed... we got totally lost in talking Flashpoint memories. Best community ever!) But I have not forgot about TADST. It's still my baby, and I will get back to do some critical updates as soon as i can. I hope to be able to fiddle with this later in spring. So keep your reports and requests coming. I will go over this thread when I'm back to it and pick up the most critical things. Can't wait to get back to it! // Tophe, Sweden.
  4. It might be connected to the fact that some of the difficulty settings now have three settings (0,1,2) and TADST so far only supports on/off (0,1). So it might be that the indicator setting can be off/fade after 50 meters/show always. Haven't looked into it but that's my guess. Will fix that in a future release.
  5. I will take a look at the white list option. But for now, you can set up your server, start it once or click Preview to create all settings files. Then you edit your config file and select "Launch as is". That means that no config files will be generated and the server will start with whatever files are already there.
  6. You can read about the in this thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-160-performance-binary-feedback/page-76#entry3035423
  7. New version out see first post, The version number looks like a major release, but I just ran out of numbers... So I'm starting over at v3.0.0 :) v3.0.0 New: Settings for Max Ping, Max Desync, Max Packet Loss, Max Disconnect timeout and Kick Clients On Slow Network. Improved: Updated some tooltips
  8. Yes, the problem is not in TADST, but how you load the mods. Make sure you load them in the right order, and that they're all in the mods list.
  9. I mean your Arma3 rpt file (in \TADST\username\ )
  10. tophe

    =BTC= Revive

    Download link is dead...
  11. You add mods under the Mods tab in TADST.
  12. I understand what you mean. It worked that way earlier because you could set custom settings for all levels of difficulty, whereas now you can only set for custom. So therefore custom is the only one that is shown. I'll think about a good way to visualize this in the future...
  13. The check boxes and skill/precision is only for configuring the custom settings. The Default difficulty dropdown sets server default. You can't really change settings for anything else than Custom, that's why the settings only reflect that. I understand it would make sense to at least show the static difficulty settings in the boxes (and maybe grey the whole thing out). But still, you can set the default difficulty to veteran, and then have it set to custom on individual missions which then would still make you need to be able to change the custom settings (even with another default difficulty selected)