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  1. ”[player] call Helicopter” instead of ”[_this select 1] call Helicopter”. It will be the client creating the vehicle. Then if the control goes to the server I don’t know. However, as soon as the player enters it, its control will be transferted to the player anyway.
  2. Because _caller is not local. No need to remoteExec. The action is executed on player’s machine already, but the Helicopter script is executed on server. And moving a player must be done by the player’s machine.
  3. Have you tested it? He’s using the alternative syntax that captures the marker’s z level, so the syntax he’s using should work.
  4. Spelling errors? And the markers exist on the machine creating the sound source?
  5. My first answer was a real longshot. But easy to try, so... I have used the command quite recently, and had no problem with it. I’m quite sure the effect was global as wiki says. Have you tried with one of the default sounds? Otherwise do that. Like ”Sound_Alarm”. I have never used the last two arguments myself. I would rather first selectRandom a marker, and then create sound source with last args as default args ([], 0).
  6. That That’s correct @pierremgi. I got the details wrong in my post above. Anyway, what I did was to remove the eventhandler completely and got it working with its default behavior.
  7. I use "disabledAI = 1" in my description.ext, but AI takes control over player units when players leave the server anyway. They should not. Why does that happen? In the lobby I can see clearly that the command is in action, since no AI can be selected or deselected. I'm creating a new mission, so first I thought it was a bug in Arma. But earlier missions work just as before. Anyone? EDIT: I found it. I had an empty mission event handler "HandleDisconnect" that did not return any value. By default it returns true, meaning that the player unit dies when player disconnects.
  8. Try ”_envsound” instead of ”envsound”. Maybe the sound source gets garbage collected when referens is lost. Just speculation though. But if it results in no sound at all you’re closing in. Then you must keep the reference.
  9. Thanks gc8! Works perfectly for both weapons and items! 👍
  10. Is there some way to find all weapons that any player has picked up from an ammo box and left somewhere on the map and remove them? I'm working on a mission with different "sub missions", and I want to control the weapons that will be used in each sub mission. So I remove the ammo and weapon boxes and reset player's loadout after each such sub mission. However, it is still possible for players to "cheat", by picking up everyting from the crates and leave them on the ground for use in the next sub mission. I would like to remove all weapons and items between these episodes, even those that has been left on the ground. How can I do that?
  11. New version. Version 1.04 -Added menu item "Rebuild project" to perform a full reset, reanalyze and build of the project. -Added support for all script commands up until Arma 3 version 1.98 (into ScriptCommands.xml). -Made the project root node expanded from start when opening a project. -General improvements. -SQF: Now possible to use "#" instead of "select" when selecting from a list (allowed in Arma 3 since version 1.82). -SQF: Now possible to have empty string literals in params. -SQX: Refactor of SQF/SQX analyzer and compiler (speeded up the build times a lot). -SQX: Now possible to declare typed variables on a single assignement line (private Scalar _number = 0). -SQX: Now possible to declare typed variables using new SQX keyword 'var' (var _number = 0).
  12. New version. Thanks Josef for good teamwork! Version 1.03 -SQX: Refactor of SQF/SQX analyzer and compiler (speeded up the build times a lot). -SQX: Now possible to declare typed variables on a single assignement line (private Scalar _number = 0). -SQX: Now possible to declare typed variables using new SQX keyword 'var' (var _number = 0).
  13. I think that the different end types can be used when you create a campaign (with several missions in it). You then have a campaign file in wich you can specify the ”mission path” - i.e. the order the missions are played, depending on what happens in the missions. E.g. if the first mission ends with END1, then you play mission 2. But if the first mission ends with END2, then the campaign skips mission 2 and goes directly to mission 3.
  14. I have never used it, but is it maybe the ”shortcut” parameter to addAction that you are after? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction