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  1. New version. Version 0.69 -Added support for all script commands up until Arma 3 version 1.96 (into ScriptCommands.xml). -Updated dependency to .NET to 4.6.2.
  2. engima

    [RELEASE] Escape Tanoa by Engima

    New version. Version 2.1 -Mission parameters are now saved in profile, and reused by default. -Removed error message about missing image Escape.jpg. -Lowered the number of armed and heavy armored vehicles in general traffic. -Added more possible locations for comcenters. -Fixed: Removed some vehicles that required the Laws of war DLC. -Fixed: Too few enemy ambient infantry in the woods. -Fixed: Script error when hijacking comcenter.
  3. I didn’t know that. So in general, if you have a group with waypoints and deletes them all the way down to index 0, what will happen? I expect nothing, but apperently something can get wrong. Will the Arma engine get confused? Obviously in this case...?
  4. engima

    [RELEASE] Escape Tanoa by Engima

    Since Escape Chernarus for Arma 2 there is "some" support for porting it to different islands. However I'm working on exactly that, and I already have a playable but not ready for release version of Escape Altis that I have played for test with friends. I'm planning on releasing that later, and at the sime time make the mission as easy as possible to port. If you want to port this very mission I then recommend to wait for Escape Altis.
  5. Ok, sorry. Try removing him in ON_UNIT_REMOVING then, which is executed right before the vehicle is removed.
  6. No. It should be no problem. The new driver will be handled like the old one.
  7. Yes, possible vehicles is an array that goes into the start parameter set as VEHICLES. And the default driver can be replaced using the ON_UNIT_CREATED callback (called after unit has been created). And if you want some more control over spawned vehicle classes other than pure random, or number of vehicles during certain times of the day etc, use callback ON_UNIT_SPAWNING (called right before a unit is created).
  8. If you expect repeat then there's a problem. It's not unsolvable, but maybe not the solution I'd chosen. If your condition is (!alive radar or !alive tower or !alive radio_operator), and radar, tower and radio_operator are variables for objects in the editor, then the condition will evaluate to true if one of them dies, thus the activation code (that sends reinforcement) is executed. However, the contition will need to be false again for the trigger to fire repeatedly, and that will not happen until all objects are intact again. No. The code in the deactivation box is simply executed when the condition goes from being evaluated to true to be evaluated to false (like the opposite of activation). I don't know. I seldom use triggers. They are good since they are executing in unsceduled environment, which is much faster. On the other hand the code is not being kept together and command sleep won't work. From Arma 1.97 you can use command setTriggerInterval to slow down the condition check when you do not need to check all the time. And 100 scripts that mostly sleep is not a problem either. But of course, you should keep performance in the back of the head all the time. For exampel command waitUntil can be set to not check too often if you write waitUntil { sleep 10; my_condition };.
  9. Of course there is an OR command. But you seem to have misunderstood triggers. A trigger is checking the condition over and over (every half second by default). When the condition evaluates to true the activation will execute. If trigger is set to repeat, than the condition will need to evaluate to false sometimes after first activation to be able to activate again, which will not happen in the approach you are suggesting. (When trigger condition goes from true to false is when the deactivation code is executed.)
  10. Escape Tanoa by Engima 2.1 Description Finally! Seven years ago I publiched Arma's first Escape mission - Escape Chernarus for Arma 2. I was very glad to see the response then. There were several servers online all the time during the first year, and now, after some years with Arma 3 it has spread in so many versions for every possible Island, and is running on so many servers all the time! I have tried a few of the missions, and I'm very careful not saying that other's Escape missions are not good enough, because I'm really impressed in how the genre has developed. But you also get a feeling for a mission, and this one might be a release for anyone who wants a little nostagy. You could call it something like "Original Escape with the Engima feeling", since its origin is the very same code base as my first Escape Chernarus for Arma 2. I have fixed it a little though. There are new units, and some of the script commands work differently in Arma 3 compared to Arma 2. But my focus has been to create a robust and fully working and exciting rework of the mission. Mission is 100% dynamic and uses the entire map. Play it 100 times, two games will not be the same! Plot CTRG Group 11 is deployed at Tanoa to gather intel about the situation prior to the arrival of NATO. However, finding themselves in a much more hostile environment than expected, they are captured by a Syndicat force suspisious about their intentions. Group 11 is unarmed and put in a temporary built prison while awaiting further interrogation. Take the first opportunity to escape the prison and find a way to rendezvous with NATO forces. Download Armaholic: (coming soon) Steam Workshop Direct link Escape Tanoa 2.1 Features CO 08 Revive (recommended for 2-8 players). Uses entire map. Dynamic and living environment. True random start position. Game develops differently every time, inferring great replayability. Options for enemy skill, enemy frequency, weather and time of day. Supports hosted and dedicated (recommended) server and is JIP compatible. A small hint for best experience Escape Tanoa is best played at difficulty level Veteran or Expert (since the mission's story is based on the idea that you are lost, and you do not want too much help with navigation from the game). Installation Manually downloaded: put the .pbo-file in your MPMissions folder in the Arma 3 game folder. Requirements Arma 3 Apex DLC Media Remember this? Code Code at Github Licence MIT. You are free to do what you want with the code, but references to my name (Engima) must follow in the license text. I have also made an addition that disallows you use the text "Original Escape Branch" when releasing an Escape mission. Change log v2.1 Mission parameters are now saved in profile, and reused by default. Removed error message about missing image Escape.jpg. Lowered the number of armed and heavy armored vehicles in general traffic. Added more possible locations for comcenters. Fixed: Removed some vehicles that required the Laws of war DLC. Fixed: Too few enemy ambient infantry in the woods. Fixed: Script error when hijacking comcenter. v2.0 New Game version (Arma 3) and, new Island (Tanoa), and new units. Lessened the amount of enemy units somewhat, decreasing the difficulty a bit (original version got some critique for being too hard) JIP players now respawn dead and need to be revived. Patrolling enemy units are smarter. v1.8 Reduced enemy armor on all difficulty levels. Reduced amount of weapons at ammo depots. Increased amount of possible weapon types at ammo depots. Weapons may show up in civilian cars. Road blocks are more passive. Fixed: Paradrops do not fall free and crash onto the ground anymore. v1.72 Fixed bug: Server lagging. Reduced time it takes to hijack a communication center. v1.7 Fixed the start bug (player do not wake up dead anymore) Increased the time it takes to hijack a communication center, and FAC Operators do it faster than the others. Added field hospital at communication centers. Added things that you don't want me to tell you about. Fixed bug that made enemies surrender. Fixed bug that made player's vehicles suddenly disappear. Made it much easier to port to another map. A lot of fixes and improvements (for complete list, see ReadMe.txt in installation pack). v1.5 Changed player units to Razor Team. Communication centers now appear randomly. Added things that you don't want me to tell you about. Removed debug information that was left accidently. A lot of fixes and improvements. v1.1 Fixed bug at mission start (players could start mission dead etcetera). Fixed bug regarding parameter "Enemy frequency". Enemy armor is now also in relation to this option. Made the insurgents invest in night vision goggles. Removed the parameter "Number of revives" (since "Unlimited" is the only option relevant for this mission). v1.0 First version Credits & Thanks Tophe, Milton, Tobias, Alex, Robbi, Josef, Jaxmen, Samue, JavaDrinker, guccilane for beta testing! Tophe an extra time for composing music for the trailer! NeoArmageddon and Scruffy for spreading mission to many islands. BIS Forum members for help during scripting headaches! Bohemia for a fantastic game!
  11. @JD Wang I needed what you asked for myself. Check out my new Engima's Parked Vehicles script: http://typesqf.no-ip.org/cpack/details/Engima.ParkedVehicles
  12. _grp01 = grpNull;
  13. I looked into it a little, and the script actually do remember state of despawned area. Wrote it a long time ago, so I forgot. That said, the triggers should be removed when a town is empty, but that is not the case now. Plan now will be to update script at some time after setTriggerInterval comes to Arma.
  14. Thanks. Glad you like it. 1. setTriggerInterval sounds nice. That should be an easy fix. But I give no promises for when you got it. 2. Script does not ”remember” if units are killed or not, and therefore I do not delete the trigger. If you leave and come back there will be new units patrolling. I understand that people may want both, and actually I’m in need of that feature myself, so I might add that parameter too. 3. Yes, that is possible. You do it by configuring and starting two instances of the script, each with its own parameter set. Look for ”instance” in the documentation. 4. Again, see 2 above. Probability of presence is checked each time you enter inside the marker.
  15. Sure: https://github.com/XEngima/Arma3-Scripts-PatrolledAreas Full documentation is included in Engima\PatrolledAreas\Documentation.txt. For Windows users interested in keeping up to date with future updates of these scripts the TypeSqf editor is recomended.