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  1. Hey all...This question may have been asked before but I have been searching for weeks and cant seem to come up with anything. I run the 3CT on ArmA2 and I use Tophes tool to do it. All works great and all but at some point after like 12 or 13 hours on running the server just stops..The program just closes. Im wondering if TADST can be used to configure an auto restart of some kind. Im using V2.4 at the moment. Please help. Thanks
  2. shadesb181

    Player UID trigger

    This trigger is a great starting point for what im looking for...I need a trigger that will move a unit instead of killing it. I already have teleport scripts on my dedi i wonder if it can be mod to fit this request. The current teleport script I am using is saved as an sqf file and its called by an action on the object init. //tele.sqf //to teleport player to marker truman _tele = this select 0; _caller = _this select 1; _caller setPos (getPos (truman)); hint "Welcome to Truman Air Station"; EDIT AFTER POSTING A few minutes after posting this I was able to change the parameters to teleport a unit. The acc script should be mod to look like this: allowedArea = false; { if (isPlayer _x AND !((getPlayerUID _x) in masterUIDArray)) then {_x setPos (getPos (cadet));}; } foreach (list thisTrigger); where it says (cadet) you would change to what ever your object reads. Can be named anything you like.