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  1. Nowyoudie

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    The systems you have even with the outdated Q6700 would provide adequate gaming power for ArmA 3. It is not that much different from ArmA 2's engine, it just has more enhancements and they are adding physics which would definitely stress systems more. Still, it's not something to be worried about, and I, too, have a GTX 260 for PhysX only which would allow your main video cards (even including ATI) focus on the graphics.
  2. Nowyoudie

    Who here uses XFIRE?

    Those who aren't using Xfire are missing out. Those who complain that it uses up resources and memory, that's a poor excuse. ;)
  3. Nowyoudie

    Congratulations BI!!!!!

    I concur. I bought OF: DR and I was extremely bored within the first 2 hours. I kept thinking "I shouldn't have bought this. ArmA2 beats the shit out of it." I want my $40 back from Codemasters. :(
  4. Nowyoudie

    Cpu war ?

    Intel is just that better. But if you're tight on budget, AMD is good if you overclock it. The Phenom II are pretty overclockers, but so are the Intel counterparts. Yeah, I know this post doesn't have anything good in it... just a fanboy's words. :p
  5. Nowyoudie

    Graphic Artifacts BIG TIME

    It can be NVIDIA's drivers not playing friendly with ArmA2 right now. But one of my friends with a 4870 was artifacting last night with 100% fan speed but doesn't do that in Crysis or other games.
  6. Nowyoudie

    Arma 2 Game Startup

    Unplug the webcam. Uninstall its drivers. It's possessed. You need an exorcist.
  7. I went to Bestbuy at 4PM, they said they don't have it. They checked in the back, but told me to try again tomorrow. Gamestop has never heard of this game. My patience is running thin.
  8. Steam is good, the downloads are resumable so if your computer crashed in the middle of it and you start it up again, Steam'll pick it up where it left off. It's just that I like having a physical copy, so I can add it to my shelf along with other games and so that it'd be next to ArmA box. That way it'd look good. Btw, I went to Bestbuy and they said they'll have the game at 2 to 4PM EST so I'll come back there around that time to see if they were for real or just BSing.
  9. I just woke up in hopes of the game staying on Gamestop's website, but nope. They took it off, I called two Gamestops near my house and they said they never heard of it and don't have the game in stock. So I checked Wal-Mart and Bestbuy's websites for new game releases, nothing about ArmA 2 either. I really don't want to buy it on Steam, I loved having a boxed copy.
  10. You should probably try overclocking the i7 chip you have if you have proper cooling. That's where it shines at 3+ Ghz. ;)
  11. Domination was one of the more popular gamemodes where you are assigned random missions to do all over the island/land and Evolution was more of a capture the town, one next town after the next until there was nothing left to capture on the island. Then you get to dance at the end... lol.
  12. Nowyoudie

    'Red dot' sights and accuracy....

    My friend has an aimdot for his AR-15 and I've fired a couple hundred shots with it. It is much thinner than the one in the game.
  13. Should put this in the OP. :) To the post below (while we posted at the same time), you should check out the torrent. Plus I'd also suggest you to upload to FileFront as there are no lines.