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  1. DVD

    Funny & interesting videos

    The Internet in 1969 ... in some way better than today. :cool:
  2. I didn't brother reading all here, because this topic was counteracted from the start by bigoted people who never played the great PvP maps for years in OFP. Just wanna say, if ArmA II has the same stiff animations, movement and aiming, the PvP part of the game will fail again. And it has noting to do with the quality of maps. The problem is the controles and the aim. OFP is still the reference here.
  3. I saw a few previews of ArmA2 now, and all got a green HUD. Hornestly it looks nasty. Please change if to good old OFP grey or add a option to change the colour of the HUD. compare picture @Mods: Plz remove the "The" of this topic title, i was a bit to fast ...
  4. The last 2 days, the serverbrowser didn't worked. Today it shows 6-8 servers, but thats just may 10-20% off all. Can BIS contact Gamespy to fix that problem?
  5. DVD

    OFP Hard freezing on a modern PC

    Another thing, turn on "tripple buffering" in your Geforce driver options.
  6. @colossus For me those pistols look more like a M9 baretta & QSZ-92, and for me the SCAR LB looks more like the old FN FAL, even if i know that makes no sence. The SCAR magazin is longer... well it is hard to figure it out by this bad picture quality.
  7. True. But the question for me is, why they changed OFP so much that ArmA became a complete differend game?! OFP 1.96 is perfect. All what OFP 1.96 had needed, were more or less improvements in grafic, netcode & physics. And some gimmicks that OFP Mods already done with their work, like lean and roll animations, animated tank guns, tank suspension simulations, burning simulations ect. Let me call it "love for details, of already working features". But no, instead of having an advanced OFP, they changed all core elements and called it ArmA. The game feels complete differend, and not enough BI seems rather invest more time and manpower in counterproductive stuff, than on stuff that the most player want. For example, working luxury features like Track IR have a higher priority over a correct simulation of rifles recoil. The new 3D sound simulation works neither better, nor is it more realistic as the plain solution of OFP. Not to mention the lousy stock weapon and vehicle sounds. For me, people are "forced" to use sound mods in ArmA, while sound mods were a optional alternative of personal taste in OFP. The stock sounds were ok, not super, but ok. However, i know i buy ArmA2, i don't worry about 45€. But after ArmA, i don't believe Bohemia Interactive knows what the strengths of OFP were. May they never played their own game in the past, i don't know, but something went wrong.
  8. The OFP2 developer walkthrough vid looks impressive. And if ArmA2 doesn't have proper controles, better LODs and a better audio-simulation as now in ArmA1, i am happy there is a alternatve in development, and i can forget ArmA2.
  9. DVD

    RECOILS 1.08 vs 1.12

    Controle your gun, don't let your gun controle you. The basic rule for every soldier in this whole universe. In this way, it simulates a soldier that can't contole his gun.
  10. DVD

    RECOILS 1.08 vs 1.12

    The improvements on recoil were right. Who thinks, modern rifles have a recoil like WW2 weapons is wrong. But, compare to OFP, BI has still a long way to go, and i hope ARMA2 will have a recoil simulation like in the good old days of OFP. youtube clip ^^
  11. Animate tank guns like OFP mods did in the end. Video is half speed, to show the animation better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjAcWw1Kjp0
  12. DVD

    P V P

    Yup, if i had never played OFP since 6 years, i may also never cared. But i did, and so i know CTI had a huge fanbase in OFP. Same as CTF. And ~ 95% of them don't like ArmA, because they know, Bohemia made a better job in the past as today. Again, there is still a CTI league, and they still play OFP, even if ArmA CTI missions are done now. For a reason. Evolution is just a reaction, on ArmAs slow & camper friendly gameplay. Killing AI is the last way to have fun, when your soldier act like a C-3PO robot.
  13. DVD

    P V P

    Bah come on, we have 15. Dez. 2007. I have my ArmA copy since ehmm over 1 year. No fixes for e.g. AI pathfining, or eighter for simple config bugs like this grenade machine gun recoil crap. I made clip for that ones (one year ago). http://www.myvideo.de/watch/588555 No i am not happy with this uncomplete software. I wished BI had made just a small GFX update of OFP 1.96, not more. They had their money, and time to dev. something new. But instead of this change all a little, and add some new bugs... pff.