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  1. krazikilla

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Me and my mates (4-5 guys) having the same issue, very often. (IFA3 mod - 1944 KOH). - Freeze - afterwards very bad textures and 3-5 fps. Only a gamerestart seems to fix it.
  2. Thanks! I have VORPX, but didnt know that you can use opentrack for headtracking!
  3. Would be cool and perfect for games like ArmA and DayZ :) I hope we soon get some news from BIS directly about it. Already Fallout 4, Doom, Serious Sam, Ubisoft (i dont lik em though..), eg. are jumping on the VR train. Keyword: Cross platform
  4. Is there any official info from BIS about it?
  5. Its a start though and 90 minutes isnt that bad :) But to be honest, i am not even bothered by the cable.
  6. Ye true, its not the most comfortable, but also no problem. Btw. the wireless kit is already out, you can preorder it as far as i know :)
  7. I own the Vive since half a year and non of my friends who tried it, ever said they got claustrophobic. Also never heared that anywhere around online forums/reddit and i am quite active around VR (unless ofcourse the game you play 'wants' to make you feel claustrophobic) So thats for sure the least problem to worry about. Its more the other way around, people think they can really jump off buildings/cliffs and so on: http://i.imgur.com/5i13KQL.mp4
  8. With this single sentence i can see that you 100% never tryed a HTC vive or Oculus :) You cannot, not even remoteley compare VR with 3D screens.
  9. Hey guys, i dont know if you know the game called "Onward" for the HTC Vive (and soon Oculus with Touch) VR system? How hard would it be for BIS to create this experience for ArmA 3 or DayZ? And i am not talking about a seated experience, with just your headset and still use the keyboard. I am talking about FULL VR experience. Standing in your room, moving your body and use your hands to aim and shoot. Before i talk on, just watch this short video: It has artificial locomotion, so you are not bound to your roomscale and dont have to teleport. First i thought you get motionsick, but the big majority of people actually dont. Onward hit VR like a BOMB, and even its just made by one single guy, its one of the most sold VR games today. I thought ArmA has much too much controls for VR, but actually, you dont need keys anymore for all kind of movement, you dont need keys for: stand up, crouch, prone, sit, halfway up, combat stance, leaning, aiming, switching sights, throwing grenades, reloading, take pistol and so much more - As you all just do it with your body and hand movement. - Driving and flying can also be done very easy in VR, by just using your controller as steering wheel, and for example one trigger for accelearting, one for slowing down. Just to say, it should be possible, it should be possible without a huge amount of work, and it will bring ArmA and the whole gaming genre to a complete new level. More examples: GTA VR mod, one guy made a mod for GTA 5 - VR, with roomscale and motion controls.--> Fallout VR --> Is maybe the DLC - Codename Orange "new perspective" anything like that? Could BIS say anything about this? PLEASE. Since i played Onward in VR, i actually cannot play any "2D games" on my flat screen anymore. I have thousends of hours in Arma since Operation flashpoint in the year 2001 or something, but cannot play it anymore, i am not getting immersed it just got completly boring. Same as Squad and all other NON-VR games i have :( BTW: Performance is NO Issue. I already played ArmA3 in VR with VORPX (3rd party software) and it worked perfect. --> Networkcode might be a problem maybe?
  10. I just read this thread, thanks for posting. But what is BIF? You ment BIS? I hope they develop the game a bit more VR friendly soonish :) Can i acutally get any response from the devs on my topic please? I am really looking forward to finally do some sports while playing :P
  11. I indeed did, i will have a telehpone conference with this guy pretty soon. But anyone here already has ideas how this all can work out or already tryed it out? Would be the oculus or the vive be the better choice if you think about the hole setup?
  12. Hey Guys, my plan is to be able to play Arma3 and simliar games like dayZ eg. completely in VR, with the goggles with a treadmill to run and walk in + a gun controller to shoot, reload, open the map, trow grenades, drive and stuff. So i need to get either: HMD: Oculus rift or HTC Vive + treadmill: Virtuix Omni or Virtualizer + a gun controller like delta six or something. Anyone has an idea how this all would be possible? As far as i know if i get the treadmill, i dont really need roomscaling of the vive, the roomscaling is anyway pretty useless for Arma or simliar i think, you can just move on a small area, and the oculus rift is more comfortable and more lightweight. Does the Rift also track you 360 degrees? Anyone got experience with this things together? Just the Oculus or Vive wouldnt make much sense, if you cannot really MOVE your hole body around and run and crouch and so on. So i want to get EVERYTHING.
  13. krazikilla

    POLL: New Update - regarding new font and sound

    Ye, as i said, the new sounds sound really good, but i dont get how anyone can think the "range- distance" of the soudns is anywhere near correct. I mean 75% say its just fine how it is. Have they ever tryed in the editor listen to a firefight 50m 100m 200m 500m from one? A 5 minutes test and you realize that it doesnt fit at all, yet. I am really wondering that so many people in the poll cannot hear the very clear FACT that the sounds feel like completly unreasonable far even when a gun just fires 50 meters or smth next to you. I think a lot of people are just polling without even trying it. I expected like 90% realize that, not just 25% :P
  14. I like the new update, but i dont like 2 things: - fonts, for me the new font is way harder readable. Best example is in lobby, text for bluefor, redfor and so on. - the new sounds sound awesome, but i have the feeling that even in town combat, the bullet cracks and shots sound too far in distance, it sounds like its like 800+ metes away, not just 200 meters.