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    Domination desync problems.

    Tracert is 13 hops with around 150 ping. No antivirus on while I'm playing, and HDD in this computer is faster than the old one. This also just happened on a coop game, so not just Domi.
  2. I'm hoping that someone here can help me resolve my problem. Basically, I can sometimes get into vehicles, but most of the time I can't. If I try to get in it jumps me right back out. This only happens in Domination it seems, but the thing is that I've played that before a lot, only difference is that I now have a more powerful computer. ArmA also tends to not allow me to get out of them. Also, my weapons won't do any damage to enemy units, and most of the time they can't see me at all, even if I stand right in front of them in daylight. I have a fresh installation of ArmA 2, patched, and OA on Steam. I've played before on UO a while back, with the same mods, only difference is that I just purchased a new computer, so I obviously had to reinstall everything. I can't examine others using the ACE interaction key, and other people can't see me firing, although they can see me. Right now the only thing I can think of is ports, although it sounds very unlikely since everyone can see me move and ACRE works properly. Also, when I abort and go back into slotting I can't switch slots unless I disconnect. Player info shows 0 desync, normal ping and I don't notice any other kind of lag. Sorry if this is a bit confusing, but this problem is quite unusual, and I can't seem to find any information on it through regular googling.
  3. stebbi92

    Is it worth it?

    I agree with a previous poster, this game is one of very few that would be worth paying more than 50 bucks for.
  4. I followed the video, run the program as admin, but when i start downloading (everything set the same as in the video) it opens a console, does very few things (downloads nothing) and then says "READY! Please press enter to close" The web browser then reads: Returned Message: Found config! Found action! A window should open displaying the update process progress This was all much easier with just good 'ol zip files or .exe installers
  5. That is so darn cool, keep up the good work :)
  6. I know that, my post was meant as a joke, open the link and enjoy:
  7. Oh my, look what i found on that website, are we going to have those ingame too? :p http://www.esseyepro.com/Asian-Fit-Series_110_category.html
  8. I have a suggestion, i saw here (http://dev-heaven.net/projects/show/ace-mod) that you have "Loading dead into vehicles" This caused me to remember when i was sometimes playing as a medic, and trying to arrange medevacs on some missions. How about being able to load someone wounded, and not having him fall out of the vehicle when he dies, but instead send a message to those in the vehicle that he is dead, or critical, so that medics may attend to him. This would open up a whole new world for medic fans such as me, i could now have a pilot working with me extracting wounded and taking care of them on the way back to the base where perhaps there would be a field hospital where they could be fully healed (so players won't have to wait until they get better :P). I always found that there was a certain atmosphere to helping the wounded and simulating medevacs and such, and now that I'm remembering all this stuff i remember the intensity of getting to someone that was injured before he died, and helping him, or being injured myself and trying to get help. PS. I just watched the features videos, and there was one thing that didn't seem right, the gas mask sound and overlay while in first person. I know this is alpha, but i have a gas mask, and while wearing it it doesn't reduce my FOV that drastically, it's more like blurred edges, and i don't hear myself breathing that loud (although that is kind of cool), only when i run with it on (btw that is also really, really uncomfortable..) do i hear myself breathing almost that loud. This is only meant as a suggestion, not as criticism :) as i think you guys are doing a wonderful job, and it seems many people here don't realize that you're putting your own free time into this.
  9. I was one of few who loved this feature, because of this, i had to organize my loadout, carry only what i had to while other players were complaining when they couldn't take their Barrett with a full mag load and run. In my opinion this balanced the game a lot, and improved teamwork, as i often asked my teammates to carry extra rockets/ammo when i was at my limit.
  10. The same question was asked on another forum, someone responded "When finished." (Can't find the page now :P) So you probably won't get an answer until just before the release.
  11. stebbi92

    Eve Online - I want it, but just a bit wary.....

    I have an inactive account there, only reason i'm not playing is lack of a job and therefor money. It's a great game, but when most people get the trial they don't get to play EVE as it should be played, that is, in a Corp, actively doing missions and wars. You don't get into all that so quickly, without having someone you know in a corp that could use tacklers (ships that warp scramble and slow other ships down). It takes about a month or two to really get into this game and that's what most people don't like about it.
  12. stebbi92

    Delta force game series

    Oh, the memories, I used to play these games all day when i was younger!
  13. stebbi92

    Dragon Rising has been released

    I've played it a bit, and my first impressions were good, but then within the first 5 minutes of playing, i walked up to a tree for cover, flew up and hit the ground making a nasty sound. The game is alright in SP, i haven't gotten the chance to play Co-Op with anyone yet, i've heard that it's good, but other parts of it, for example the mission editor is no good, at least as far as i can see. The game is a bit arcade for me, as with BF2, so i prefer ArmA/ArmA 2 to this. Also, at first i was hearing from people that the graphics were "awesome" and "groundbreaking" and i was in for a big disappointment, as they aren't comparable to any of the newest games in my opinion. It seems this game has been rushed to the PC and perhaps it would have been best if it had just stayed console. One thing that's for sure is that i'll be buying OA, but nothing more from codemasters.